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Level4 2014-11-28
My parents wanted to give me my birthday treat in advanced for me as they would be away in Indonesia for their holidays during my birthday. Hubby suggested going to New Ubin Seafood as he had tried their steak before and he said all the food was great.Hubby made a reservation at 11.30am for 4pax (my brother was in Korea so he couldn't join us) and we reached there slightly earlier when there was no crowd yet. We were given a seat just in front of the water feature on the left.Menu We all ordered lime juices as it was complimentary. Water feature behine us. Fried Mee Special ($12/ S)We could find many sea of goodness here such as baby squids, clams in a thick gravy and topped with lots of lard. We all loved it very much. US Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($12 per 100g/ min 500g), served with caramelized onions, idaho potato wedges on a wooden platter. Condiments include sea salts, ketchup and wasabi sauce. Most people visit this restaurant for the steak. This is a must-order!We had our steak "Medium Well" and it was so flavoursome and juicy! You could feel my happiness as I chewed each cube of steak in my mouth. A plate of fried rice will also be served to you if you ordered the ribeye steak. It was actually fried with the fats from the beef! You can eat this on its own. My dad doesn't take beef, so we ordered Signature Meat Platter for him to share with mum. It consists of Kurobuta Ribs, Chicken Satays and Smoked Duck Breast. ($50/platter) Hong Kong Kailan Special - prepared in two styles. ($12/ S) Overall, it was a great meal! I am missing the steak, the pork ribs and the hokkien mee now. Hope to visit it again to also try their soft boiled egg with foie gras.New Ubin Seafood continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-23
It's the second time I ordered takeaway from this eatery after collecting my car from a workshop at the neighbouring block. The first time I ordered BBQ back ribs which took more than 20mins of waiting although iwas early and only 2 tables were filled. Tasted only average.This time i went after 8.30pm and tables were 80% occupied so i was cautious to find out the waiting time before placing orders to avoid waiting too long and end up having supper. Only ordered Boss Bee Hoon $9 and salted egg squid $12 when told waiting time may take 0.5hr and had to forego the steam sharktail.Surprisingly, the food was ready in abt 10mins. The Boss Beehoon was full of 'wok hei' and tasted splendid after i reached home 15mins later. But salted egg squid was rubbery.Agree that service is decent only so not sure if i want to dine in and spend time waiting for the food. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-13
You know the food is good when despite having an inaccessible location, the place is still full house on a weekday night. One can only imagine how busy it must be on the weekends! Needless to say, reservations are highly recommended regardless of the day. You do not want to travel all the way to Sin Ming Industrial Estate and be turned away because there are no more tables left.The whole family came here 2 weeks ago for my birthday and boy were we in for a real treat because they were having a promotion for the crabs and selling them for 'Buy 2 get 1 free'! 1 crab was about $36 so we had 3 crabs for $72. You do the math. So affordable! We dove straight into it and ordered the crabs in three different ways- Salted Egg, Black Pepper & Butter Cream Sauce.This US Certified Black Angus Ribeye Steak $10/100gm is one reason why customers keep coming back. Seen on almost every table, I dare say that most actually come here for the steak and it is easy to see why. Great quality with an affordable price tag- New Ubin Seafood gives fancy steak restaurants a run for their money. We ordered ours done 'Medium' and it was grilled to the right shade of pink, still moist and extremely flavorful. Served also with a side of potato wedges and caramelized onions, this steak is definitely made for sharing.Also complimentary when you order the Ribeye Steak, is this plate of Fried Rice cooked in beef fat and french butter. So scrumptious and possibly the best fried rice I have had. Word has it that customers have enjoyed it so much that they have requested to order it on its own BUT the owners will not allow it.Har Cheong Kai $10/$15/$18 is another must order. Deep-fried to a golden brown hue, the prawn paste batter was superbly done and accompanied with a tempting aroma. We were all bowled over with the first bite!Warning: Do not come here expecting fantastic service. The staff are very busy and service is brisk. Once you get hold of a server, order straightaway. Spend another few minutes hesitating and goodness knows when will be the next time you can catch the attention of another server to take your order!But with that said, I will come back again in a heartbeat!For full review and more photos, please visit http://gninethree.com/2013/07/31/new-ubin-seafood-27-sin-ming-road continue reading
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Level1 2013-08-11
So New Ubin Seafood is your average zi char place with cheap crabs to offer. Their standard of food is decent, not great, but decent, especially with the price you pay. I had to repeat decent twice (now thrice!) for emphasis. And decent does NOT mean not nice. It's pretty close to average but I would say slightly above average. For the price you pay at New Ubin Seafood, it's really a great place to visit. Also, the place was full on a weekday so please make sure you make reservations before going! We had a Thai visitor so we ordered some of Singapore's classic dishes. Fried rice & Fried baby squid are both nice. Cereal prawns is the best dish in my opinion. Sambal stingray was overcooked and rubbery, yet it was quite expensive - about $14 for a small piece. I think it's frozen seafood too. Crabs are of course the supposed highlight of this place because they always have amazing promotions for their crabs. Ours was buy 1 big (sri lankan, I think) crab and get 2 flower crabs for free. Remember to call and check their crab promotions before heading down as it changes from time to time. We had our crabs cooked in chili, black pepper and salted egg yolk. Out of the lot, salted egg yolk was disappointing as I felt that the flavour wasn't strong enough and it was too dry. Would have preferred it to be slightly wetter to maximise the flavour of the unique salted eggyolk. For full review and more photos, please visit http://angelinenie.blogspot.sg/2013/08/new-ubin-seafood.html continue reading
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Read more food reviews at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comThis place is packed! Reservations are a must, and if you want the limited indoor air-conditioning rooms, you need to make your bookings at least 2 weeks in advance. I think the major issue with service here is the lack of training of the wait staff. They could not have been any "blurrer". Simple, straightforward instructions that seemed easy enough to understood were, in fact, not comprehended and/or implemented. Our crab turned out female despite our order of its male counterpart, and they added coriander to a dish when we could not have been more emphatic about not having any in any of our dishes. And the wait staff moved like geriatrics on pension. Even the young-ish ones were noticeably sluggish. Food-wise, the western stuff are really good and worth a return trip and the bumbling service. Seafood is really just so-so, and not quite worth the calories or average cze-char pricing. Don't let the wait staff "cajole" you into ordering the prawns or squid or crabs or seafood whatnots. Stick to the signature ribeye, standard cze char fare and carby dishes and you'll do just fine. We had:1) Prawn Paste Chicken ($10 for small): Wonderfully fragrant, delectably crisp skin and juicy flesh and marinated to the core for a full-on flavour2) Braised Beancurd with Golden Mushrooms ($12 for small), smooth, clear-tasting beancurd in a silky oyster sauce and loaded with strips of enoki, sugar snap peas and carrots3) Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($58 at $10 per 100g). Everyone here orders this, and for good reason. The carnivorous beef is thoroughly flavoursome and juicy to a fault4) Beef Fried Rice served as part of the ribeye together with the wedges, is another reason to try the ribeye steak. This cholesterol bomb was totally aromatic and flavourful, every last grain of rice having been imbued with beef fat and jus5) Salted Egg Crabs ($32 at $4 per 100g): pretty forgettable. The crab was teeny tiny, and the salted egg yolk coating, while generous, was too one-dimensional. I would have liked a bit of spice to kick up the grainy salted egg yolk batter a notch continue reading
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