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Inspired by the grace and old-school charm of kissatens, the fresh flavors and ingredients of Japanese cuisine, together with French artisanal cooking techniques, Miam Miam promises a delicious experience through and through. Using only the freshest, sustainable-sourced ingredients, Miam Miam takes pride in bringing the best of both French and Japanese cuisines to you. continue reading
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Was attracted by the surrounding classic modern look. Never miss this gems as always crowded. Start my ordering with pork donburi and chicken teriyaki and fruit tea. The service was very nice and fast. You wouldn't miss the alarm to trigger for service counter. It should be a way for all restaurant 😱. Our food arrived in about 8mins and Shogayaki pork Donburi was so nicely decorated and taste so shiok with so special sauce on the Japanese rice. The tofu is sliced in small piece for visual effect. I also saw some black sesame seed which need to overall fragrance. Chicken teriyaki is not as special plus paste noodles is look good. Taste is quite normal and not the best noodles I have come across so far. Drink of this passion fruits is very good. Overall have a mixtures of sweet and sour. It of this drink not to be miss if you are here. continue reading
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We were attracted by the gorgeous looking menu they displayed and decided to go in and have lunch. They are doing a lunch promo of a free soup of the day with every main dish you order, if you order before 2:15pm. The free cream soup wasn't very impressive, but the two main dish we ordered was not bad. The squid ink seafood rice was very freguant and the egg omelette on the rice was nice too. Beware of "black teeth and lips" when you have this dish though. The seafood tomato cream pasta was quite different to the usual ones I had before, not bad also. We also ordered a French toast as dessert, it was quite nice but eat it quicker or the taste won't be as nice when it turned cold. Overall, a nicely decored restaurant with not bad food. continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-07
Miam Miam had invited some bloggers last month to attend the launch of their high tea set platter for 2. I was lucky to be one of them and we had a fun time at the tasting session!About Miam MiamMiam Miam is a casual Artisanal French café-restaurant that brings together a mixture of French Artisanal Cuisine & Techniques with influences derived from traditional Japanese preparation & cooking arts.Just so you know, they have free wi-fi in the cafe! Yay!The high tea set for 2, launched on 21 April, includes 3 premium savoury and 7 sweet treats, plus any 2 drinks from Miam Miam's coffee / tea menu!Here's the solo high tea platter for 2 ($26.90).As part of the 2 free drinks offered with the set, we took the Iced Matcha Latte w/ Matcha Softee ($8.80) and the Miam Miam Haze aka London Fog ($6.80). My heart lies with the Matcha Latte. The softee was just went too well with the latte and it was a burst of green tea goodness!The Miam Miam Haze ~ Earl grey tea with steamed milk and homemade vanilla syrupYou have more than 2 people going for high tea? No problem! They also have the High Tea Platter for 4 ($48.90), which includes 6 premium savoury and 14 sweet treats, plus any 4 drinks from their coffee/tea menu!Just to note that their high tea set menus will be available from Mondays to Fridays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.We also tried the Hojicha Pancake ($13.80), the Yuzu Pancake ($12.80) and the Panna Cotta ($7.90).Hojicha Pancake - Pancake infused with green tea flavour and topped with mochi balls, azuki and hojicha whip. I loved the hojicha whip!Yuzu Pancake - Pancake topped with crunchy sesame crumbs, yuzu jelly and vanilla softee, with yuzu served by the side.Panna Cotta with fresh mix berries compote!Mother's day is also coming up this Sunday, and they have a promotion which is from 8 to 10 May 2015, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm!Here's how you can participate - Bring your mum to Miam Miam from 8 to 10 May 2015, take a wefie with her, post on Miam Miam's Facebook and enjoy 30% off a High Tea Platter for 2! Starting this Friday, so GO-GO! It's really simple to enjoy a lovely Mother's day with her, so remember to do that!Miam Miam (Bugis Junction Branch)Location: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #02-14 Singapore 188021Tel: +65-6837 0301Website: http://miam.sg/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miam.sg continue reading
