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At Mayim, a great variety of Southern and Northern elegant Chinese cuisine awaits you. La Mian, culinary dishes and Dim Sum awaits to tantalize your senses. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-22
Back to one of my fav chinese restaurant for their minced pork la mian, and this time I chose to order some dim sum along with it as well. I love how juicy the big prawns are inside the har-gows although it's slightly pricey! The rest were just pretty mediocre.You have to and must try the la mian here, for it's good and super affordable! continue reading
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My ex-colleagues had earlier arrange for a dinner session to go to Bukit Batok. I had previously made a reservation for table at Mayim but nearly unable to make any reservation as their minimum number of people before they allow reservation were at 6 people.I was thinking what the hell are they thinking that we cannot make reservation with less people. Anyway, just to fulfill their requirement, I said got 6 people (We had 5 people in total) and made a reservation which was a standard timing of starting time 7:30pm (Do not understand why even timing, they also need to control). As we reached (Around 7pm) the restaurant early which was at West Mall Shopping Mall Level 2. There was a lot of people queuing up for a meal at the restaurant and since we reached early, I looked for the staff intending to tell them we reached early so can wait for the next available table for us to seat at.To my disappointment, the staff told me that there are no tables at the moment and ask us to walk around till our appointment time at 7:30pm (What are they thinking of? We reached early cannot go in to have our meals early?) At the same time, my ex-colleagues are already started to queue for it and chat up along the way. We saw a few families being called in to dine in the restaurant. (Reservation lose to people queuing there?).We got a table by queuing with the crowd around 7:15pm and started to order our dishes when my phone rang. It was the staff who called and ask me to come to the restaurant as the table was ready. I replied that I am already inside the restaurant and ordered our food (The staff was like shunned to hear that). If queuing up was faster than reservation, why was there a reservation with so many restriction imposed on it? Very disappointed and bad impression of it.There are different types of tables mainly suitable for 2 person up to a total of 10 people tables and space between each other are just nice (Not to wide and not too near). Staff wise, I would say there are still room for improvement. Anyway, our dishes are served not long after we ordered our meals.The beef version of La Mian was nice. You can see the tender meat with those fatty beef tendon. The dish was of a very nice display of dishes.Based on the menu, this was a spicy flavored “La Mian” topped with minced pork, peanut, sesame & preserved vegetable served in dry (with special meat sauce). To me, it was nicely decorated before being served which was up to standard for the viewing of the dish. The La Mian are very fresh with those QQ feel when eating it. The minced pork were not a bad match for this dish and overall, I would say this was one of the recommended dish when you are there.I would say this dish was nice but there are even better ones out there (Lost to Beauty World hawker stall dim sum). Though it was not as good, the standard was still there.Their Xiao Long Bao are quite stingy as there are not much meat in it though the soup inside are still quite nice. The whole Xiao Long Bao are placed on a aluminum cookie plate for easy removing from the bamboo container but the skin was being stick onto it that it breaks very easily.Assorted diced duck meat, shrimp, mushroom, chicken & conpoy in brown sauce over savory riceAssorted diced chicken, duck & ham in sweet corn cream over savory riceThe skin are being deep fried till crispy but I do not really like this type of crispy as it was very dry and feel quite oily too. Within it are all Turnip which was a type of vegetable and I do not really like the taste of it too.This pudding was filled with nice durian fragrance and the pudding itself was being mixed with read durian fruit in it. Great for durian lovers.This was another durian dessert dish again in mochi style. The Mochi was very soft and sprinkle with some powder before served. Inside it was full of real durian meat while the sides comes with 2 quarter pieces of strawberries. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-19
The dim sum was fresh and excellent, simple things like siew mai or cheong taste surprisingly better than many other places. I like that you can order the dim sum by pieces, so you don't have to order 4 xiao long bao. The minimum quantity for each dimsum is 2 pieces, just the right amount. It's is also worth mentioning that the Chinese tea is only $1.20 per head and you get a cup that allows you to individually brew your tea leaves. Apart from that, i also favour their la mian which is delicious yet affordable (around $8 to $11 for a decent bowl)Definitely will come again for other dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-11
We were warmly greeted by Mayim's staff in Chinese as we made our way through the entrance with a staff guiding us to the seats at the benches at one cozy corner. The first impression set was real good, moreover the crowd in the restaurant had actually liven up the ambience with groups of families dining in big tables. Settings and lights were very comfortable to both my mum and myself as the entire restaurants were adorn with big lantern looking lamps hanging on the ceilings. 2 Menus were already available on the table awaiting for our arrival. After we had ordered our dishes, we were given a ordering slip and every item will be strike off one by one upon arriving at our tables by the waitress.Instead of serving customers with the usual cup of yellow tea, mum and I was surprised to see that the cup had actually separated the chrysanthemum flowers away from the hot water. Sweetness was almost none and the color is slightly yellowish only but having the tea served this way is better as customers can refill the tea as many times.Cost: S$2.20Glass of lemon tea tasted rather powdery and the barley comes with half slice of lemon to enhance the taste to a refreshing level amongst the cloudiness.Cost: S$2.45When the roasted meets in the un-roasted in the pool (Soup). A double up of savory treats from the grilled reddish slices of char Siew meat with lovely tender boiled chicken meat in soup together with the springy and Q noodles. The 2 stalks of greens had actually sums up the presentation of the dish enhancing its color. Cost: S$8.80Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (XLB) comes in a tray of 3 with shredded ginger and vinegar contained in a saucer. Each XLB was well seated on an aluminum tray instead of placing them in the wooden steamer and looked voluptuous. As I hold up the XLB with my chopsticks, I can really feel the weight and the essence of the "tang" (soup) sagging down by gravitational forces. *slurps*. I began to bite it carefully, yet still having those essence oozed out with high pressure. Minced meat tasted with hints of wine with sweetness from the "Tang". The only imperfection that I find it losing out to our popular Taiwanese restaurant is its XLB skin, it would be a lot better if the skin is made thinner.Cost: S$2.70The petite looking Luo Bo Gao (Carrot Cake) comes in 2 and was soft yet firm enough to withstand the frying. Although it looks abit brown, its crispy outside and chewy inside. Yums! Cost: S$2.20The Sheng Jian Guo Tie are more than what I expected. Pan fried to a perfection with crisp at the external. Its dumpling skin had encased the juicy and tender ball of minced meat so some empty spaces in between. Becareful especially as the juice will ooze out at high pressure once you bite on them!Cost: S$3.00The meal was shared between 2 and I find the price reasonable given the standard and service was better than average.Note1) Request to remove the side dish (kimchi) and wet towel from the start to save the cost(2) Dim Sum is available throughout the day(3) When having XLB or Guo Tie, be additional careful, giving small bites to avoid the Essence "shooting" out. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-01
I love their soup (can't remember the name but it cost around $6). We ordered some mushroom minced meat stuff and xiao long baos. The Xiao Long Baos did not make the mark. The skin tasted a little soggy and broke easily even though it was quite thick. The soup broth inside was too salty. If it wasn't to satisfy my cravings, I would not have ordered this. The cream of mushroom with bacon was not bad at first try but got too jelat after a few mouthfuls. There are always long queues during weekends so go there earlier to avoid the queue! continue reading
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