<br>Lim Seng Lee will be serving its final plate of duck rice on 22 June 2013. The stall owner is retiring after serving his delicious braised duck for 45 years. <br>Update: Mr Ang Chiap Teck, the brother-in-law of Lim Seng Lee's founder Mr Lim Ah Too, has started his own business selling the same old teochew boneless duck, see details on http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/south-buona-vista-road-duck-rice/74680/ continue reading
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When my colleagues suggested heading over to a Duck Rice Place along South Buona Vista Road, I was still oblivious to the fact that we were patronising the famous Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House! It made history by being one of the first in Singapore to serve boneless duck in 1968 and is particularly well-known for its Teochew-style Braised Duck.This is a popular lunch joint for the working crowd in the western region of Singapore. And is even more so now after the recent media hype of it closing down for good after 20th June 2013! If you are driving over, alight your passengers first to get a table while you try to get your vehicle parked. Be prepared to wait for around 10 - 15 minutes just to get a table.We ordered half a duck portion ($20) for 4 of us. The legendary boneless braised duck was served minutes later coated with a layer of soy sauce based gravy flavoured with cinnamon and other herbs and spices. The thinly sliced duck meat was amazingly tender and goes really well with the accompanying sweet vinegar chilli. Convenience and ease of accessing the duck meat was also a major plus point.We also ordered braised eggs on the side. They were a little too dry and hard for my liking.I am not exactly sure if this was Sambal Kang Kong ($6) or just Kang Kong. I could hardly taste any sambal in them. You can definitely give this a miss.I never understand how Tofu ($6) go hand in hand with braised duck. The tofu looked and tasted bland. Please save the $6 for a nice dessert after the meal.It is sad to know that Founder Lim Ah Too, 67, and his wife will be ceasing their operations due to poor health and their children are not willing to take over the business. While the side dishes are not amazing, I still recommend readers to pop by before 20th June 2013 for their boneless Teochew-style Braised Duck before it fades into history. To read full write up with photos, please visit my blog via http://www.aspirantsg.com/farewell-to-lim-seng-lee-boneless-braised-duck-rice/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-21
My lovely mother braved the haze to packet lim seng lee's duck rice for the family today! (: I'm guessing that due to the haze, many chose their health over trying out food which they may never get to try ever again after it closes tomorrow. There were only 2 people queuing before my mom when she went to queue at the line for takeaway.The restaurant was also not extremely packed as some other reviewers' photos had shown. There was still some parking problem due to the secluded area where the shop resides. Onto the food! Like many had said, the duck was indeed very soft but it was not really to my liking as maybe I'm too used to the normal texture of duck meat and prefer that now? Nonetheless, the thick gravy that was generously given by the uncle was really delicious!!! There was a strong taste of herbs that immediately hits you and makes you crave for more as it feels really homely (i kept one more packet to add to my rice later on! HAHA!) Sad to say, I felt that the amount of meat was too little for an amount of $20. My parents also mentioned that for the price, one would usually get more meat. My mom also told us that uncle Lim just roughly grabbed a chuck of meat from his pre-cut stack of duck meat pile so as to serve his customers quickly. Granted his 45 years of experience and maybe as it's boneless meat, half a duck looks way lesser than normal. Surprisingly, I really like this combination of tofu and taupok! It was a unique mix that I have never seen before and I must say it matched really well! Not sure if it's due to my love for tofu and taupok but I really like it! It cost $6 and was a hit with the family! The sauce was not extremely starchy and was consistent enough as some was absorbed by the taupok itself. I would most likely drop by (not that i can anymore ):, but on hindsight) to the store as it's not too out of the way for me. Also, I realized that we should have visited the stall before the closing date was reported in the newspaper which caused many to swarm to the place. Perhaps the quality might have suffered a little as the human traffic volume was too high to handle. Regardless, I'm really glad to have tried this popular eatery before it closes. Now, we need to find another braised duck stall to match up with uncle Lim's cooking! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-16
As the famous Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House will be serving its last customers come next week, we decided to savour their signature duck rice for the first and final time before it goes down memory lane. The braise duck was indeed tender and well marinated. However, what distinguishes this common hawker fare is the braise duck sauce that makes you wanna slurp down every single drop. The fragrance of the herbs, seasonings, and countless ducks’ au naturel juices blended perfectly together, making this sauce truly divine and mouth-watering! However, the same couldn’t be said for the other two side dishes we ordered. The Kang Kong was pretty decent, though nothing much to shout about. The tofu fared the worst. It was not as silky as expected, and to be honest, one of the toughest I’ve tasted. Although the sauce was tasty, this dish was at best, mediocre. Sadly, all good things come to an end but the taste of their legendary braise duck will always stay etched in our memories. Adieus Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice… continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-14
Service & AmbienceMy last visit before kissing goodbye to this famous duck rice eating house as they will be officially closed next week. The crowd was simply over the capacity of what the shops could cater, leaving tables of customers left waiting eagerly for their food and with some even decided to gave up the idea of queuing. It took us 20 minutes to settle down despite having an empty table setup specially in front of their neighbor shop. We have difficulties in getting the chairs as all are either occupied or reserved. No one had attended to us even if we though we have been frantically waving countless times to catch attention, most probably they could not handle the current order. Luckily for Lim Seng Lee's neighbour's help, my order had prioritized with food served within a minute.FoodThe presentation of braised duck looks disorganized with portions of the meat not coated with the braised sauce and with loose pieces scatter around the plate. Meats looks dry. Kang Kong standard is still very well maintained with the right amount of moisture and crunchiness.2 porridge and 2 bowls of rice for 4 of us! My first and also the last time trying their sambal Prawns. It was more of sweetness than spiciness. Loves the crunchy cucumbers and onions that comes along with the prawns. Overall the total spending was roughly about S$45 for 4 pax including 3 cups of drinks.Recommendation / TipsGood Bye Lim Seng Lee braised duck, these noteworthy dishes will always be in my mind. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-08
Despite the experience of a previous visit, my friend insisted on visiting Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House before it closed down for good. Sure enough, there was a huge crowd wanting to try out its braised duck rice. Having ate here previously and only recently, I was not too taken in by the hype. The duck rice once again proved normal and not worth the special trip. I like the sambal kangkong this time because the wok hei was more evident. Tofu was so-so. continue reading
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