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Lai Lai Casual Dining is a restaurant that replicate Taiwan flavours in Singapore. Their menu offers tasty Taiwanese fare. Be sure to dig into their signature dish – the authentic Taiwanese-style beef noodles made with tender stewed beef and delicious secret recipe beef broth. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
10:30 - 22:00
Other Info
Open Till Late
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Signature Dishes
Beef Noodles Braised Pork Rice
Review (39)
Level4 2013-12-12
Herbal Pork Ribs Udon Set ( Plus pepper salf chicken) - $13.90 pepper salf chickenI adore herbal soup and so I kinda liked this set. It was an unique combination of herbal sauce, pork ribs ( which were really tender) and udon. If you wanna try something special, this can be a nice option. Stew Beef Noodle - $7.90On the contrary, I dun really like the beef noodles. I think besides tender & tasty beef, the soup is another main factor to differentiate between a good and bad beef noodles.The noodles was okay, the beef was tender alright. In fact, it smell good when it was served. But, it tasted too much like pepper soup. It was so peppery and spicy that I couldnt finish it. Quite disappointed and definitely a far fetch from the one at Taiwan. To read more and view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2010/01/lai-lai-beef-noodles.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-09
came by to utilize my groupon voucher code worth $20. the voucher couldnt be used for set meal orders though. set meals do look like the popular choice here with one main, one side and one drink. I proceed with my ala carte order of 2 beef noodles (taiwan noodle), 1 pepper salt chix and one 葱抓饼with cheese. I previously tried the dry version but concluded the soup one is better. the soup is unlike our usual sg style. its less intense but it has his unique taste. it also goes well with the noodles and spicy chilli. the cjb is as per normal still good, crispy and nicely grilled and the cheese added perfect it, really like a chinese version of prata but better. the salt pepper chix was a let down though despite it being the signature dish. pretty normal and nothing much to shout abt. continue reading
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A rainy evening and feeling like eating something warm, hearty and meaty.We've come to Lai Lai Casual Dining for some beef noodles.We got the beef noodles set with a side of Pepper Salt Chicken and hot milk tea ($15.90)...The noodles are a little tough but chewy (a bit harder than "al dente", not sure if this is the intended effect) but the beef is tasty without being stringy. The soup at the side is too spicy for me so I didn't drink much of it. The pepper salt chicken is crunchy and tasty. We also had a braised pork rice dish ($6.90)... it's bursting with flavours and very fragrant. Will come back and eat this again for sure.Overall, a lovely meal that tastes good and the portions are just nice. I feel that the service is not up to 'restaurant standard" compared to their counterparts right next door and has a more "food court" feel, and as such it's a bit pricey. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-15
One of the many Lai Lai stalls in Jurong Point, there was one at the basement called Lai Lai Casual Dining selling Taiwanese food.I had ordered the menu recommeded Soup Beef Noodle.The Beef Noodle came with some sour cabbage.The soup of the beef noodle tasted light and not much of beef meat stock, maybe I did not put the sour cabbage into the soup. The noodles used were similar to those Japanese udon, slightly soft and springy. There was a few braised beef meat, it was braised until soft but tasted slightly dry. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
We had chosen Lai Lai Casual Dining for dinner as we have run out of ideas of what to dine in Jurong Point.Requested to dine in the interior rather than the outdoors as we find it noisy. We was given Lai Lai's Menu once we had settled down. The red menu was cute with a cow head on its cover page and cow's butt at the back of it. We decided on its set meal as it was worth the value than ordering ala carte. Each set meal comes with a main, side dish and drink.We had Red Milk Tea (Cold) for the drink. There was no selection of sugar level like other famous taiwanese bubble tea stall . However the sweetness level falls within my expectation, not too sweet and comes with black pearls. Due to the recent incidents on the health benefits of black pearl consumption, they have a notice sticked at the cashier with assurance from their local supplier Phoon Huat (Red Man) that they are suitable for consumption.Set Meal ASince Beef Noodle is one of Taiwanese food street snack and also its signature dish, we had ordered Beef Noodle Set (Dry) with a pork Floss and brinja as its side. Noodles tastes closed to udon - they were fat and not the usual thin noodles we get in a normal bowl of beef noodles. Accompanied by a bowl of soup, it was rich in taste. Beef was tender soft and quite chewy with finely chopped preserved vegetables as garnishing. Brinja was deep fried with each of the pieces coated with a layer of batter. Not too bad with pork floss.Cost: S$15.90Set Meal COrdered Vermicelli (Mee Sua) with Pig Intestine and comes with Pepper Salt Chicken. Big intestine was braised and well-prepared with no "intestine" smell however I still find that I will prefer Shilin's vermicelli more to this as the former was not as flavourful.The chicken cubes coated with pepper and salt were deeply fried, every pieces consist meat and not just the crispy crumbs alone.Cost: S$12.90Service rendered was average and food serving was rather fast as it comes within 5minutes after taking order. continue reading
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