Mandarin Court is a long-established name in the local dining scene that has garnered many awards over the years. With freshness and natural flavours being the hallmarks of Cantonese cuisine, Chef Kong showcases his culinary mastery by using the freshest ingredients and marrying traditional recipes with his signature flair. The result – exquisite creations that stay true to the roots of China’s most popular cuisine and a sure treat to the discerning palate. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Aloe Vera with Lemongrass Jelly Classic Peking Duck Ee-Fu Noodles Stewed Lobster with Superior Stock
Review (4)
Level4 2014-03-24
A happy occasion celebrating of my cousin's wedding.  Restaurant is spacious and comfortable.  Service here is very friendly and fast as well.  Heard from my relatives that per table of 10 cost around $1200, which is really expensive.  Appetizers are fresh and portion is reasonable.  Enjoyed their smoked duck breast which is chewy and tender.  Sharkfin is thick and fragrant, with generous amount of sharkfin inside as well.  Yam paste was thick and cream and full of the natural sweet flavour from the pumpkin used.  Fried scallop with crunchy macadamia nuts is very fresh and special, which every mouthful can feel the crunchiness of the nuts.  Venison, which the deer meat, is very tender and chewy, and pepper flavour is not too strong and nice.  continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-22
Located in the busy Orchard district, Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant is classy in terms of the interior design, as well as it's brand name. Even the napkin has the restaurant name printed on it. Cool hey!We ordered the Classic Peking Duck with Condiments ($39). The crispy peking duck skin comes with the tasty sauce, some vegie and wrappers. You can choose to make your own wrap, and get it served by the waitress. You can then choose how you want the duck meat to be cooked. There are several options, with different prices of course. We chose to stir fry the duck meat with ee-fu noodles. It's such a great choice! The noodles is so yummy! The food here is delicious! However, $2 for each glass of warm water is a bit pricey I would say! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-12-07
Just had very good sumptuous company dinner and we celebrated birthday for one of our colleague too!First dish - Sliced Peking duck served with condiments and marinated pear with vinegar sauce. Definitely one of my favourite! Small portion of the salad served beside the peking duck is well prepared! Very tasty indeed. However the taste did not owerpower the main which is peking duck! It's very crispy and yummilicious... Steamed Canadian sea perch in superior soy sauce. Fish was very fresh and sweet. Again another thumbs up dish.stewed lobster with superior stock. As compared to other dishes, it's a bit on the loosing side. Although the lobster meat is fresh and crunchy. But it just lack the sweetness and fragrant in my opinion.stewed "wu xi" spare rib served with deep fried scallop roll with mango. - the mango makes it very refreshing and a unique dish. Spare ribs also cooked till very soft. Good.Sauteed with Kai Lan vegetables duo mushrooms and truffle oil. This is only a so so dish.Stewed mian xian with assorted seafood- My favourite dish of the night! Soup base was so tasty that i've finished the whole bowl of soup without a single drop left! "Mian Xian" was so smooth and tasty combined with the freshness of seafood, it's just perfect! continue reading
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