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For pictures and fill review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/05/26/miam-miam/Miam Miam, which means “yum yum” in French, marries the ingredients of Japanese cuisine together with French artisanal cooking techniques. Offerings are made from scratch, using only the freshest and most sustainably sourced ingredients. Food and desserts are prepared upon order, hence do set aside a sufficient time to thoroughly enjoy a meal at Miam Miam, as many items require 15-20 minutes wait.The ambiance is casual yet trendy. The back (not pictured) of Bugis Junction outlet looks prettier, decorated with pastel coloured chairs that add a whimsical touch. Service is lovely -staff merrily chirp “Bonjour” and “Merci” when diners arrive and leave. Drizzled in light Caesar dressing, topped with smoked chicken and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, the French Salad ($7.50) was surprisingly appetizing, despite its humble appearance.The signature pasta, Miam Miam Spaghetti ($16.80) twirled its way into my heart. The al dente strands were tossed in a captivating concoction of French butter, secret broth and shoyu, then bumped up with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, eggplant, shimeiji mushrooms and bacon. A single half-boiled egg completes the wholesome dish.If you prefer more oomph, go for the Lobster Bisque Pasta ($20.80), which features a savoury and rich soup base, grilled tiger prawn and parmesan cheese. Every aspect was delightful except for the prawn, which was overcooked, dry and tough.Cheese lovers will adore the Mac and Cheese ($15.80)! Served bubbling, the over-baked fresh pasta shells are coated with a combination of 4 special cheeses and blanketed with crunchy Japanese breadcrumbs.Served piping hot in a casserole, Riz Au Curry ($14.80) is essentially baked rice with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters broccoli, cheese and a wobbly sunshine egg. I find curry too salty and was struggled to finish it. The portion is small for the price tag.This is my first time trying savoury soufflé. Miam Miam’s Souffle De Nuage($17.80) is an interesting dish of ham, chicken and shimeiji mushrooms mixed with tomato sautéed rice topped with clouds of egg and cheese. The soufflé’s texture is amazing- airy and fluffy, but lacked a prominent flavour. Halfway through, my stomach felt queasy (too much air?) and hence I only ate the baked rice, which was lovely.Miam Miam is well-known for thier sweet treats. I highly recommend the French Toast, Soufflé Pancakes and Chocolate Soufflé. Thick cuts of pillowy French Toast ($15.80) are stacked together, doused in maple infused syrup, dusted with icing sugar and crowned with airy whipped cream. It’s very filling and can be a meal on its own. I can see why this is an all-time favourite. Price is steep but I’m willing to ignore that as it’s just soooo good!The Original Soufflé Pancakes ($8.80) put all the regular pancakes that I’ve had in this lifetime to shame. Its soft and fluffy texture is a dream.Soufflés are commonly served in fine dining restaurants but you can enjoy them at Miam Miam without breaking the bank. The utterly divine Valrhona Chocolate ($13.80) has an ethereally soft and airy texture and a oozing chocolate centre. Hands down the best soufflé I’ve tried so farI would’ve liked the Berries Cheese Cake Parfait ($12.80) if there was some gelato layered between the fresh berries, digestive biscuits and cream cheese.On weekdays from 11.30am to 2.30pm, Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction serves complimentary soup of the day with every main course ordered. For an additional $2, you’ll get a coffee or tea.To sum up, I’m pleased with Miam Miam’s quality offerings can see myself revisiting for that much needed mid-week perk me up. continue reading
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Level1 2015-04-01
We went for a Berries Cheesecake Parfait (SGD 11.80) and a Valrhona Chocolate Souffle (SGD 13.80) and received a Matcha pancake for free. To our disappointment, the Parfait was ordinary, Matcha Pancake was plain and taste like a piece of bread, but worse of all the Souffle was unpleasant...it didn't rise that well, very gooey and way too sweet. Overprice, the poor food quality definitely not worth it. They don't know how to make proper dessert. continue reading
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