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Indulge in a fresh buffet and all day-dining at our signature restaurant, where our chefs take centre-stage to whip up the perfect feast for you. Savour fresh seafood, salads, premium meats and decadent desserts. continue reading
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Chilli Crab Crispy Pork Saddle with Pancetta Prune and Sage Laksa Sticky Date Pudding
Review (21)
Level4 2015-08-05
To celebrate the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s 20th Anniversary celebrations this year, Marriott Cafe has this $20++ high tea buffet promotion from from 4 May to 31 July. This promotion is limited to the first 20 reservations per day, so make sure you make your booking ASAP and at least 2-day reservation required. I am lucky to get a reservation for 5 persons during its weekend high tea buffet which usually costs $42++ per person. It is even cheaper than the usual credit card 1-for-1 promotions.Although reservation has been made long before, we are met with a long of people waiting before the buffet start. The local high tea buffet comes with an amazing line-up of more than 50 treats.There is wide variety of cooked food such as Satay, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice.There is also a variety of malay kueh.For dessert lovers, there is sliced cakes and pastries.Using your creative ideas to make your favourite Ice Kacang.The dessert of the day turns out to be Tau Suan (split green bean soup).There is also ice cream station with 5 different flavours available.One of the favourite station is the DIY salad station which has a variety of items and even items such as chai seeds. Great for those who are eating clean.There is live stations for laksa and crepe. You get to choose the items such as vegetables and noodles for the laksa and the chef will cook for you. For the crepe station, one can get to choose the filling such as banana, chocolate and kaya. There is topping such as caramel chocolate bits, desiccated coconut, marshmallow and clotted cream.For those who prefer traditional English style of high tea, there is scones, served with clotted cream and jam. The scone is not bad except that it is a bit dry.There is a wide variety for the high tea buffet which comes with free flow of coffee and tea. But the time duration for the buffet is a bit limited as it is just for 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm. Overall food is not bad with wide variety such as cold seafood, smoked salmon, bak kut teh soup, rojak, salad, crepe, nacho, bread pudding and local kuehs. continue reading
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This is our second time having Marriott Cafe's high tea buffet since 2 years back and I must say, it's more or less the same dishes still as items may vary. Starting off with the seafood section, there were fresh white prawns and mussels together with bentos of sushi/sashimi assortment for the sushi lover.Mariott Cafe offers a bit of everything. From porridge, satays, dimsum to local mains like chicken rice, prawn mee, bak ku teh, yong tau fu, mee siam, curry chicken and more. We start to find it boring but I'm sure it will be a good take for tourists. Though the dessert portion seems limited, I'm still glad that they've a bit of everything. From ice kachang to Asian desserts such as kueh lapis, malay kuehs and lastly to English sweets. Being a high tea buffet, desserts should be the highlight of it but I find it disappointing to have such a small spread of sweets.The food quality for it's high tea buffet tasted average with plenty of local dish which I find it too 'familiar'. Overall, it's still worth a visit - $39++ per pax for high tea buffet. Read full review at http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.com/2014/02/high-tea-buffet-marriott-cafe-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-03
Charlene's Super Belated Birthday celebration @ Marriott Cafe. Her birthday is supposed to be in Jun but she's on confinement and Carol is busy for the past few months, we only end up treating her this month. They're currently offering Korean cuisine on top of the on-going International buffet for this month @ $65++. Thanks to the $100 Marriott Voucher which I redeemed from OpenRice Contest, I do not need to pay for my meal & only paid $15 =DI wasn't really keen on most of the hot dishes, so I had more of the cold dishes. Food variety wasn't a lot but it was very fresh. Service on the other hand isn't as attentive as compared to my previous visit. It took them almost 30 mins to serve us ice water. Oysters are fresh; prawns are sweet but crayfish are a little chewySashimi are thick & fresh; crabs are sweetCold cuts - salami, turkey & beef; smoked salmon Roast beef is very tender; salmon nicely baked.Complimentary cake for the birthday girl. Didn't try this but Charlene's son ate almost half a cake & Charlene says it's nice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-20
I am off today and decide to take my mum out for high tea at Mariot Café. Mariot Café is open daily from 3.00pm to 5.30pm. In my opinion, most of the food here are more to local food and my mum loves it coz she is a fan for local food.Unlike lunch and dinner, smoked salmon is served instead of fresh salmon for hightea. The smoke salmon here is quite thick and nice. Not too salty type. The prawns are fresh and huge.The hot dim sum here is nice, the char siew sao is nice with nice yummy pastry skin and juicy char siew filling. The har gao skin is thin n the prawn filling is huge and fresh.Being a fan for rojak, how can I miss out this section, DIY rojak. You choose the ingredients you want and you mix it yourself. The prawn paste sauce is quite fragrant and goes well with all the ingredients.I had a lot of these, the clams that have light Chinese taste, the fresh yummy huge prawns n the nice smoked salmon. My kid loves the chicken rice here and he has 2 servings of it on his own. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-09
I used to enjoy going to hotels for my weekend high tea. Going to different venues trying out their high tea range is one of my favorite past time. But now due to busy schedule, it become once in a while. So i was quite delighted when my friend asked me out for high tea! With it's convenient location linked to MRT, it's already a plus point. Was really hungry so I wasted no time in attacking the food! Personally i do like the spread here. A good range of different cuisine (both cold and hot section ). It was really enjoyable in this way with good food + good company. Service were pretty good and attentive during my visit. I must specially mentioned the scones here! Appearance wise, it's not good cause it gave me a feeling that it's over baked and looks hard. After trying one, i was hooked on it! Went back for a few more even though i was getting really full. For a weekend high tea at $39++, I will still consider coming back despite not having any discount or promotion when I was there. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)