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Level3 2013-09-14
Headed to Modesto's for dinner, restaurant was relatively empty when we reached about 6.30pm. Ordered the Burratina e prosciutto crudo as starters to share. The thin parma ham slices went very well with the burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes. There was a mixture of salty, slightly sour and sweet taste with all the ingredients, very yummy! The rockets usually have a very strong taste, but it tasted very well with the others, would definitely recommend this dish! We then shared a Capricciosa pizza which was wood fired. I especially like wood fired pizzas as they taste very different. The pizza had a very crunchy crust, much to our delight. The ham tasted juicy, and the there was a good blend with the artichokes and mushrooms. I don't like pizzas with too much tomato sauce, and Modesto's did it just right! Like the food here very much! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-31
First time visiting Modesto in Singapore, been to KL's outlet and wasn't impressed. Prosciutto Crudo Con Melone $21, soft and savory parma ham wrapped with sweet and crunchy rock melon was divine.Costiera $20,Crusty and fluffy pizza base topped with fresh succulent Prawn,squid and crabstick topped with miserably amount of cheese. Although the ratio of the filling to the dough looked unbalance but one small bite on the flavorful filling is enough for a mouthful of crust. In fact the baked dough is also good on it’s own. Gnocchi Con Gorgonzola E Rucola $26, soft starchy traditional italian potato dumpling in smooth and creamy gorgonzola cheese was dulcet and palatable. Linguine Alle Vongole $23, cooked al dente flat pasta tossed in fragrant garlic and dried chili. Fresh and sweet clams soaked up the full bodied flavor of the wine leaving a velvety after taste. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-31
I personally think that if you visit Modesto's and did not order any pizza, then you are seriously missing everything.Their traditional wood-fired pizza is a must try!If you like thin crust pizzas, that it breaks nicely with a “crunch” sound, with ingredients so fresh and generous, then you will love the pizza here. On my second visit, we went for SALMONE AFFUMICATO pizza. The smoked salmon and the cheeze tasted just so good together. Soft and fragrand with the crunch crust. It was just so heavenly. The decor of the place is rustic with brick walls and all. I sat outside and faced the sea. It was very romantic, served with great food and friendly service. This place gets all my thumbs up. ok I have only two thumbs! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-28
Stepping into the dimly lit place, it was quite a cosy space that was surprisingly a warm welcome to many young families. This was perhaps one of the few restaurants at Vivo City that enjoys quite a peaceful view of the harbour and the vibrant lights of the Sentosa Boardwalk opposite. I was expecting quite abit of couples hanging out with the rather romantic setting especially during the Halloween celebrations season but was interrupted by the squeals of young children and dropping of plates and cutlery as the kids played with their own special plastic sets. It was quite an interesting sight, seeing how the restaurant was so family-friendly. We decided to visit Modesto's as I've heard quite a far bit about their wood-fired pizza. But honestly, this was quite a far cry from what I'd expected. An Italian restaurant, I'd presume that their specialty lies in the pastas and pizzas. What we were anticipating turned out to be quite a disappointing dinner though. Spicy Deep Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets (S$16.50)Served piping hot, this helped set pretty high expectations about what was going to come our way. With an evenly spread slight crisp that accompanies every bite, this was quite a satisfying treat. I like the marinade used, that was slightly spiced but not throat-burning spicy. I'm usually a pretty lazy person when it comes to eating wings outside, but this was good enough to make me 'fight' to get the small shreds of flesh out. I'm not too sure if it's worth the price though, as it tasted quite a tad like prawn paste chicken, except this had a tinge of spices added in its marinade. After trying the rest of what we'd ordered though, this became the highlight of my meal at Modesto's.Quattro Stagioni Regular (S$26.50)4 main ingredients of seafood, pork ham, mushroom and black kalamata olives in 4 separate quadrantsThis was quite a disappointment indeed. Ingredients aside, the crust wasn't crisp enough and it was just a dull crack that came out of it. The top layer turned slightly soggy by the time it was served and it didn't have the inherent fragrance that usually came from wood-fired pizzas. It tasted pretty normal, a slightly thicker version of the crust by timbre. I'm a pretty picky eater when it comes to seafood and I didn't like the type of prawns used. Though the servings were rather generous, the processed prawns that gave the fake crunch just didn't have that natural seafood sweetness to lift the flavour of the combination. The rest were just average tasting, and well, I'd say that this didn't live up to the standards of wood-fired pizzas. A pretty decent one that I've tried in Sydney was able to beat this easily, with the added fragrance in its after-taste, and nonetheless, the short-lived crunch to its crust that made it stand out. This just didn't make the cut. Lasagna ($25)Honestly, this wasn't fit to be called a lasagna, much less the audacity to be charged at $25+. It was the first time that I was able to separate out the layers very distinctly and cut it up nicely into cubes. The layers were all too thick and chewy, tasting a little like kueh layers. There was also a severe lack of cheese in it, and insufficient sauce to go with it. It's probably worse than a pre-packaged microwaved version I can get off the shelves of supermarkets. This is a place where I'd probably never head back to for quite a long while. Mediocre food that's very much overpriced, I felt that it was really not worth the stomach space. Probably a place to consider if you're looking for a place with good ambience and scenery, but certainly not worth a special trip down for its food. continue reading
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Level3 2012-10-22
Modesto's, VivoCitySouth, SingaporeJune 2012Merlion Wayfarer tried out the set dinner one fine evening in Modestos. Costing S$70, it comprised of one appetizer, two main courses (choices include pasta and pizza), and one dessert.Fresh bread is served first with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A good way to start the meal...Crema Di Funghi, a "home-made cream of fresh mushroom soup, topped with cream". Sounds absolutely wicked, but tastes thick and mushroomy with hardly any hint of cream. Instead, lots of mushroom bits floating in the thick stew...A toasted and fragrant Regular Pizza Amatriciana - The ingredients may be simple (tomato, cheese, pork bacon, onions), but the result was quite delicious...Linguine Alle Vongole - Nothing "flat" about the spaghetti with fresh clams, dried chilli and garic in extra virgin olive oil and white wine sauce...The original version of Tiramisu Modesto's with mascarpone cheese, espresso, savoiardi fingers and coffee liquer. A romantic way to end the dinner by the sea in a restaurant with dim lighting and professional service staff...The view from inside the restaurant of the harbour outside...The full album is available at: http://merlionwayfarer.blogspot.sg/2012/10/romancing-by-harbour.html continue reading
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