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Maccha House hails from Kyoto, Japan and serves an array of matcha desserts & drinks. Their Western-style influenced desserts and drinks carry the uniquely authentic Japanese flavour that their patrons can enjoy in a pleasant environment. continue reading
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Level2 2022-12-11
I am a serious matcha and matcha dessert fan, so I was excited when I chanced upon Maccha nearby Tokyu Hands. We sat down and ordered the matcha chocolate parfait. The menu is pretty expansive and the prices enticing. Service was quick and smooth. Sadly, the praise ends there: the matcha dessert itself was incredibly mediocre. The soft serve was very weakly matcha-flavoured, and the construction of the parfait led to an unappealing mixture of soggy cornflakes and jelly cubes. The matcha chocolate itself was advertised as a specialty item but it was honestly forgettable and didn't mesh very well with the weakly flavoured soft serve ice cream. Especially being on Orchard Rd, there are so many options for matcha-based desserts in the area, such as Matchaya in Takashimaya: if you're a hardcore matcha person, I would head elsewhere instead. All that said, the price point of Maccha is very competitive, especially for their non-dessert items. I would stop by there again if I was in the area and hungry given the price point and service, but I would not seek Maccha out again for dessert. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-19
Matcha Lovers out there, this is something that cannot be missed! If you are in Orchard, do visit the basement of Orchard Central and you will find Maccha House waiting for your patronization.Maccha House serves Maccha treats from drinks to dessert. They also serve simple Japanese Food too. I got the chance to visit when my friends decided to have part 2 of our gathering session after our main meal at Orchard Gateway and we literally sit and chit chat there till lights were shut off and most of the staff were preparing to end there work.We can never miss out beverages especially when we are planning for a chit chat session. I started off with my Maccha Shiratama (Rice Dumplings) & Azuki bean (Red Beans) latte. The first sip had concluded the standard in Maccha House and they are definitely not opened for the sake of the vibe. As compared to those Green Tea Latte served in coffee joints and St Marc Cafe, this gave a better after taste as well as a refreshing treat. Thus I would say Happiness is a cup of wonderful Maccha Latte.Maccha Latte Float is another variation of their Latte drinks. It has a very good Maccha Scent and was not too creamy. Looking straight and into its kitchen, i learned that the amount of Maccha used were measured precisely by the kitchen helpers and every cup of it was served at its best condition.The girls who were not too keen on cold beverages took up the fun in preparation of the traditional Maccha. About half a table spoon of Maccha Powder was given in a bowl and all patrons has to do is to hands-on by pouring the hot water into the bowl and use the wooden stirrer to dissolve it. Dipped into sweet ginger syrup and showered with peanut dust, I was glad that we have 1 Mochi each as the ginger syrup taste was not really my style.Interesting made Maccha Tiramisu hold in a little crate like container served with a cup of Hojicha. Layers of soft vanilla sponge cake with Macarpone cream cheese and spreaded evenly with Maccha Powder.It looked so delicate that we do not bear to dig our spoon in.Look at the elegant twirls from the Maccha Soft Serve and its sensational texture. The combination of the ice cream served in the modern Japanese stone dish together with fruits, Auzuki Beans and Shiratama were simply eye pleasing. Smooth and cooling when it touched our tongue, there were no bitter taste from the Maccha. Instead, we were satisfied in its level of sweetness. A cup of Hojicha was provided to clear the taste in the mouth after such indulgence. Dark Green Syrup / Coloring was also provided to enhance the plain green soft serve. Just look at the color contrast from the green, have it enticed you yet?Maccha House is a good place in Orchard to gather for some snacks or desserts after a big meal in Orchard. It is rather popular as I observed the crowd as well as the turn over is fast. I would not mind bringing my friends here after dining or shopping in Orchard.More reviews available at www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-24
Maccha house is a really pretty restaurant located at the basement of Orchard Central. It specialise in maccha green tea and also do serve simple japanese dishes too! They do have some promotional lunch offers during lunch time, so you may check their food during lunch period for some cheap great deals! I ordered the iced maccha latte float at around $5. I have to admit it is definitely the best iced maccha drink i ever had! The iced green tea is fragrant and i love the taste of the strong tea essence. Also, their green tea ice cream has a rich green tea flavour too, unlike other shops which claim to sell green tea ice cream but is milky and only have a slight hint of green tea flavour :/  Overall, i will definitely frequent this restaurant again as they serve really great maccha drinks   continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-12
It was my second time visiting Maccha House, because ever since my first visit, I've been craving for their matcha treats quite often.My friend ordered Matcha Mixed Soft Serve, which was served on a waffle cone. It's a mix between matcha and vanilla soft serve, therefore the bitterness of matcha went along well with the sweetness of vanilla. The ice cream was soft and creamy.For myself, I ordered a glass of Matcha Latte Float (regular size). It came with a scoop of ice cream (they use typical ice cream, not soft-serve one). Tasted really nice, neither overly sweet nor bitter. I wish they could put less ice cubes into the drink hehe.Overall, we had an enjoyable time at Maccha House. I forget how much is the exact price, but my latte should be around $5, and the soft-serve ice cream is around $4. continue reading
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Maccha House. The perfect source of green tea and some soul replenishment, this cafe is housed at the basement of Orchard Central, and is so big you can't miss it. I finally got down to having some alone time yesterday, and Maccha House seemed ideal for some cake and coffee for myself. The Matcha Tiramisu ($5.80) caught my eye immediately. While trying to have an action cake shot for my camera, I couldn't wait to eat my cake too! It was really good, and I have to recommend this. The tiramisu isn't exactly tiramisu, but more like cheesecake, but either way it's very delicious! Creamy and not cloying, with distinct matcha flavour permeating throughout the whole dessert. What's more, they even provided traditional green tea to break the taste in between bites... a very meticulous move, just like the Japanese. I also tried their large Matcha Latte ($4.90) but was quite perplexed that they actually dispensed it from a pre-mixed machine. I shouldn't be expecting too much since there was no coffee machine in sight.Oh, do note that they don't serve it to your seat, so you've got to bring your order to your seat. The good part is that you don't have to pay for pesky government taxes and service charges, but if you're bringing any important guests for a formal meeting then it's not a very good idea. But anyway, find a time to try the Matcha Tiramisu (but cheesecake in disguise)! I'm ending off with a few selfies, still learning how to train my DSLR to recognize its owner... and I bought a new camera strap for it. continue reading
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