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Nando's is a casual dining place that originated from the Mozambiquan-Portuguese community and the interior reflects the theme. Nando's is famous for their flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, an Afro-Portuguese chicken. It is available in 4 levels of spiciness, from lemon & herb to extra hot. continue reading
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Peri-Peri Chicken
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Level4 2016-11-23
The chicken meat was beautifully grilled where the outer skin had a nice charred taste and the meat inside was still moist and tasty. Depending on your order, they will have a special sauce glaze over their meat. With my colleague, we both ordered a whole chicken and 4 sides:3 Beans Salad - tangy dressing over 3 types of beans, the red kidney beans, chickpeas and yellow beans. I also like the slices of onions and capsicum thrown in. Coleslaw - rich and creamy and slightly tangy, the vegetables used were also fresh. Grilled Vegetables - sliced vegetables that had that nicely grilled taste. A great side dish that is light and tasty.Potato Wedges - nicely fried. 😭Service, while friendly, is a tad slow. The food also takes a while to arrive so may not good to eat here if you're in a rush. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I told my friend that one of the signature dishes in this Portuguese Restaurant was the now famous flame-grilled Peri-Peri Chicken while we were queuing to wait for our table during lunch time. The waitress took so long to come in taking our order after letting us to sit down for looking at their menu.This would be the worst service after visiting this place with my friend for lunch during a weekday because we had been waiting for our meal to be served and the place wasn't much crowded. Although I have not been to Nando's, I must admit that it's food gets better because I saw their menu has complete set as compared to Malaysia branch.The main course was the Peri-peri chicken with side dish. The 1/4 chicken was done well, tender and has a good level of moisture (nice and juicy) because all Nando's chicken are marinated for 24 hours in their secret sauce until that flavour goes right through to the bone.We also tried the Hummus with Roasted Pita Bread. It has a slight sour after finishing to the traditional dish. The pita was also quite fluffy, which is a refreshing change.Conclusion: Dining with quality food after working hours as dinner in relaxed environment. Remember to try the Peri Peri sauces packed by the bottles as shown in above photograph because I love them so much. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-31
Nando's have been around for several years, and has the standard drop? Are they rebranding their menu? Well, instead of choosing their usual signature chicken, i've decided to try their pita instead.The pita with chicken chunk set costs $9.90 and comes with 1 side of my choice. I chose coleslaw and they were really generous with the salad portion. I love the slightly burnt taste of the pita... but it was quite hard. They were quite stingy with their chicken chunks. anyway, the service was horrifying because i asked the waiter about a particular menu item and what was it and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. i thought he might at least ask other crew what the food item was about, but no, he just decided to avoid and walk away. I don't think I'll be visiting the store ever again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
I had the quarter chicken, mild, and i specially requested for thigh meat, which will not be too dry after grilling. I chose the three bean salad and potato salad for the 2 sides. I was told that i could actually choose from the premium sides, which i was not aware of through all my trips to nando. The three bean salad was, just beans, as expected, and pretty bland. I think both the side dishes would go perfectly well with the hot sauce, to neutralize the spiciness. The sauce can be requested. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-22
This is my first time at Nando's! I really like the ambience and design of the restaurant! Hahah it's very unique and nice. Anyway me and my 2 other friends ordered a full platter to share! It comes with a whole chicken and either 2 large sides or 4 regular sides. Since the 3 of us were first time here, we decided to take 4 regular sides to try out! the 4 sides we chose were the Mediterranean rice, garlic breads, fries and coleslaw. As for the chicken, we can also choose the level of spicinesss we want (haha they called it the peri-ometer! how cute!) and we chose the second level which is mild The first level is non-spicy where the chicken will be marinated using lemon and herbs while the third and forth level are hot and extra hot respectively! i think this is very good as not all people can take spicy food very well and so we can actually customised our level of spiciness according to our preference For our chicken, I felt that mild was really nothing as i couldn't really taste the spiciness in the chicken! Haha to me it tastes like non spicy one! So average people like me (average in taking spicy food) might want to consider the next hot level to get the kick! haha. on the side note, the chicken was really well marinated and i like how it taste! I also think that the chicken they used was really tender as normally i do not like the chicken breast meat part but surprisingly, the chicken breast meat here was quite soft and fragrant unlike some places which serve very dry chicken breast meat! Anyway their side dishes were good too! The Mediterranean rice was quite special and the garlic breads were not too bad I went during lunch hour and it was not very crowded! the restaurant is quite spacious too! Overall we spent around $50 for this meal which I felt quite worthwhile as we were quite full after finishing the meal continue reading
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