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Oceans of Seafood offers a sushi bar headed by chef Hiromi Mizushima, serving up seasonal seafood flown in from all around the world. Items include Southern Blue Fin tuna and diners can opt for various kinds of seafood cooked in 8 different sauces including miso, dill and sour cream and pink peppercorn with citrus butter. continue reading
Opening Hours
10:30 - 21:30
Mon - Sun
10:30 - 21:30
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Level4 2015-08-20
The restaurant is located at one end of PasarBella - A Farmers' Market. It is known for its fresh seafood which are flown in from Tsukiji Market every Tuesday & Friday. The restaurant is 2 sections : one western and one Japanese. Although it is located in PasarBella, it does not allow food from other stalls in PasarBella. Kurogoma Tamago Sushi ($2.50++/piece)It has the Look, the Taste and the Health.Sweet tasting and light texture of TAMAGO + BLACK SESAME (Kurogoma) gives HEALTHY & DELICIOUS sushi.The oversized egg roll is served with a bit sushi rice below it. With texture like the usual egg roll, but taste like black sesame. Interesting.Honjitsu No Misoshiru 本日のみそ汁 ($5++)Miso soup of the dayThe soup of the day turns to be fish soup. It is quite flavourful and served with a chunky piece of fish, shredded leek and seaweed in it.Currently the restaurant is having a promotion for its Northern Bluefin Tuna Special.Chutoro Sashimi 中とろ刺身 ($18++, usual $33)Blue-n tuna belly no 3 sashimiI am quite disappointed with its texture, as it is not smooth and difficult to chew. The slices seem to have a lot of veins.Negitoro Don ($17++, usual $28)It looks not bad, although I feel that the yolk served with it seems to be too cooked. I think that a less cooked egg will produce a better texture for the dish.Although it is stated that the restaurant closes at 9.30pm, but last order and billing is done before 8.30pm. I can see the staffs busy doing washing. I feel kind of being pressured to finish my meal as soon as possible. Not very welcoming, isn't it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-27
One of the highlights at PasarBella, Oceans of Seafood serves up quality sashimi and seafood at reasonable prices (not exactly cheap, but for the quality, it was still worth it).Bamboo Clams ($16++) & King Prawns ($15.10++)We opted for the boiled version and it was a great choice! The natural sweetness of the seafood was perfectly retained, exactly how quality seafood should taste. The accompanying lemon butter sauce was a wonderful complement that enhanced the overall flavours of the seafood.Grilled Rainbow Trout ($25++)The rainbow trout was very fresh and grilled to perfection. The meat was moist and flavourful.Bluefin Tuna ($13.30++)A fresh plate of sashimi is always a welcoming sight. The texture was firm and succulent.Grilled Seafood Nabe ($16++)They were quite generous with their ingredients and portion. There were slices of fish, mussels, clams, sotong, and a giant prawn. The soup base was not too salty and exuded a natural sweetness. A hearty bowl of hot piping seafood nabe never fails to warm my heart.Overall, Oceans of Seafood was a good catch! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-18
Full review: http://www.jacqsowhat.com/2014/12/oceans-of-seafood-pasarbella-singapore.htmlI was impressed at the freshness of the seafood here. It allows me to experience Japan once again, at the famed Tsukiji Fish Market right here at Oceans of Seafood in PasarBella. They are currently a tuna feast promotion where 50% off usual prices. This is also where you get to enjoy top-notch quality seafood without the hefty price tags. I'm thankful to have the honoured to witness an exclusive live Bluefin Tuna cutting demonstration performed by Chef Mizu San. This live demonstration has indeed transport me back to the heart of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.The Chutoro Sashimi - Total shiokness and freshness. There weren't any fishy taste and it's so fresh that it sort of melts in your mouth on your first bite. Really good! Lastly for the tuna dishes, there's Negitoro Chirashi. The rice grain used were from Hokkaido, slightly more fragrant than the usual sushi rice. I wish they used Chutoro in the Chirashi instead of Negitoro. Also we had the Boston lobster. The meat within were so fresh and succulent, every bite full of satisfaction. Be sure to dip into the sauce given, especially the garlic butter sauce, my eye literally lit up after I took a bite of it.It's worth value especially with the various promotions going on. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-05
I'm a big fan of chirashi and as the chirashi don from oceans of seafood looks rather enticing so I decided to try it out. I had the jyou chirashi ($35). In it, there's high-grade sushi items on a sushi rice bowl. The uni is really fresh, sweet, and melts in your mouth. The otoro is really good too. The thickness of slices of sashimi is acceptable too. It's a little expensive but worth the try continue reading
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Oceans Of Seafood in PasarBella - The Farmer's Market @ The Grandstand is a fishmonger and restaurant, where you can not only buy fresh, sustainable seafood, but also get it cooked! Committed to sourcing only the fresh, gourmet fish and seafood from farms that practise sustainable fishing, Oceans Of Seafood isn't cheap, but the quality you get in each dish is undeniably high.Oceans Of Seafood has actually got 2 kitchens, an Asian - Japanese section, and a Western - International section. All their various fish and seafood are laid out on ice, and I like that there isn't the strong fishy smell typical at other fishmongers. Oceans Of Seafood also has a dedicated seating area for dining, but they're very strict about not bringing in food from other parts of PasarBella - The Farmer's Market @ The Grandstand. While the sturdy wooden furniture is spacious and somewhat comfortable, the dim lighting makes photography difficult.Staff at Oceans Of Seafood are eager and helpful, able to share information on the various fish and seafood available, as well as preparation techniques. They offer both an Asian menu and a Western menu, and orders are typically fulfilled quickly. Staff are also efficient at clearing dirty plates, and seating guests. I find staff to be rather friendly and helpful, though they do also try to upsell you on more expensive items.As per its name, Oceans Of Seafood serves fresh, imported, gourmet seafood. There is a large variety of fish and seafood available, and most are cooked simply, to allow the natural taste to shine. Prices are expensive though, budget about SGD $40 or more per person. The portions for the Western menu are large, and suitable for sharing, but the portions for the Asian / Japanese menu are nicely sized for 1 person. Overall, I love the freshness and quality of the dishes at Oceans Of Seafood, with their clean, fresh, tasty flavours, but the high price gives me pause.The Oceans' Mania Set Meal (SGD $103) is value for money despite the high price. Portion size is large enough for 2 - 4 people to share, and comes with 2 lobsters, 4 oysters, a handful of clams, several prawns, a bowl of salad, a couple of fried fish, and a trio of dipping sauces. Overall, very satisfiying if you're willing to shell out the money! Full Oceans Of Seafood review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/09/oceans-of-seafood.html continue reading
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