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<BR>The first outlet that Laurent opened in 2006. The idea is to serve pastries and drinks. It is a café concept, where people can also buy chocolate gifts. The desserts here are made with the finest ingredients to give patrons the ultimate experience of chocolate indulgence. continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/02/02/good-wagyu-yakiniku-dinner-at-azmaya-coffeecakes-at-laurent-on-23jan2015/had coffee & cakes at lauraent bernard chocolatier on 23.1.22015, after 4pax dinner at omakaseya azmaya.they were famous for their chocolate soufle & also lava cake. both were very good. i liked the soufle a bit better. the lava cake was very good too, excellent lava & combination of texture & flavours. i am not sure though taste wise it was actually better than my own chocolate lava cake (however i have not made lava cake for a while & the more recent couple times did not come out that well in terms of producing the lava texture…i must really try again this…)…maybe i will try the chocolate soufle too…i tried the grand marnier soufle once..it was ok but maybe a chocolate flavoured one maybe more the taste for my wife & i. the flat white was ok, but didn’t feel any better than that at asseemly coffee or at wheedler’s yard. and i still feel that the flat white at chye seng huat & at dutch colony at pasarbella were better. continue reading
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Full post and pics visit here http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/08/laurent-bernard-parisian-style-mooncakes.htmlI used to visit French Chcoolatier Laurent Bernard for an occasion indulgence in its chocolate truffles and pastries and I am delighted to be able to taste its exquisite chocolate mooncakes this year.Available as a box of 8 at $68, each of these chocolate-loaded "mooncakes" contained zero lotus paste and a unique flavour core that matches very well with the type of chocolate.Encased in a delicate chocolate shell, both the Milk and Dark chocolate Mooncake sat on a beloved crunchy hazelnut praline base contained a gooey salted caramel fondant. I especially adore the Dark chocolate Mooncake (above) as the intensity of the cacao accentuates the sweet dash of caramel. Somehow, the image of an elegant, miniature version of Pierre Herme's Plasir Sucre surfaced in my mind as I savour them slowly.The White Chocolate with Champagne Ganache and Strawberry Pearl was too sweet for my liking and the taste of champagne was overshadowed by the sweetness of the strawberry compote. However, the quality of the chocolate consistently shines here just like the rest of the chocolate mooncakes, with an alluring smooth and shiny texture. In fact, few might know that Laurent adopts environmental-friendly practices and works with Alain Abel, the founder of Tahiti Vanille for the best quality vanilla for his products.Last but not least, Japanese Green Tea Mooncake was highly enjoyable as there was a surprise crunch from the black sesame seeds that was blended into the green tea chocolate. In addition, the zesty passion fruit compote provided a desirable switch of taste.Each of these chocolate mooncakes are also available at individual piece for $12. Though these up-sized chocolate pralines might not be traditional, they are still delectable sweet treats that definitely go well with a cup of tea to enjoy during the Mooncake festival. And they probably save you some calories accumulated this season. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
The ambience here is pretty nice at night for chillaxing sessions with friends! I ordered the chocolate milkshake which costs about 8 sgd. The chocolate drink tasted a bit too strong for my taste and too condensed. My friend on the other hand ordered coffee latte and the taste was a bit too diluted. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-22
I tried the hazelnut chocolate ($8), loving it! It was very aromatic, if you adores hazelnut. I still remember it was quite late after work that I went to the cafe, and the warm hazelnut chocolate did help to perk me up.My bf ordered the Irish coffee ( $9), which contained some alcohol. It was quite potent even though it appeared harmless. But the alcoholic taste became too overwhelming after some time, and so he did not finish the drink.My conclusion: Stick to chocolate drinks lah! The safest drink of the universe! Who can resist chocolate anyway??Chocolate Cake ( $6.80)Ice-cream ( $7.50 for 2 scoops)The chocolate cake was really thick & yummy. The chef damn generous to throw in so much chocolate lah.. HAHAHA... But hor, it was so "heaty" that I fall sick the next day... -___-To read more and view photo, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2009/01/laurent-cafe-chocolate-bar.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-31
Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. A common sight in many local shopping malls where the brand adorns kiosks hawking stunning arrays of everything chocolate. But what I only just recently discovered was how the same brand name would be whispered almost in reverence when it comes down to chocolate soufflés.The outlet at The Pier at Robertson if I'm not mistaken, is the only Laurent Bernard Chocolatier selling more than their standard chocolates and thus offer dine-in facilities , both indoors and alfresco seating. Chocolate lovers throng the cafe throughout the day, but it's only at night when it really becomes packed with dessert lovers and chocoholics alike.P.S.: The name on the signboard actually says Laurent Cafe & Chocolate BarInside the cafe, it feels like a jaunt into a spruced up cafe from olden times - Victorian looking furniture and furnishings, a spick and span counter alongside a display fridge where you pick your ice creams from, lit overhead by a bunch of bare light bulbs.Guanaja Chocolate Soufflé - $18Getting down to the core agenda of my visit - the legendary Guanaja Chocolate Soufflé. Prepared only on demand to ensure quality and freshness, each order takes approximately 15 minutes of waiting time. A paltry wait when the soufflé is finally served. All puffed up with a luscious looking chocolaty crown, the soufflé was served with a white chocolate sauce and a side of raspberry ice cream. Cutting into the soufflé and its soft yielding middle, wafts of aromatic chocolate hits you immediately. It was light, yet rich at the same time, and the centre was slightly gooey still, giving an interesting contrast to the dish as a whole.One word: DelightfulI for one would not advocate the white chocolate sauce. When I tried it, it was a little too watered down for my taste. Views on the raspberry ice creams remain divided. It's super citrus-y and acidic and while it adds to the flavour profile, you've got to be a fruity person to enjoy it.Some people might say, $18 for a soufflé, or any dessert at that is really overpaying it. But I still really enjoyed it as any chocoholic or dessert lover would. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier has just set the benchmark for chocolate soufflés for me, and I very much look forward to my next return visit. continue reading
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