New Ubin Seafood is a Singapore family run eatery offering fresh seafood and top quality meats, served in a unique array of CzeChar, Chinese, Southern Indian and other Asian/Western cooking styles. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-23
Tips: Best to order a beer to go with the seafoods. To call to make reservation as it is quite fully book. Boss of new ubin seafood is very friendly just call n book the dinning area- outdoor or indoor(air-con room), provided indoor is not fully book.Chilli Crab- A disappointment with the chili crab as the gravy is too starchy. Had feedback to the boss.White Pepper Crab- A must to order, the crabs are very fresh n it blends very well with white pepper.Hokkien Mee- A must to order the gravy is so delicious n it blends well with the noodles.It comes with fried pork skin(It is ok to eat unhealthy sometime).Fried chili Egg Plant- Melt in the mouth Salted Egg Squid- Very generous with the salted egg. Teochew Oh Ni- Not sweet a must to order. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-18
A church friend recommended this place for our dinner to round off a wonderful weekend serving at church. We reserved a large table for the 11 of us and proceeded to order: 1) Pork Satay $21.60 - this is surprising good. Meat is tender and the little fatty bits makes the whole mouth experience so much more explosively wonderful. Hee... 2) Kung-bao Chicken $14 - a little like black pepper taste. But all good. 3) Garlic Naibai $12 - Generous with tgeir garlic and it's good tasting. 4) Salted Egg Squid $18 - the salted egg coating is solid! If they have deep-fried their squid first, i think it'll be even more awesome! 5) Fried Hokkien Mee $24 - they use seafood to stew their noodles in and that made their noodle very savory sweet! Love this!! Easily the STAR of the meal!!6) Rib Eye Beef $56 - what is a Chinese seafood restaurant serving a western dish I have no idea but who cares? They did this medium-done version of beef fillet very very well. This is served with a side of wedges. 7) 'Heart-attack' Fried Rice - This dark sauced fried rice is salty and super delicious! How can it not be awesome when they use the fats of the beef to flavor the rice?!?! 8) Hotplate Tofu $15 - this is normal nice. Not bad. The price is super reasonable and food tasty. Definitely bringing my family here again. continue reading
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Level2 2012-07-22
:bow:bowl:l:Wow! First time trying out this new restaurant. The place was rather remote but nonetheless there was a huge crowd! I waited for almost an hour before they had an empty table for 5! The environment was very lively and the place was very uniquely designed with chalkboards with the menus written all over them! Now for the food.....!I ordered the beef fried rice which came with the beef, potato wedges and of course the beef fried rice! Very well worth the money for this dish! Next, we also ordered the crab! Whats a seafood meal without crab?! So, as they were have a buy 2 get 3rd free offer, we ordered 2 salted egg crabs and 1 chilli crab! But sad to say i have tasted better crabs....Oh and not to forget the Hokkien Mee was damn lip-smacking good! Just the right amount of gravy with the right taste! ) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)