Mad, a modern Asian bistro that is a collaborative effort between five local brands, including the TungLok Group, Bar Stories, Bakerzin and veteran artiste Dick Lee. Co-founder of Bar Stories Berlin Lee believes that there is a dearth of good cocktail bars in the Bukit Timah area, something that Mad aims to rectify. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-28
Won the grandstand vouchers from the Grandstand contest and went to MAD to try out the food here. We ordered a fried rice, pork belly, spring row, char siew su, chee cheong fun, baked char siew bao and red bean pancake to share. The dishes was quite nice and especially the red bean pancake. It was really crispy and the red bean paste was just nice. The prices are more expensive and the portion is relatively smaller as compared to the other Chinese restaurants out there. I would say it is slightly toward chinese fine dining and it was worth the try. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-01
We bought the groupon for MAD'S champagne brunch for $58 (UP$108), which includes free flow champagne, juices, coffee/tea, dim sum, as well as 1 starter, 1 main course & 1 dessert per person. The menu can be found here: http://www.modernasiandiner.com/menu.phpThe restaurant interior was very spacious with brightly coloured hot pinks walls and tables. My partner and I were shown to a cozy little booth which I really liked. At each table, there was an iPad so we could just send our order electronically, which was way more convenient than trying to get a waiter's attention. That said, even though there was a self ordering system, there were sufficient staff around who were helpful and responded very quickly.Josper-grilled Cuttlefish and Teriyaki Portobello Mushroom Toast (starter): I ordered this for myself. The white strips are the cuttlefishwhich were a little fishy. The entire dish was served at room temperature too so this was pretty disappointing. The only saving grace was the mushrooms, which were extremely flavourful.Lobster and Crab Benedict (main): This dish was served cold so it was yet another disappointing dish. The lobster and crab meat were placed between the 2 poached eggs and one piece of bread. While the yolk was runny, just the way it should be, everything else was mediocre and just really ruined my meal.Other dishes that were ordered..Butter Chilli Soft Shell Crab (starter): Ordered by my partner, this was soft shell crab drizzled with chilli sauce. Even though it was a recommended dish, this was not nice at all. The soft shell crab was hard and the chilli was just extremely normal chilli sauce.Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice (main): Ordered by my partner, this was sliced wagyu beef served on top of claypot rice. Both of us felt that the beef was okay, however the rice was really dry and not flavoured at all, with some mushroom slices mixed in.Watermelon Granita Panna Cotta Parfait (dessert): This was served in a cup with the panna cotta at the base, followed by watermelon slush then topped with poached pear and sago. Everything was just ok or glen, nothing memorable.Chilled Mango Sago and Pomelo and with Honeycomb Ice Cream (dessert): This was nice, sweet and creamy with mango goodness.the only dish that didn't fail our expectations.Towards the end of our meal, we ordered two dimsum items. After a pretty long time they still didn't arrive so we checked with the waitress, who said that all the dim sum items are finished. However, we still saw the staff serving baskets of them to other customers when we left, and even saw that dimsum were still being made in the kitchen. Was a little unhappy about this but didn't clarify with thestaff since we were already quite full. Anyway I couldn't believe that the dimsum items which were supposed to be free flow could be sold out so quickly, hmph.With the price I paid, I really expected much much better food. We'll not return again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-13
For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/11/modern-asian-diner-mad.htmlI was really enjoying myself with the mass variety of food! While spoilt for choice, I decided to get my butt rested at Modern Asian Diner, also known as MAD.Wide and spacious seating area, and definitely able to accommodate to large group or probably some small-scale celebration and sorts. We were guided to an empty table right away, despite during weekends. Knowing that it's our first time here, we were taught how to place the order, interestingly. Crispy bun with Salted Egg Yolk Filling ($4.80). Comes in a standard quantity of 3 pieces, and to be eaten piping hot, of course. Not too salty at all, and I would say its nicely done!Eggs Benedict ($14.00). Probably parma ham eggs benedict, runny egg yolk and soft bread. Quite a nice brunch to have if you are a yolk-lover.Spicy Miso Pork Belly Sandwich ($14.00). Pork belly is not hard, and quite easy to cut and chew.Took some time to arrive, the Steamed Black Angus Beef Siew Mai ($6.20). I thought it was pretty unique and special, thus ordered it. It tasted much like our usual siew mai, and beef fillings are bouncy.For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/11/modern-asian-diner-mad.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-29
