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Muchos offers you a taste of Mexican exotic flavours with over 40 mouth-watering selection of snacks, starters, soups, salads and main courses. Tuck into our authentic and scrumptious Quesadillas, Enchiladas which are Mexican’s typical savoury starters and snacks before the main meal. continue reading
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Beef Burito Enchiladas
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Level3 2012-06-14
We ended up at Mucho's at Clarke Quay for lunch. It wouldn't have been my first choice as it looks a bit too tacky to have yummy Mexican food, and I was right.We got the $15 lunch set which came with a salad, main, drink, and ice cream for dessert. I had the chicken fajitas. The chicken came on a sizzling plate which a good amount of veggies. The tortillas were definitely flour-based (not corn) and flavorless. Similarly, the salsa and guacamole were pretty bland. It wasn't bad, but was far from being great. In my opinion, Cafe Iguana is the better Mexican restaurant at Clarke Quay. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-05
I had a great first experience at Muchos and hence, brought a group of my friends to Muchos a second time.As there were a handful of us, we ordered quite a lot of dishes.The first time I was there, I had ordered the Chicken Fajitas which was really good.This time around, we ordered the Prawn Fajitas, Tortilla and Dips and Tacos.The Prawn Fajitas were really good and they were generous with the serving of prawns as well. We wrapped the prawns inside the tortilla and added the guacamole, salsa and sour cream to it and it was definitely a great combination.However, the tacos were a huge disappointment!The tacos were very hard and tasted stale and the cheese hardened really fast that it became very plastic-y. We couldn't even finish it despite trying our hardest to!As it was happy hour period, my friends and I ordered Margaritas as well. The Margaritas were very normal and definitely not worth a try.I suggest trying the Fajitas if you do drop by Muchos as they are really good. However, do give the tacos a miss as it was really disappointing unless you don't mind hardened cheese and tasteless, stale tacos! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-03-16
Food -We had a beef burrito and a grilled vegetable burrito. They are NOT authentic Mexican at all! The ones here are wrapped into a fat parcel with only a small little piece of melted cheese on top and a slop of sour cream. We ordered extra cheese for $2.20++ each and thought they would drench each burrito with cheese but a 20 cent piece of cheese was added instead! What a rip-off! The menu showed much more cheese!The taste of the rice, mashed up refried beans and other stuff in the burritos were very tasty. Lots of pepper and seasoning. Did not taste Mexican at all.There's a dollop of guacamole on the place with a few green leaves. The greens had a fruity sauce which was nice.We also had a steak which was served with chips and greens and was cooked nicely. The meat was thick cut and juicy. The servings here are very small. Not authentic tasting at all.We had Fajitas which seemed the most popular menu item. There was enough stuffings and wrappers. The meat was tasty and ressings were once again in tiny portions.Had a mojito and a Corona - nothing to talk about.Had a Cardinal Punch - a mocktail which was so sweet we had to dilute it with water ourselves.Had nachos which was loaded with fried tortillas and stuff but nothign authentic or great in taste. Super miserly on cheese and guacamole.Service -Crap. No refills of water. Only for alcoholic drinks will they keep perstering you to reorder. The staff did not seem to understand English at times! It;s next to Hooters and Hooters makes a lot of rowdy noises - like Geylang Lorong something"...Value -bad. Over-priced for below average servings and quality. Not recommended. continue reading
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