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The concept behind Lee’s Taiwanese is the famous and very busy Keelung Temple Street night market. With a variety of popular Taiwanese street fare such as Braised Minced Meat Rice, Pig Intestines Vermicelli, Spicy Beef Noodles and even cold desserts like Red Bean Ice and Yam Ice, Lee’s Taiwanese is a candid model of the Keelung night market. continue reading
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Pork Belly Buns Salt & Pepper Chicken Taiwan Beef Noodles
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Level3 2014-03-21
After strolling a while around JEM looking for a place for dinner, we finally decided on Lee's Taiwanese, which we had passed by so many times but have yet to tried it.Taiwanese Beef Noodle ($14)The noodle used is the thick flat type, similar to the noodle used for dark sauce Hokkien Mee. The thickness and fullness of the noodle was just right, with generous portion of tender beef slices laying on top of the noodle. Soup-wise, it was a normal one. Overall, I felt that the price lean on steep side judging from the taste.Salt & Pepper Chicken ($6.90)Although this looked like pop corn chicken, the chicken chunks used here were slightly bigger. It was crispy outside while tender juicy inside. The seasoning was done well, not too salty but still had its fragrant.Snow Bean Curd ($3.8)The beancurd was not as soft as what we usually had, it was actually kind of ...bouncy.Baby bak choy ($4.8)The bak choy was served with pork belly, quite a new combination to me. The pork belly had been braised so it was rather tasty. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
Thinking what to have for dinner and LC suggested to eat this Taiwanese restaurant so here we are to try out. It was pouring early on and is very windy we decided to have outside seats. The friendly staffs immediately serve us with their menu . So 3 of us decided to have their sets which include a main, a drink and a side. So 3 of us ordered different sides to go with so we could share. I took salted chicken noodle and sweet potato fries, Goh took their braised pork rice with pig's ear and LC took the century egg tofu. My noodle comes with minced pork and is normal kind of yellow mee which is not to my liking, sweet potato fries is cut into big slices so is very filling and is sweet not too bad. Goh commented his Lu ru rice quite tasty but he still misses the one in Gaoxiong. LC's mee sua is good too not too salty. Tofu is quite normal and pig's ear is soft and tender. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-16
1st visit to this eatery. All of its service crew are young ppl! Not sure if it's a youth project or something!That aside, they really need to look into customers at the queue. We were standing at the entrance for quite a while, even though 1 waitress informed us earlier that she would arrange a table for us (we had to step inside & demand for a table later).Despite the waiting, the attitudes of the service crew were fine. Our food arrived rather quickly. I ordered the Salt & Pepper Chix Rice. This dish was absolutely delicious!  Best to share as I felt like a glutton after consuming most of this dish myself! The chix pcs weren't overly salty. There were small side servings of Salted Veg, Sliced Mini-Cucumber, Braised Egg and 1 slice of Taiwan Sausage. And it didn't end there - there were bits of Braised Pork Belly on top of the rice! We also ordered the following side dishes: Century Egg TofuThis dish was refreshing, as the tofu was served cold. Do eat it together w e Century Egg and shavings! Go easy on the sauce, as it might get a little salty. Sweet Potato FriesThis was another good dish! Nothing different from the usual Sweet Potato Fritter. Need to share as 1 pc is enough to cause a "KO" after a main dish has been consumed. Iced Winter Melon TeaI can't recall if this was homemade or not. In any case, it did not taste any different from the canned version. Total Cost: FREE! My uncle's treat! Haha! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-16
I've been wanting to try out Lee's Taiwanese for a long awhile but couldn't find any chance because of the further locations but I finally got to try it this time when I visited Star Vista! The interior design was really Taiwanese night markets' inspired and even from the outside, the restaurant is so distinctive nobody can ever miss it!The menu is also very Asian and reminds me of Chinese New Year. Have ordered the Braised Minced Pork Rice ($10) and although the pork isn't what we can really consider as 'minced' but rather pork belly styled, it's kind of nice because it kind of portrays the higher quality ingredients. The dish also includes different kinds of vegetables, snow bean curd and braised egg. Give everything a good mix then eat in big mouthfuls, it's really good. However, I still personally feel that it should probably be priced around $6 instead. Have also ordered the <b style="line-height: 1.6;">Iced Red Milk Tea ($4.80) and <b style="line-height: 1.6;">Iced Green Milk Tea ($4.80) and we were probably mistaken that there's no pearls in these, we later learned that the ones with pearls cost $5.80 each instead. Furthermore, it's kind of weird that both red and green ones tasted very similar and there's no distinctive difference which was disappointing. Overall, although my main tasted great and I really love that kind of ambience the place provides, I might probably not visit again because everything are slightly overpriced. They do provide set meals below $20 but items are limited to what I want to try. But the place would be great for people with no budget limits though!  continue reading
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As a North-Eastie, I haven’t found much of my time to explore the Buona Vista area which seems to be one of the latest place-to-go-to. Lucky me, Openrice Singapore has extended an invitation to me, to join them at Lee’s Taiwanese, a newly opened Taiwanese Restaurant at Star Vista.Located at the top level of the mall, it has both outside and inside seating. I love how Taiwan-like the place was with the map of Taiwan and the red lanterns that adorn the ceilings. The owner, Fiona who joined us for the meal later told us that the concept of the cafe was based off the night markets in Taiwan. I definitely did feel like I was in the middle of Raohe night market!Beef Noodle soup is something I would recommend as comfort food for cold rainy days. With handmade noodles made from their central kitchen, it was perfected from years of R&D by Fiona the owner herself! It is chewy and matched with the beef broth, I have yet to find something that could match up with this dish.An ideal side dish to order for sharing, the well battered meat were fried still crispy and served with a slight bit of garnishing. I personally prefer the pork version as it is less dry than the chicken.The braised rice have to be my favorite dish that night! With the signature Japanese pearl rice and savory braised meat and sauce topping it, it was the closest I had to the actual bowl from Taiwan. A definite must try if you are there. What I like is that addition of other toppings like eggs, veggies etc that makes it a proper meal. In Taiwan, there is usually only rice and meat toppings, which doesn’t fill you up!For more photo and dish recommendations from Lee's Taiwanese, head over to Round Tum Tums!Link:http://roundtumtums.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/lees-taiwanese-star-vista/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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