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So the Quest for Briyani continues on this food blog.So many recommendations came in for where people think should be the next place I try.But I decided to go somewhere recommended by my dear ol' Dad.Mami Midah Briyani is a stall located in my old neighbourhood - Eunos Crescent.It wasn't around when the market and food centre were at its old location before the fire a few years ago but despite that it seems this stall has made quite a reputation for itself in just a few years.When you think of a good briyani, 'healthy' is not really the first word that comes to your mind I reckon. I mean, how many times have you heard your elders tell you not to eat too much too often right?Well I saw this article displayed at the stall.It was featured in the 'Mind Your Body' quite awhile back and was toute as a 'healthy' version of Nasi Briyani but apparently still didn't lose any of the flavour or deliciousness that you'd expect from a serving of Briyani.Evaporated Milk? Vegetable Oil? Low Sodium Salt?This doesn't seem like it's going to go well... But you'll see a lot of this at a lot of the stall here under the Healthy Eating campaign.Okay so my Dad tells me we have o go really early because this place seems to sell out really fast (especially the Mutton Briyani) especially on Fridays. Well, we were not going on a Friday so you'd think it'd be safe to arrive there at around noon right?Well we arrived at 12.15pm and guess what? The Mutton was sold out!!Apparently someone had a funeral wake and pre-ordered like this whole order of the Mutton Briyani. And since we couldn't call ahead to pre-order 2 plates of it, I guess we were out of luck.And the worst thing was that my Dad had let me taste some the last time he brought some back and it was quite good so I was pretty bummed I didn't get a chance to try it out properly.Oh well.So we decided to have the Chicken Briyani (purely out of lack of choice).The chicken itself was not bad. The masala which literally swamps the chicken was actually really good!It's not really on the spicy side though. If it was, my Dad wouldn't be able to handle it very well. But the rempah briyani taste was very strong but very tasty. Not overpowering like I expected.The acar is actually worth a mention. It really complimented the briyani well.I'm saying this because I've had Briyani where the acar is just absolutely doing nothing for the overall dish but they really put some effort here to make sure it makes a difference.As always, the rice itself is going to play a big part in Briyani and the rice here is pretty steady.It was fluffy and I guess it was pretty tasty. But I doubt I enjoyed it as much as my Dad does.My Dad says that the rice is the reason he loves this Briyani so much. And trust me, it's not often you find something that he will say is nice.As for me? It was actually the Dalcha believe it or not.It was damn tasty and really packed a tasty punch to the rice. In fact, the Dalcha seems to be quite a favourite with a lot of people. How do I know? I've seen people come to the stall and order just the Dalcha on its own. Like $2 a packet. They probably eat it with bread or something. And I don't blame them cos it's damn nice lah actually.And if you stir the bowl, you'll find out why. The secret - lamb fat (tetelan).It's an old school way of ensuring your Dalcha is the bomb and they sure as hell do it well here.So remember, if you wanna try the Mutton Briyani - go early.Hopefully I'll be able to add in a Mutton Briyani review here soon okay!For the full review and more mouth-watering pics, visit my blog!http://thehalalfoodblog.blogspot.sg/2012/12/the-quest-for-briyani-part-3-mami-midah.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-13
Didn't know what yo eat for lunch when i was at Eunos and then i chanced upon this! Looked pretty decent so i decided to get it! When for the mutton briyani because chicken is just too mainstream!! Was really happy with my decision when i found out the size of the meat that i was going to be getting! huge piece of meat that was really tender! The gravy was also really nice and went really well with the rice!! The people were also really nice and made me happy! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)