<BR><BR>Vanilla Bar & Cafe is a cosy cafe with elements of Japanese design. Japanese comfort food, coffee and breakfast are served all day; and the cafe is transformed into a cocktail bar by night. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Green Curry Vongole Linguine with Shimeiji Mushrooms Mini Pancake
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Level4 2014-10-21
For the original review, please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/05/sg-vanilla-bar-cafe-satisfying-mains.htmlA cosy dining space with the minimalist approach, it was packed by the time we arrived at about 7pm, left with only the door seat that was pretty cramped.Nonetheless, service was prompt and we didn't have to wait long for our dishes to arrive.Pulled Pork Sandwich ($11.90)A classic done well, the sandwich was toasted perfectly with tender pork shreds tossed in BBQ sauce. We'd enjoyed the savouriness of the dish, and this was simple, comfort food.Aburi Boston Lobster Linguine ($23.90)Wow-ed by its presentation as we weren't quite expecting a half-sized lobster with shell, the crustacean came fresh, topped with mentaiko sauce. What could be improved would be the linguine though, as it was pretty bland and dry.Ribeye Steak with Shiraz Reduction ($18.90)I'm usually skeptical about steaks, especially when this paled in comparison when the Boston Lobster was first served. Slicing it up changed my impression though, with medium done-ness despite it being pretty thin. What managed to impress was the accompanying Shiraz reduction, that came with a slight tang and right salinity to complement the steak perfectly.Spam Fries ($10.90)A tad too thick, this seemed more like the home-made luncheon meat cut into strips then pan-fried instead of the thinly sliced fries we were expecting. And certainly overpriced for such a dish!Mentaiko Baked Crab ($10.90)I'm a fan of mentaiko and this could do with a more generous serving of that. It had too much of a 'fishy' taste to it, putting us off at the first mouthful.Durian Creme Brûlée ($8.80)With such a small plate it was placed in, torching it meant warming the entire dish and I wasn't exactly a fan of warm creme brûlées. Durian taste in it was just nice though, not too overwhelming for a dessert, though its portion didn't quite justify for its price.Word of caution, don't try their milkshakes as it's absolutely sugar-loaded and the strawberry milkshake simply reminded us of meiji strawberry.Hits and misses, it's quite a good spot for some casual chat over dinner and convenient enough to hop off somewhere else for drinks. continue reading
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I went Vanilla Bar & Café mainly for their desserts and of course their signature dessert, Vanilla Dirt Cake - $9.50. Frozen vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs on top with two gummy worms. A tad disappointment in their desserts as I expected better taste for the price I pay.Plus points for the café is the lovely and warm interior and friendly staff.They served all day breakfast as well, worth a try.Check out my the full review on my blog: http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2014/01/vanilla-bar-cafe.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-04-20
Tucked away in a quaint shophouse along CBD area, Vanilla Bar & Cafe caught my attention because of its beautiful interior decor and famous Vanilla Dirt Cake. As the name goes, the shop is furnished in a pretty, uncluttered style full of whiteness and resplendent of Zen-style serenity. The most distinctive point was the sweet vanilla scent that fills the cafe the moment one steps in - this scent immediately brings to mind delicious thoughts and the jazz music transforms one into another time. Catering to professionals as well as cafe hoppers, Vanilla Bar & Cafe serves as a spot for brunch and coffee in the daytime, and a dinner + drinks respite in the evenings.The Beau and I ordered an assortment of items from the usual menu and the special menu. The first item, for sharing, was the Boston Lobster Bisque topped with ebikko (SGD$10.90). While not exceedingly thick or creamy, this soup was strongly infused with the sapid sweetness of lobster, and there was a tinge of spiciness so we did not need to add pepper on our own. There were chunks of lobster swimming around in the soup - fresh, tender pieces of lobster so what more could we ask for?The Green Curry Pasta with Chicken and Mushroom (SGD$17.90) was from the special menu. It looked plain but trust me, the first bite made it impossible to stop till the plate was empty. The gravy was green curry literally - very tasty with hints of spiciness, and the pasta was so smooth one could slurp it in literally. The mushroom slices were juicy and added a distinctive flavor, as well as the tender chicken slices which added texture to the pasta dish.Time for desserts! We finally got to try the Vanilla Dirt Cake (SGD$9.50) - a beautiful dessert served in a tiny flower pot which I couldnt believe was edible at first. It was smaller than I had anticipated since this item always appear rather huge in photos on blogs or social media platforms. The pot and flower were not edible, so we dug into the "soil" portion of this dessert - an entire layer of Oreo crumbs that went very well with the thick, rich vanilla ice-cream that formed the base. The vanilla ice-cream was amazing as it did not melt easily, so even as we slowly savoured the dessert, the sweet, aromatic ice-cream was still rather solid.For more detailed information and photos, please check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/dinner-at-vanilla-bar-cafe.html continue reading
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I’ve ordered their Red wine Risotto with Parmesan, arugula and pork tenderloin ($16.90) Their serving is considerably generous for that price! This risotto is rather different from what i have before. Usually risotto are more creamy, saucey and you dont see such defined grains. But for this risotto, is drier and not as creamy, the grains are rather well defined. However, the flavour of the risotto is really good! As risotto is usually cooked with the broth over slow fire for some time where the rice will absorb all the broth so when you taste it, its usually flavourful, basically absorbing all the essence of the dish. Likewise this red wine risotto is awesome as you can really taste the red wine, but personally i will adore it even more if it has been more saucey and creamy. Besides the flavour, you could taste the strips of pork tenderloin too although its not hard, but i think it will be better if thigh meat were used! Of course at Vanilla Cafe & Bar we ought to try their signature vanilla dirt cake ($8.90)! It really finger licking gooood! It served in a cute lil flowering pot and decorated with stalks of flowers and 2 gummy worms. The top layer is like oreo crunch and bottom is frozen vanilla ice cream with oreo crunch in between too. The taste of and vanilla ice cream is kind of creamy actually and at times thought it’s like a combination of vanilla mousse and ice cream. The taste, the texture is all just right! continue reading
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I would recommend this for it's cosy ambiance and great place to chill. They have main courses as well but our visit was to mainly check out their desserts. Prices may be steeper here if you're comparing to other dessert cafes such as Wimbly Lu. Have been wanting to check out Vanilla Bar & Cafe for their highly raved Vanilla Dirt Cake which is served in a unique way, in a Flower Pot. We ordered the Vanilla Dirt Cake ($9.50) and being a Molten Chocolate Cake fanatic, it's a must try for me if it's ever on the menu and so we ordered! ($11.50).The Vanilla Dirt Cake was such as innovative dessert that it's serve to you in a Flower Pot with 'dirt' on top which is actually Oreo Crumbs w layer of frozen vanilla ice cream & 2 jelly worms! Overall, it tasted average and similar to Mcflurry but I would prefer Macs. Unfortunately, the Molten Chocolate Cake was a major disappointment. It was completely baked inside thus there wasn't any chocolate flow. My expectation was high as the price is quite similar to Chili's and Chili's has one of the best Molten chocolate cake in Singapore. I've heard that their mains/ all-day breakfast were scrumptious, desserts maybe not for me over here. Overall, nice place to chill w free Wi-Fi (:Blogged more at http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2013/10/vanilla-bar-cafe-singapore.html continue reading
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