Located at The Grandstand, Modern Asian Diner (MAD) is actually not very difficult to be traveled to as there is free shuttle bus services from Clementi, Botanic Gardens, Toa Payoh MRT stations & Bukit Timah Road. On top of that, it can be easily access via PIE if you are driving. The renovation here is simple yet modern and the dim lighting also gives people a sense of privacy while dinning in the restaurant.On top of that, ordering of food here is really modernized and frill free. At each table, there is an ipad which you can look at the picture of the food, order and confirm your order.WAgyu Mantou burger($14) was rather interesting. Although it's a twist from the normal beef burger, I would appreciate the normal burger more as the mantou tends to stick to the teeth while we were having it. On top of that, we felt that the beef was slightly overcooked. Prawn roll cheese ($5.50) is rather mediocre. Nothing much to be rave about especially when there isn't much of the cheese flavor.Beancurb roll shrimp ($5.50) is rather average. Overall it was a very average meal that I would have no intention of returning to the restaurant unless I would want to enjoy the ambiance there. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-02
Came to MAD for a team lunch and from the moment you walk in, you will see a display of furniture, books and other items that will make you think you've walked into a modern furniture stall instead! Very nice concept as it made me curious to venture in further. Check out the interior. They use a very pleasing color scheme of soft blue, vibrant red and black. I really do feel like I'm in a modern arts display area! It did worry me that this place would fare better in the decor than the food but will find out when the food arrives. There are more private seating areas along the side of the restaurant. I like the whole curtain decoration which makes it look like one of those private areas at opera houses and the red wall gives it a very sexy feel. Like a setting for one of those secret rendezvous meeting between lovers at a ritzy opera. Hehe! The iconic symbol of MAD is the Chinese Opera face as seen on their napkin. I guess the juxtaposition of a traditional image like the Chinese Opera in a modern layout is to show the concept of mixing the contemporary and the old school style. More images of the Chinese Opera face on coasters but in vibrant pops of color! I really love this kind of Andy Warhol design. Our first dish is the Deep-Fried Liu Sha Bao ($4.80). Now the Liu Sha Bao I've usually had are the steamed and soft variety. This deep fried version has a harder crust but the inside has the usual oozy salted egg yolk. Honestly, I still prefer the steamed version but after a few bites, it does grow on you. Think of it as deep fried man tou dipped in salted egg yolk. Next dish is the Black Angus Siew Mai ($6.20) and unfortunately I do not fancy this dish much. The beef is quite tough and didn't carry much flavour. My idea of black angus beef was it to be tender soft and juicy, but alas the siew mai turned out quite dry. From this cross section, you can see how "compact" the beef is and how dry it is. I had to dip it generously in chili sauce to get some extra flavour to it. Now comes my main dish - the Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice ($26). This wonderful claypot creation comes with one damn sexy hot spring egg and is drizzled with aromatic truffle dressing. I cannot tell you how exquisite this decadent dish is. It's so good I had to bold the name. Tender slices of Wagyu feed cooked to medium rare perfection, the large onsen egg, the smell of truffle oil... I was in food heaven. Crack the egg and mix it with the rice and tender beef, then just dig in. It was silky, savory and I love every morsel of it. The beef was really good (I wish there were more slices!) and that egg gives me a Japanese feel as people in Japan likes to mix raw eggs to coat their rice to be sticky. Believe me, you will be scrapping the bottom of the claypot as this is super good! To end the meal, I had one of their signature cocktails - The Strawberry Shortcake ($14). This drink is mildly sweet, only a slight bite of alcohol and comes with a shortbread biscuit. The color is very pretty and girl. I find it refreshing and a good beverage to have on a hot sunny day! The menu could be a hit and miss so I would say go for their wagyu beef series! continue reading
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