Also translated into 'The Tiramisu Workshop' L'Atelier Tiramisu specializes in only one cake which is Tiramisu! Holding on to their belief that by focusing on one cake, they can channel their attention and resources into perfecting the cake! And on top of all, their Tiramisu comes in assorted flavors. continue reading
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Full L'Atelier Tirami Su review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/07/latelier-tirami-su.htmlWith a name that means 'The Tiramisu Workshop', there's no prizes for guessing what L'Atelier Tirami Su specialises in. Crafting only that classic Italian dessert cake of Tiramisu, L'Atelier Tirami Su was founded in June 2013. They bake their Tiramisu fresh daily, using family recipes handed down over generations.Ambience at L'Atelier Tirami Su is discreet, with a quiet sophistication. Located as they are in a quiet corner of The Central shopping mall's basement, just above the Clarke Quay MRT station, you actually have to go out of your way to find them. Colour themes of red, black, white, lend a calm vibe, along with the minimalist decor. Furniture is modern cafe style, and the atmosphere is suitable for lingering.Service at L'Atelier Tirami Su is largely self-service, with ordering and payment done over the counter, though staff do served orders tableside. They are also able to provide basic descriptions of each of their lovely dessert cakes, and can make recommendations. Generally, I find staff here to be friendly, and easy to engage in conversation.Food at L'Atelier Tirami Su is all about the Italian dessert of Tiramisu. Named because it's a 'pick me up', the classic Tiramisu is served semi-cold, but not frozen, and the basic recipe usually consists of ladyfingers / sponge fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, then flavoured with cocoa powder. Portions here are suitable for 1 person, though sharing is recommended due to the richness of the dessert. Prices are reasonable, budget about SGD $8 for 1 slice.The Tiramisu Classico (SGD $7.20) was smooth, creamy, yet light and airy, with a more moist than usual texture. With the complex combination of the sweetness and bitterness of both chocolate and coffee, this classic is delightful on the palate, and really among the best tiramisu I've ever eaten! Highly recommended!The Tiramisu Creme Brulee (SGD $7.50) is a new creation, an excellent experience of eating both a creme brulee and a tiramisu! The caramelised sugar layer on top is only torched upon order, and the thin, crisp sugar crust crackes satisfiyingly, to give way into the moist, soft, sweet eggy custard below. You get flavours of butterscotch and salted caramel, which is tantalising, and leaves you wanting more with each bite. Highly recommended! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-01
I love pastries, so when I heard of this cafe near my workplace that serves only tiramisu - in many different flavors, I knew I had to have a slice. Well, looking for this tiny cafe named L'atelier Tiramisu was not a piece of cake, though.Located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-09 Singapore 059817 (Tel: 9389 8582), this quaint little cafe in warm, enigmatic hues of black and red, serves four exquisite flavors of the classic tiramisu. The ambience is cosy and welcoming, perfectly peaceful for one to indulge in delicious pastries and do a little afternoon chilling out.Everything looked good in the shelves but I was debating what to eat, since I had just finished lunch. The tiramisus come in four distinctive flavors - Classic, Matcha, Dark Cherry and Lychee. I could not decide, therefore decided to go for the Sampler's portion - four minis in one, just simply perfect. A slice of Tiramisu is SGD$6.80 and the Sampler's portion is SGD$15.00 (with an additional Pandan flavor).First, the Pandan flavor - it was resplendent of the soft fragrance of pandan but tasted more like Oneh-Oneh (a Malay / Asian kueh) than tiramisu. Needless to say, it wasnt a loss that this flavor doesn't come in large slice.Next, the Dark Cherry flavor - rich, sweet, with tiny pieces of real cherries within the strong aroma of good coffee and tiny hints of liquer. Being a cherry lover, this definitely rocked my tastebud.My next favorite has to be the Lychee flavor - a moist, sweet serenade mouthful of bliss. Lychee has a very distinctive sweetness, blended with the soft-sandyness texture of this cake, the combination was simply divine.Classic came next - an explosion of rich, smoothness of Liberty coffee infused with sloshes of liquer with marsala wine, this palatable flavor leaves one hanging around for more.Finally, the Matcha (green tea) flavor - a lovely creation of moist, soft, creamy delight that boosts of the healthy, slightly-"veggie" taste of green tea - it felt deceitfully healthy enjoying this delicacy.For more detailed information and photos, do drop by:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/tea-at-latelier-tiramisu-central.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-17
