Founded in 2010, Old Street prides itself in being the local specialist in the preparation of ‘bak kut teh’, a well-loved traditional herbal pork ribs soup. With its unique East-meets-West approach, it has created its signature Old Street Dry Bak Kut Teh with freshly made You Tiao, served on a modular and extendable table with induction cooktop where you can make your orders over an iPad. As one of the largest Bak Kut Teh restaurant chains in Singapore with 16 outlets, you can now also find it in Indonesia, China, and soon, USA and Europe, bringing a piece of Chinese culture and heritage from the old streets of Singapore to the rest of the world. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-29
Fans of Bak Kut Teh like me will defnitely be unable to not having bak kut teh from this stall for the upcoming few weeks.  First try and immediately fall in love with it.  Restaurant was cosy and comfortable and the staffs available here are mostly very friendly and was approachable as well.  Bought quite many items to eat which includes: Braised pig's intestines at $6.50, you tiao at $1.50, braised beancurd is at $1.50 and the lead roleork rib soup is at $5.00. Especially enjoy the pork rib soup and braised beancurd.  Pork ribs are very juicy and easy to chew, which is full of the natural pork flavour in it.   Braised Beancurd is also very soft and easy to eat with either rice or porridge. continue reading
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A sudden obsession with bak kut teh lately which is hard to explain. Unknowingly, i had 2 weeks of bak kut teh already haha. my first one will start at old street bak kut teh where i happened to drive pass upper paya lebar road over the weekend. a pleasant surprise to find lots of eateries there too.Old Street (PL) Pte Ltd129 Upper Paya Lebar RoadSingapore 534840something special that draws me to this eatery is their high tech food ordering system. Not something new in restaurants but in a eatery? this is the first time i encounter this.he whole eatery is linked using intranet system where the menu is placed on a iPad that is located at each and every table. you can view the menu and select your order on the iPad and once you confirmed, you just simply check out your food cart and the order will be transferred to their main system and they will start to prepare to serve you your food order. a very efficient way as it helps to reduce manpower to take orders!On the menu, you can choose ala carte items or set meal. for their set meal, it is super value for money as it comes with desert as well and is only about 12 bucks. You can also choose premium ribs for your bak kut teh if you want. not forgetting to mention about their dry bak kut teh which is not commonly found in other eateriestheir set meal will consist of 1 bowl of bak kut teh with premium ribs, 1 rice, 1 soya bean curd and 1 you tiao.dry bak kut teh @ $7.00. the dried one is served in a clay pot while the normal ones are using bowls. the dried one is a little too dry and has a burnt taste plus smell. however, it is quite special as it is stirred fried with ginger and their specialty dark soya sauce or maybe some spices in it. for those who loves premium ribs, you can also ordered it as a individual item. the bowl of hot bak kut teh will consist of 2 premium ribs. The soup is not overly peppery.preserved vegetable is one of the must order! a small bowl that is 3 bucks which is quite expensive haha. the vegetable is quite well cookedfor those who are the tau kee lovers, do not forget to order this ! Tau kee @ $4 bucksOverall my food criticsFood : **1/2Cost : ***Customer service : **1/2Will i come again : Yes. continue reading
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Good evening, folks! Welcome to the Asian edition of my FoodHunt in Singapore, today I am presenting to you a Singapore Unique Food. Fond by many youngster and folks, here the savoury and yummy Old Street Bak Kut Teh! Many of us who love Bak Kut Teh, can tell you what makes it so Bak Kut Teh is the spicy, peppery, (not a fan) garlicy pork broth and the slow brewed pork hind leg ( I called it this way ) a.k.a pig trotter (if I not wrong). I will start with the broth, one small spoonful of the broth makes you taste the real stuff in Singapore. Very aromatic and ridiculously nice, because the after taste lingered in my mouth (not the spicy taste, but the pork's essence in the broth). It just keeps going and going, until what's left is the meat, you can opt to refill the soup. On the other hand, the meat on the bone is extremely tasty. With a little dip of dark soya sauce, it can rocket you right away to the moon. So deliciously! The last of my highlight is the slow brewed pork hind leg, it looks like it contains more fat than you can eat in a week, but you are so wrong. The meat itself is of protein, largely protein and very small amount of fat tissue. As you use the chopstick to tear the meat, the flesh just slower peel off from the bone. This is a sign of cook to perfection, extremely tender and seductive. Hell no I aint going to skip that. If you do happen to walk around the region, go and a try! You will hook up by the flavours, be warned! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-27
My office is now near this area and upon a colleague's suggestion, we decided to travel to Tai Seng for lunch.As expected, the place is packed as it was lunch time.Ordering is via an iPad tucked neatly in a custom-made drawer under the table surface.Service was relatively slow today and they forgot a few of the food items we ordered. I had pig's liver in soup with mee sua today. The soup was heavily peppered but I am fine for I enjoy the taste of pepper. The liver was sliced evenly but were a little over cooked. We asked for the bill for countless times. A colleague got impatient and went to the counter. That was when we realised that the staff are very forgetful that day. Everyone in the queue complained of food items which never arrived. The cashier just acknowledged each person with the response that he will purge that item from the bill accordingly. No apology and no clarification as to whether you would still want the drink/food.Ordering via iPad is cool for a coffeeshop styled eatery. But it stops here. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-22
FOODMenuPork Rib Soup ( Big) - $8For a bak kut teh eatery to be successful, the Bak Kut Teh Soup must be the key differentiation that sets it apart from its competitors. Indeed, this old street bak kut teh located at upper paya lebar road has somewhat substance to fight it off against its competitors. The tasty pork rib soup reeks of strong pepper and tantalizing seasoning in the soup. Oh yes, this $8 bowl of soup is refillable at no extra cost and for unlimited number of times. What a great deal!You Tiao - $1.50This deep fried you tiao is quite tasty and crispy and taste awesome when dipped into the pork ribs soup. Dry Pig's Tail - $7This dry pig tail is cooked with dark soya sauce, instead of immersing in the peppery pork ribs soup. It tastes quite good too. Kai Lan - $5.50Besides their famous peppery pork ribs soup, their kai lan has also some kind of "substance", which has the right amount of soya sauce, garnishing that makes it tasty. AMBIENCESituated in a coffee shop setting, this eatery is quite crowded and noisy. Do expect high volume of traffic during dining hours. continue reading
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