An American burrito bar, Muchachos stands out with their extra-large burritos which measure up to a good 8 inches. Customers get to choose from 5 different meat fillings and add trimmings of greens and salsas. continue reading
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Today we had lunch at a funky Mexican / Latin-American resturant named Muchacos, with its colorful exterior and graffiti-artistic interior.The 2nd level was very funky in its street decor, easily making one feel like they were in Mexico itself. Service was all right; I just didn't like how they yelled your orders from below when it was ready, and then we'd run down to collect our food.The Carne Asada Salad (SGD$13.50, add SGD$2.00 for extra guacamole). It comprised of grilled beef, tomatoes, cabbage etc, and was gigantic in portion. The beef was succulent and was well-complemented by the crisp, fresh goodness of the vegetables.I had the Super Nachos (SGD$13.50) - a bed of tortilla chips with ground beef, melted cheese, beans and guacamole. Unfortunately the tortilla chips were not crispy- even those untouched by the ground beef and sauce. The sauce and ground beef were average, nothing that would leave a deep impression.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/03/lunch-at-muchacos-mexican-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-25
If you are looking for something a little different from the typical Asian and Western food which is available, you can pop by Muchachos, a burrito bar which serves up casual simple Mexican wraps which are so big it call fill you up.Once you step into this little cozy hidden gem, you will be greeted by a black white and grey palate of colors and a lovely cable lights which hang from the ceilings.The menu is simple with different flavored Quesadilla, Burrito and Burrito Bowls. Don’t be surprise that a burrito will cause you at least SGD 12.45, because the portions here are so huge! One burrito was enough for both me and Mr Heng, as we later found out after we ordered.There is just a single counter top within the establish which has various toppings which you can choose to add into your burrito! I had every single item added onto my burrito, and even had a serving of guacamole. What is Mexican food without a bit of Guacamole?You can see from my hands how big the burrito is! I cant even circle it with one hand!Sorry I had to show you these half eaten pictures but we couldn’t find a knife to properly slice it.You can see how much ingredients have been packed into it and served up to us to ensure that no hungry customers walk out. I couldn’t even finish mine and had to pack it home!Tip to the ladies: Try sharing one with your girlfriends first!If you are looking for a day to wind down and chill out with your friends, you might want to consider knocking back a bottle of beer with their Wing Wednesday promotion where you can get 50 cents buffalo wings, with a minimum order of 6!***VERDICTWell worth a visit for their delicious burrito wraps, I cant think of another place which serve up something similar. Generous portions and a cosy environment located near Outram park MRT station, I cant think of a reason why you shouldn’t be popping over! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-30
Newfangled dining experiences seem to be all the rage lately and Keong Saik Road is just one of the few hotspots in town where you can see these changes in our local dining scene.Muchachos would be one such example - taking one of the most down-to-earth of Mexican dishes, making it fully customizable and setting it in a bar concept no less.And personally, the first impression wowed. I liked the chic minimalist design, bar counter seating and the interior decor that culminates in a dazzling array of bare naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.Build-your-own BurritosThe trip down the rabbit hole continued with the very flexible customization options available for you to get your very own burrito fix. 1. Pick a size (12" or 10")2. Then choose your choice of carbs, proteins, fats and salsas in the order. You might just get reminded of a Subway sub-building as you pick and mix your way down the end of the line.My very own Carbi-vorous (Carbs + Carnivorous) burrito -- $13The pick of ingredients: Mixed carbs of Texas long-grained rice and mashed Pinto beans fried in bacon fat + Carnitas (pork butt cooked in its own lard). No veggies anywhere!Verdict: Maybe it came down to my choice of ingredients, but I wasn't so much blown away by the burrito as I was with the whole decor and DIY experience. The flour tortilla was tender but went cold pretty fast in the chill of the aircon. And inside, the ingredients were good, just missing that wow factor. Working my way through a 12" serving was a long slog for my taste buds. But I do want to highlight the pork butt though - exquisitely prepared, the flavours came through nicely when I had a big enough mouthful of pork.$13 for a plate akin to a Mexican popiah is just not something that I would do again in a hurry? But it's just another dining experience down in the books that I do not regret. continue reading
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When was the last time you actually had a good Burrito? If you are like me and you rarely step foot out of Singapore, chances are you had not had one in a very long time or you had not even tried one before. Do you even know that there are different style of Burritos?Muchachos is one of the newest places that had recently opened up in the up and coming Keong Saik Road, where many other cafes and bars are also sprouting up. This place serves Mission-style Burritos, which should not be misidentified as a Mexican delicacy. Mission-style Burritos originates from San Francisco in North America in the Mission district, and unique points on the Mission-style Burrito are the large sizes and the inclusion of rice. Here, Burritos are made-to-order and can be customised to your own specifications.I am pretty sure I could not finish one whole Burrito alone, so I decided to go for the Burritino ($9) which is the smaller of the two. For Carbs, I went with rice, which seemed to be of a different grain from what we asians are used to, but seemed to match up in terms of flavour and texture with the Burrito as it does not become sticky easily. I have decided to go with the Pollo Asado as the Carb, which is grilled chicken thigh, which came in chunks and had a smoky flavour and tender. I decided to go for both Cheese (additional cost of $1) and Sour Cream for the fats, and while the cheese is an additional item at an extra cost, I find it an absolute-must to add it. It just added another dimension of flavour to the sour cream being melted on the skin, which provided a fuller flavour to the Burrito. The salsa was essential so as to make the Burrito less sickening in taste, as it is full of savoury items that seemed extremely sinful. The salsa helped to make the Burrito refreshing with juicy and fresh vegetables.For the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/muchachos-keong-saik-road/ continue reading
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