For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/02/latelier-tiramisu-thumbsforfood.html L'atelier is fuss-free, no-frills and simple. Tiramisu and drinks. That's all. With four flavours of Tiramisu, you will wonder naturally - how long can the cafe last? The Tiramisu has to be of a certain caliber for the cafe to specialize solely in it. The price of a slice of cake is about $6.80.I chose the Matcha flavored tiramisu as I'm a big fan of green tea. I really liked it a lot. It was not too sweet, the green tea flavor was rich and it was light. My friend on the other hand, did not like the Matcha as much as she felt that the powder was a bit bitter. Personally, this is my favorite!The classic Tiramisu was really good as well. I feel that the main reason the Tiramisu as L'atelier is so good is because it can grasp the optimal moisture of a perfectly done Tiramisu. It is slightly sweeter than the Green Tea Tiramisu. Overall, the cake was still perfectly balanced. I can easily say L'atelier serves up one of the best Tiramisu in town. The two other flavors are lychee and dark cherry! I will definitely try them the next time around. Everyday from 3-5pm, you can enjoy 2 cups of coffee for $7. It is a good deal if you are looking for a place to enjoy a cuppa with some desserts. We tried the Mocha and Flat white. Personally, I feel that the coffee is not strong enough for me. The presentation was a plus point which made the coffee looked appealing.Overall, I would recommend L'atelier for Tiramisu lovers. I would definitely be back for more Tiramisu. L'atelier also offers whole cakes that is available for orders. 7" cakes are priced at $48 which I personally feel is reasonable for the quality of the cake. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-25
Finally stepping into this little cafe after passing by it several times on the way to Clarke Quay station! The seating capacity is really limited and the four of us shared a small table at the side. There are many raves on the Tiramisu cake here being the best in Singapore! Besides their Signature Classico, there are also Dark Cherry, Matcha, Lychee and a newly added flavour, Pandan. One of my friends suggested going for the Sampler so we can have a taste of all the flavours! My favourite is the Classico, followed by Matcha and Dark Cherry. The Lychee and especially the Pandan tasted weird to us. We all agreed that the Classico is the best and ordered a slice to share. I don't really like sponge cakes but the one here is moist with a right amount of creamy mascarpone and coffee liquor! Well thus far, the best slice of Tiramisu I had! continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-06
For more reviews, visit my website at www.ms-skinnyfat.comDespite my familiarity with The Central at Clarke Quay, i spent a good 15 minutes walking round and round the basement maze searching for this little store. You'd pass by it if you take the train underpass into the shopping mall and it has taken over the dance studio for wannabe hipsters (yay to that). The shoebox cafe only serves tiramisu, along with coffee from Liberty Roasters and tea. Four flavors are available– classic, lychee, dark cherry and matcha and they are made from a French family recipe of the owner's in laws.A slice of cake would set you back by $6.80 but it was a rather generous slice with Liberty espresso soaked ladies' fingers and liqueur with Marsala wine. Here is a close up of the Classic.The sponge was like a spongy chiffon that soaked up all that delicious elixir. I would prefer for it to be entirely soaked though as i thought the center was a little dry. I guess soggy ladies' fingers wouldn't be as appetizing or structurally sound but who cares!The mascarpone cheese with dusted cocoa was simply irresistible, so much that i practically inhaled it. The cream was light and fluffy instead of rich and heavy as per my usual preference but it allowed me to easily devour the entire slice on my own.I didn't think that the 5 mini cup samplers ($15) were sufficient for a good taste of the tiramisu so just stick with a slice (or two). The Dark Cherry was kinda like a blackforest cake with plump sweet (not artificial) cherries in the mix. It's nice as a cake, but it's not really a tiramisu to me. Yes i'm conventional that way. continue reading
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