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Backed by a chef with over 20 years of experience running a pho stall in Vietnam, Mrs Pho offers six kinds of pho, along with other authentic Vietnamese dishes. continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-28
Visiting Mrs Pho not the first time, maybe the fourth time. The crowd is still pack, the food still not bad. However the ice coffee is not fill to the top. The menu still hasn't change, no additional picture. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-23
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/09/mrs-pho.htmlThe traditional fare at Mrs Pho may be a little clunky, but had a rustic, homestyled, authenticity to it. And although a squishy tiny place, service is speedy, friendly, and helpful. Our dishes arrived barely 5 minutes after orders were taken, in quick succession.We ate:1) Cha Gio ($3): lovely chunky texture, with wonderfully juicy porky flavours.2) Nem Nuong ($3.50): decent, but failed to leave an impression, in light of the most amazeballs minced patties in Hanoi just earlier this year.3) Pho Ga ($7.90): delicate enough, but missing in richness of depth. A tip is to ask for extra lashings of basil and mint, essential in making it all come alive.4) Bun Bo Hue ($7.90): a hot and spicy beef noodle soup laden with stewed beef that was so-so, and a fantastic Vietnamese ham5) Bun Bo Xao Sa ($7.90) - chilled rice noodles tossed in a peanut-onion dressing, and topped with beef slices stir-fried with lemongrass: must-try and the best thing here, with its clean and clear and crisp flavours continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-04
Those people who live nearby Bugis is Good because this is the best Vietnamese food in town. Good price and yummy food. Spring Rolls are all highly recommended. I liked their traditional food with good ambience.Kindly take note that it's chilli is very spicy sauce, which can make you cry. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-28
Visit Www.umakemehungry.com for more reviewsThe search of a bowl of good Pho still hangs around in my head and thus we head down to the reputable Mrs Pho in Beach Road which was being raved sometimes back on the media. Located along the main road, the facade of Mrs Pho look nothing spectacular and why would they be the talk of the crowd? I was pretty amazed by the bustling place when i came close to its door as majority of the neighbouring eating places still have more than half the shop space unoccupied, unlike Mrs Pho, we have to side on the tiny table outside her shop screening through the piece of menu while we wait for the turnover.It felt as if I went through a magic door when I pushed opened into Mrs Pho. Rustic interior with both cement screed flooring as well as walls with intended grafitti and hanging wires, the feelings were something which I can never imagine I was in Singapore.There were narrow aisles from tables to tables and assistant were well trained to serve their hot bowls of noodles in a careful manner not to topple over.Another part that enlighten me was the used of Mandarin and English in their Vietnamese Accents. Their work efficiency was great and once every few minutes I heard they would check on customers if they had taken their order. Not only that, they were quick in clearing the tables knowing that we have other dishes coming.Even the old school style iron grill gates were filled of some old school stuff.Do not worry about the authenticity as sauces like these were from Vietnamese besides being served by them.While most of the Vietnamese eateries provide a wedge / slice if lime, diners are free to grab theirs free flow on the table, likewise for any sauce and utensils.The Fresh Prawn and Pork Spring Roll or usually the Summer Roll is my all time favourite in Viet Cuisine. Fresh ingredients were all wrapped securely in a most and chewy rice paper and into a roll.Peanut sauce is superb and I have to emphasize this dish is definitely recommended despite thats its already mentioned as one of Mrs Pho Favourites.Not to less out the Mamma's Secret Recipe, these pork meat balls were the recommendation by Mrs Pho too. The marinate taste had seeped in pretty well into the meat, allowing a favourable taste with crunchy peanuts as its toppings.Fish Sauce and fried chicken wings? That seems a good idea! Came in a pair, both drumlets and wings, the taste was coated with a layer of sweet fish sauce, addictive with its crumbly golden brown outer layer. A satisfied portion though we only get one each.Avocado Smoothie was creamy and tasty. Must Try! Not only that, if you are game for some Viet Coffee, do try them now. It come with or without condensed milk, at your choice.The default dish is always their Beef Brisket Pho for me. Soup was reasonably flavoured with hints of herbs as well as beef flavours. The kind of soup base with pho (we called it Kway Teow Kia) was simply addictive. Having tried many Pho in Singapore, I would position them as another Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant to revisit.Looking around me, there were also tables of Vietnamese patrons who were there enjoying bowls of Pho.Special beef combination consist of meat balls and slices of beef brisket besides the sliced beef. Onions, spring onions and basil leaves were part of it.Additional bowl of soup was included in the combination noodle soup too and it contained raw egg.The temperature of every bowl of noodle was warm enough to enable a half boiled egg.Slices of beef brisket were tender and soft on our teeth. What I like best was the beef balls that have a "Q" texture and tasted as though it was hand made. You will definitely like it if such style floats your boat.Overall, I'm quite contented to have another Viet option here in Singapore. The price is reasonable I would say and food were delicious. If you like Vietnamese Cuisine, Mrs Pho is not to be missed. For those who will be heading down, do note that only cash is accepted during payment. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-06
The agenda that night was simple: a date with myself, and pho. Oh, my favourite kind of night. I has my eyes set on Mrs Pho,.. and then I went headlong into Vietnamese food paradise. I rarely feel this amount of ecstasy when I eat - I must have looked slightly deranged smiling to myself while slurping down this bowl of pho. Moving on: Mrs Pho is set on Beach Road. Quite, quite a walk from Bugis MRT station. I was honestly about to give up and sneak into one of the cafés along the way. But I am so glad I didn't because otherwise I wouldn't have found this gem of a place which looked really hipster in the industrial way... Mrs Pho is actually very similar to many modern pho places in Ho Chi Minh (yes, yes I'm working on those posts / soon /).Fuzzy pictures for all the fuzzy feels I have for this bowl of Pho Bo Tai (SGD7.90). I mean, look at that silky smooth pho noodles and the best part? The soup was properly rich with its sweet meaty goodness, yet clear and so aromatic. Honestly, the taste alone brings me back to the ranks of Melbourne's bests. The beef wasn't as good though. It wasn't tough but it wasn't satisfying tender either. I guess the source of the beef matters a lot as compared to the abundance of good beef meat available in Australia. Still... I think it's really way better as compared to a certain popular pho-chain restaurant (here is the link of my one and only visit in 2013 which made me swear off Vietnamese cuisine for two entire years). I also ordered some Cha Gio (SGD3) - fried spring rolls at a dollar per pop - at first I thought it might be too expensive but I changed my mind after I tasted it. It is wonderfully tasty and legit - I might go far enough to say it tasted very similar than the ones in Ho Chi Minh. This is a compliment.I left feeling really fuzzily warm and happy, I even left a tip for them - not my usual practice but hey, this is a rare occasion. The whole place was actually very packed, there was even a (short) queue outside - it's not hard to understand why. So I'm saying it again - 100% will recommend and 100% will come back again when that pho craving hits. Ngon on, Mrs Pho. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)