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Level3 2016-11-11
A place where your fairytale dreams come true. Little House of Dreams (LHOD) was managed by two pretty ladies, Audrey Lee and Grace Goh, they surely understands what girls love! The color theme for the whole restaurant was pastel pink, so sweets, girls totally couldn't resist. Collaborating with Ben and Jerry's ice cream within this same premises currently, you could enjoy good food and quality ice cream at the same time. LHOD used to sell only bread and cakes but after moving to this current location, they have hot food now.We started our night with some appetizers: Portobello Fritters $12.90- We all knew good food coming before it reaches our table. All thanks to the fragrance from the truffle oil. Portobello fritters were so crispy, drizzled with truffle oil on the outside and best of all, it wasn't soaked with oil when we bite our way through it!! So good I think I could have a few servings on my own. Sambal Sotong $16.90- These 2 sea creatures were presented to us in a nice char. "Almost" grilled to perfection but I thought cooking time could be a little shorter to keep the tenderness of the flesh. The flesh itself tasted slight garlicky and goes really well together with the sambal chilli. Salted Egg Yolk Calamari $13.90- Salted Egg Yolk food items wasn't new to any one of us here, it has been trending for more than a year already. What made LHOD's dish stood out? Their version of salted egg yolk sauce was thick, grainy with salted egg bits and not salty. The proportions of salted egg, curry leaves and chilli were perfect where each individual ingredients did not overshine each other. Great on these breaded calamari! LHOD could consider using this sauce to create new dishes too. Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (4pcs) $15.90- Look at these wings!! Chicken wings were huge and juicy within. Skin deep fried till super crispy, lightly marinated with prawn paste and a dash of herbs. A pity the marinade did not penetrate into the meat completely otherwise they would have tasted even better. Drinks: Iced Chocolate $7.90- My kind of drink but it wasn't chocolatey enough for me. I preferred thicker sinful ones. Green Garden Fruit Fizzies $8.90 Pink Passion Fruit Fizzies $8.90 Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzies $8.90 Sunny Day Fruit Fizzies $8.90- These non-alcoholic thirst quenchers were more interesting. Pretty colors and interesting flavours made us couldnt make up our mind which to try first. We ordered the 4 most popular ones to try out. My favorite was the Pink Passion Fruit Fizzies. I love slight sourish drinks as it gave me more appetite to eat more!Mains: Big Breakfast $16.90- For this price we paying, portion served was really generous. Scrambled egg was done pretty well, just the way I love my eggs to be. The spinach and mushrooms were a little salty but they definitely complement the bread well. Served all day! Seabass wif Salad $34.90- Fish meat was firm and succulent. Pretty to my eyes and tasty on my palate. The chef made the pan-fried potato balls looked like scallops, Genius! My 2nd most loved mains for the night. Pork Ribs wif Salad $32.90- Whenever I order pork ribs, I'm most concerned with the tenderness of the meat and the sweetness level of the marinates. Lucky this plate didn't disappoint me. The marinates wasn't overly sweet and carried off a smokey aftertaste. The meat fell off bones easily, tender and nice. Spaghetti Laksa Prawns $26.90- Tadahhhh.. My vote goes to this spaghetti laksa prawns for best dish tonight. Look at the huge prawns we were given! Very fresh and crunchy. The spaghetti texture was al dente and every mouthful you could taste the spiciness of the sauce. I love the fiery kick from the laksa sauce, but I could take something spicier. If only the sourish from the tomato base could reduce, I believe the laksa taste would outstand more. Nevertheless, this was still my top choice Chilli Crab Bun $19.90- Who don't love crabs? Everyone on this table loved them! Chunks and chunks of generous crabmeat were made into patties and served to us in a delicious bun made in-house. Look at the Chilli crab drizzle, so generous and everything overflows! We almost licked up the plate *haha* Pulled Pork Sandwich $17.90- If we compared this pulled pork sandwich with the chilli crab bun, the former crabby was so much better. Pulled pork was too dry and tough for my liking. Overall lacked the juiciness of meat which I found it a pity. - On a side note: Both plating for crab bun & pulled pork sandwich really need to change. It really looked bad on such a big wooden board with only the stand alone bun/sandwich. The look quite turn us off even before we started eating.After all the savory stuff, finally it's time for girls best friends: DESSERTS! No matter how full we were, we definitely can bring out another tummy for the sweets!Desserts: Sticky Date Pudding wif Vanilla Ice Cream $13.90- Sticky date pudding was so good, we wiped it out in seconds. Every mouthful you can taste the fragrance of dates. Beware: It could get very sweet if you pair with the bananas given but we gals dun care! Whack!! Creme Brulee $10.90- Tofu-liked vanilla custard base was smooth and slippery, eventually disappeared after touching our tongues. The torched sugar crust gave it more flavour. I would say it's a common item which can do with or without. Vanilla Bloom Pot $6.90 Pandan Rose Bloom Pot $6.90- These mini pots piped so beautifully with flower petals attracted us at first sight! Almost too pretty to eat them. Vanilla bloom pot tasted less sweet with a very nice milky flavour and fluffy sponge cake below. As for Pandan Rose, the frosting was too sweet although it smells good. But I couldn't finish the first mouthful. The Pandan cake below was slightly dense too. This flavour definitely for the sweet toothies only. Rainbow Cake $9.90- Who don't love Rainbow? Most girls do! It was the last slice on the cake tray that night but we managed to get hold of it. Cake texture was dense and compact, with thick layers of cream in-between which I love. If only the different layers of colors could represent a different fruit flavour, I believe it would attract more attention and buying power. Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake $7.90- Compared to the previous cake to this, I prefer the latter. I love the saltiness which neutralizes the overall sweetness of this chocolate cake. Snickers Cheesecake $7.90- If you're a cheese lover, then this was for you. Thick heavy luscious cheese which I don't feel jelat even after the whole slice was gone. Texture was really smooth on the tongue and snickers' chunks brought up the chocolatey nutty aftertaste.** We were so full after grubbing down so much food. Our dining experience was enjoyable, especially with whole jing gang of people who loves food. The newly introduced hot items on the menu needed some fine-tuning to make better. Dessert cakes were good on the whole, it was what LHOD specializes in anyway. They do serve macarons and messy jars too! Love the whole ambience the most, was very princessy, it definitely perk up the happy mood in us. **📍 Little House of DreamsBlock 8 Dempsey RoadUnit 01-14Singapore 247696Tel: 64724977www.littlehouseofdreams.comMon to Friday 11am - 11pmSat to Sun 9am - 11pm( Last order for Hot Food 10.15pm)Read full reviews and more food photos at http://jellylovesfood.blogspot.sg continue reading
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Little House of Dreams has been through a big revamp and now sits comfortably beside Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The decor is very pretty, chic and cosy. The warm, light colours are used for the furniture and walls. There's even a play corner for kids to hang out, while parents watch them and have some savoury mains, sides, cakes or ice cream and waffles from Ben & Jerry's. I love that you can order items from both places and dine in a single location.Sambal Sotong $16.90Beautifully plated, this was an interesting menu item that you don't normally get to see in cafes. The squid itself had a chewy texture with a characteristic earthly flavour. The squid also maintained a slightly charred aftertaste. As I'm a weakling when it comes to spicy food, I did not try the sambal sauce.Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (4 pcs) $15.90We were expecting drumlets and winglets but we were surprised to see 4 full chicken wings in a basket. On first impression, the prawn paste aroma was evident. But upon the chicken wings cooling down to a temperature which we could consume it at, the prawn paste taste was nowhere to be found. The skin was however, superbly crispy and the meat was juicy without being oily. No need to rush to the washroom to wash your hands after consuming this chicken wings!3. Salted Egg Yolk Calamari $13.90 *Highly Recommended*I loved salted egg and I love calamari, hence this is one of my highly recommended dishes to try at Little House of dreams. The salted egg yolk sauce was creamy and yet slightly grainy and lumpy, coupled with a distinct aromatic flavour that had a mild salty-spicy aftertaste. I just couldn't stop munching on these! Even though, these calamari rings sat for awhile, during the photoshoot, despite being being soggy, the presence of the salted egg still stood out clearly.6. Ribeye Steak with Salad $39.90I usually liked my steak medium, but this was medium-well and I still liked it. The steak was juicy and tender and together with the provided steak sauce, this was a very appetizing. The salad had little sliced baby potatoes which I felt was an interesting way to present carbs on a plate, without making the plate look cluttered with carbs.8. Pork Ribs with Salad $34.90The pork ribs were thick, meaty and succulent. The meat was tasty but just like the pulled pork, it could've been a bit more tender. The sauce was sweet and tangy and perfectly marinated deep into the meat.9. Spaghetti Laksa Prawns $26.90Simple ingredients and yet exploding with flavours. The prawns were huge but the gradual follow up with the spicy intensity didn't allow me to taste the prawns.10. Chilli Crab Bun $19.90 *Highly Recommended*The chilli crab patty was made with real crab meat, the sauce itself wasn't spicy and kids could probably eat this too! The chilli crab bun was certainly a satisfying and enjoyable one. The bun was toasted till the ends of the bun was crisp and pillowy in the center. The chilli crab sauce topped the crab patty with a sweet and tangy taste contributing to a shiok and yummy satisfaction level. The crab patty was also well marinated, tender, and flavourful.14. Vanilla Bloom Pot $6.90 *Highly Recommended*This was so pretty! So much effort is made by Little House of Dreams to give you the unique dessert experience. This is actually a cupcake dressed up as a potted plant. The creme on top, was alright in sweetness factor. The cupcake on the inside was on the drier side but tasted great, when combined with the creme. I'll probably be craving for this in the d18. Snickers Cheesecake $7.90 *Highly Recommended*The owners mentioned that if you like nuts, or snickers, you'll be a fan of this cheesecake. That was me and I knew immediately that I had to try this. Indeed, this cheesecake was filled with nuts, caramel, chocolate and a chocolate cookie handmade crust. The cheesecake was dense, but not overly sweet. I wasn't expecting this to be spectacular but it sure was!19. Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzies $8.90All the fruit fizzies are ingeniously thought out. My Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzie was made with lavender and little iced cubes with real strawberries on the inside. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)