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They provide their customers with delicious soft bone chickens as our unique signature dish. The chicken was marinated with their special recipe and pressure-cooked to ensure that the whole chicken, including the bones, was soft and edible. The soft bone chicken turned out to be a favourite cuisine among residents and since Bali is a hugely popular holiday destination, it was also a hit among tourists, thus attracting many loyal customers worldwide. continue reading
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Level1 2015-01-07
Overall experience was fine. The rice portion is quite little. The service wise, you got to keep a lookout for the waitresses to give you a glance otherwise, they will be chatting among their staffs at the entrance. There are two types of hot chili served, so render to ask for the chilli not served with the sbc meal but with the crackers. Though sometimes they will forget to serve you the crackers which comes with any sbc meal ordered. Also lookout for the drinking cups if it's washed and cleaned. I and my brother went there for dinner around 530pm, we ordered mango salad which was extremely hot, (hot in a sense of that chilli taste not the spices) tempe penyet was not so tasty, somewhat it appeared to be of the same taste as eating the beancurd served with the sbc meal. Food is good. No doubt. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-16
Red chilli fish $9.90: Fish was crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. The red chilli was somewhat like sambal - sweet and spicy. Portion seemed small for the price of $9.90 though.Tahu goreng $3.90: There were toppings of bread crumbs (I think) on top and the tahu was fried very well. The skin was crispy yet the insides were soft. The taste was enhanced by the chilli provided too. Portion is acceptable for this price as the setting is somewhat like a casual restaurant, but not quite. continue reading
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Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is a Halal restaurant that was first established in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, in 2000. The unique item at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken, is their chicken which is pressure cooked till the bones become soft and edible. Ambience at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is minimal and functional. The rather small, cramped layout has sufficient space to seat about 60 diners, but the colours are rather drab and the lighting is dim.Service at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is very good. Staff are friendly and enthusiastic, able to make recommendations on the menu. They're also able to give some background on each item, especially how it fits into Indonesian / Balinese cuisine. Orders are fulfilled rather quickly, as is table clearing. The menu is small and focused, with highlights being their signature soft bone chicken. In general, I find their food to be tasty, and prices are very affordable, costing an average of SGD 12 or so per person. Portion sizes are suitable for one, though big eaters may wish to get several dishes for sharing. Communal dining is encouraged here!The Honey Sesame Soft Bone Chicken With Yellow Rice (SGD $9.90) features a tender, moist piece of chicken that has a tangy and sweet marinade of honey and the crunch of sesame seeds. The balance is just right, not overly sweet, and the entire piece of chicken can be consumed, even the bones! The yellow rice is fragrant and warm, and this add-on is worth it for an additional SGD $1 in price!If you've ever eaten salted egg crab, you'll get a good idea how the Soft Bone Chicken With Salted Egg Sauce (SGD $8.90) tastes like. The salted egg sauce is incredibly yummy and generous, and I like that it coats the chicken without making it soggy. The meat is tender and moist, and the texture of eating the bones really reminds me of a soft shell crab.I felt the Grilled Chicken Wings (SGD $4.20), while having a nice, savoury taste and a perfect grilled texture, lacked meat. Great for a snack, or for light eaters, but not very satisfactory as a dish. The Edible Soft Chicken Bones breaks conventions, looking at it, you don't think it's edible, but chew on it and you'll find it gives way easily, without even the slightest crunch. Supposedly, eating chicken bones provides your body with calcium!The Tahu Telur (SGD $6.50) is done in typical Indonesian style, flat with a crisp outer layer and a soft interior. I like that the mound of vegetables adds some crunch to the texture, but I noticed the kecap manis sauce is slightly more sweet than the authentic versions in Indonesia. I loved the Fried Sambal Petai (SGD $4.90), the chili here is quite shiok! A nice portion of petai is stir fried with ikan bilis / anchovies and sambal chili, resulting a a fragrant, aromatic, spicy dish. Best paired with rice!Full Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/07/malioboro-soft-bone-chicken-tasting.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
I passed by this shop while getting lunch at the other food stalls at Feast@Kopitiam and returned with my sisters to try out the food. (Feast@Kopitiam actually has both hawker stalls and mini-restaurants housed within the same location) I was actually attracted to their signature dishes – Soft-bone chicken.We went around 4pm and the restaurant was fairly empty except for a few occupied tables, mainly families with kids. A brief background information about Malioboro, they are actually an Indonesian restaurant which first started in Bali, Indonesia before finding popularity and gradually expanded in Indonesia and recently opened its first overseas store in Singapore. The restaurant boasts edible chicken bones but I didn’t really put that theory to the test.Anyway we ordered the Soft Bone Chicken with Salted Egg Sauce ($8.90), Tahu Telur ($6.50) and Ice Lemon Tea ($2.50). The latter tastes homemade with a slight tinge of lemon juice in it. Nice and refreshing. The Tahu Telor looks a bit different to the types which I had before. Instead of a cylindrical shape, it is more like a pancake made of tofu and egg. Regardless, its super nice with the sauce. The sauce adds flavour while the crushed and whole peanuts adds crunch to the tofu-egg combination. The sauce tastes a bit like the rojak sauce but it’s not as sweet or thick. If not for the sauce, the egg-tofu would taste quite bland.I like the overall presentation of the Soft-bone chicken with Salted Egg Sauce. The sauce is really yummy with the faintest bits of salted egg in it, like there is some texture in the sauce. The rice is also modelled like a cone, very unique. The chicken is still relatively crispy and tastes great with the salted egg sauce. Though there are bones in the chicken, it is still largely a meat dish, reminiscent of a chicken fillet. Though we had to wait like 20 minutes for this dish, it was worth it.My sisters commented that other people were trying the original soft-bone chicken and so I think that’s what we should do too next time, having tried the salted egg variation. continue reading
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Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is relatively new to me since they are the first and only soft bone chicken in Singapore till date. Many years back I had actually learned that that by consuming bones, they will actually provide a source of calcium which is essential for growth of our bones, teeth and Iron that helps in red blood cells production. But often out of convenience, I will have them throw away due to that it was way too cumbersome or rather "hard" for consumption. Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken had actually done me a flavour by granting me to have bones eaten down into my stomach. If you are wondering how did they do it, here's the answer. The chicken which Malioboro provide undergone high pressure process, thus resulting those soft and edible bones. The nutritional fact mentioned that every 100 g of PRESSURE-COOKED CHICKEN BONE contains 9.115 g of Calcium and 5.630 mg of Iron.My visit was to Malioboro was rather early and I was their first customer. The environment was abit dim but from the wooden furnishing , it makes the origins of the cuisine recognizable. The theme color of the restaurant was red, walnut and gold in color, typical colors that we usually see from an Indonesian Restaurant. I ordered salted egg soft bone chicken which was at $8.90 and decided to take away. It was the restaurant's all time favourite. Such a combination of salted egg with chicken had never came across my mind. Malioboro's chicken was unique and tasted better than most Ayam Penyets stalls I ever eaten.The chicken was crispy underneath the scrumptious salted egg sauce. The meat was tender and easily fell off the bone. The bone was very soft indeed and manageable. Just too bad that I did not dine in, if not I could have seen my rice in different presentation - in a cone shape as seen from its menu. Besides the chicken and rice, sides like cucuber and cherry tomato are added, not forgetting the crunchy "keropok" which was given separately in a sealed plastic bag. Since Osteoporosis has become a familiar term in recent years, many of us are conscious of food intake and its benefits. What Malioboro provide are quite in line to our concerns which suggest a good way to increase intake of calcium.Total Cost including GST: $9.75 continue reading
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