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I have visited Naomi Kitchen several times after my first pleasant experience and each time I re-visit Naomi Kitchen, my experience here is raised to a new level!! I loved seeing all these cute little swiss rolls, minions and hello kitty and even iron man cupcakes! The minion rolls were seen here months before the movie was out!1. Minion Swiss Roll $4The minion roll was mango flavoured rather than banana flavour as expected, since Minions love bananas. But I am glad it was mango flavoured, as their mango swiss rolls are one of their best flavours. The mango cream was very fragrant and it was smooth and fresh. Inside the cream, you find huge cubes of mango fruit. All the creamy goodness might be too much for one person to eat, so do share it!2. Tuna Mayo Savoury Waffle $6.50On top of cakes, swiss rolls, they also sell mains like this tuna mayo waffle. At just $6.50 with a fresh salad, you can choose to add $2 for a tea/coffee/canned drink and a swiss roll or $3 for a soup and a drink. Reasonably priced lunch sets for the neighbourhood that will surely enjoy the ambience in this little cosy cafe.The tuna mayo was good, and the waffle was very crispy. The staff actually came to apologise to us wondering if she had overcooked the waffle, but I told her that it was perfect. My friend and I ordered the same waffle and we liked the texture of it. The salad and the dressing was a good compliment to the savoury waffle. I devoured the salad before I had even finished the waffle! The salad tasted fresh and I enjoyed it!Definitely coming back to try more of their savoury waffle options!3. Teh-C $1.20The best part about this cafe, unlike most "hipster" cafe, this is more focused on young families, it is afterall facing a neighbourhood playground, right next to an elder care and childcare centre. Hence, they sell waffles and ice cream which the new young generation loves and also traditional tea and coffee. I love not paying $4 for a cup of tea, with sufficient milk in it!4. Various swiss rolls $1.20-$1.40I believe I have tried every one of their swiss rolls. This is their dried longan and walnut swiss roll, they are very generous with the walnuts and the longans are sweet.You can also buy an entire swiss roll for $5.50 for the $1.20 swiss roll range, and you can cut them up to about 6-7 reasonable slices. Great for breakfast tomorrow morning or for an afternoon snack. I love their mango roll as there is a cube of mango in every slice!My next favourite swiss roll is their matcha roll which has matcha flavoured sponge cake and in the cream, there is red beans. I cannot get enough of the variety of swiss rolls that they offer at an affordable price!Their black forrest swiss roll was nice too, with a blackcurrant in the center.Their durian swiss roll is highly recommended for all durian lovers. The fragrant of this cake is overpowering and there is real durian fruit in the roll. Do note, that should you order several slices of swiss rolls, ask the staff to pack the durian roll seperately, otherwise, all the other rolls will smell of durian. NO JOKE! continue reading
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