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Level4 2016-06-27
Ollella is a bakery which offers choux pastries. It is located at Farrer Park which is quite a distance away from me. But the shop offers delivery with a fee of $5, which sounds quite reasonable as it was about the same as the amount I would need to spend on public transport to get to the place.It was easy to select the items online on the website and payment was done with credit card. I had forgotten about a request which I later sent through the feedback form online through its website. My request was answered within the same day. The ordered items was delivered right on time and packed in boxes.Vanilla/Chocolate Choux Tart ($45/ 6 inches)The classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate make this the perfect tart for any occasion. Adorned with a heap of cream filled chouquettes, the sweet tart base is lined with luscious vanilla or chocolate pastry cream. Finished off with a drizzle of rich chocolate fudge sauce. Enough to serve 4 to 6 pax.The tart was topped with a small hill of chouquettes, which were easily pluck off with fingers. The chouquettes were filled with milky cream but did not taste jelat. It did not taste too sweet too.Vanilla Choux ($4/ 5cm)Plain craqueline choux, Madagascar vanilla mascarpone cream, Madagascar vanilla white chocolate ganache, Vanilla streuselIt looked the plainest among all the pastries, but I felt it tasted the best. In a single bite, the vanilla bean liquid filling flowed out like lava, which I was caught off guard. Seldom can find places which used real vanilla bean, which gave such a nice earthy taste.Choux Pastries with Pearl Sugar and Almonds ($3/ 10 pieces or 60grams)Plain Choux Puff with Sugar and Diced AlmondsPacked in a resealed brown paper bag, the choux pastry was light and crispy in taste, with nutty texture. At $3 I felt it was the best deal.Complete Choux Platter (All 8 Flavors) ($24)Complete platter- 8 flavours of 3cm mini choux(Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon, Raspberry, Matcha Azuki, Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate, Boozy Brownie Sundae)A mixture of its regular choux pastries in mini sizes. So cute.VanillaPlain craqueline choux, Madagascar vanilla mascarpone cream, Madagascar vanilla white chocolate ganache, Vanilla streuselApple CinnamonChouquette, Apple cinnamon compote, Vanilla streuselLemon MeringueOriginal craqueline choux, Lemon cream, Italian meringue, lemon balm leafMatcha AzukiGreen craqueline choux, Matcha Chantilly, Sweet azuki beansDark ChocolateChocolate craqueline choux, 70% dark chocolate cream, Chocolate Streusel, Gold dustRaspberryRed craqueline choux, Raspberry vanilla cremeux, Fresh raspberriesTiramisu (Contains Alcohol)Plain craqueline choux, Coffee and Kahlua soaked sponge, Mascarpone sabayonBoozy Brownie Sundae (Contains Alcohol)Chocolate Craqueline, Rum soaked brownie, Vanilla Mascarpone creamOverall the pastries were quite yummy. continue reading
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Original Review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/04/ollella-pourover-bar-somme-residence-farrer-park-singaporeOllella And The Pourover Bar are at Somme Residence. Most might not have realised that it is a stone throw from City Square and the Farrer Park MRT station. It isn't as inconvenient a location that most might have imagined.Ollella specialises in Choux pastry and have collaborated with Raphael and Karen for coffee. As such you will notice that there is The Pourover Bar occupying a corner of the shop.When I entered Ollella, my attention was turned to the dinning area on my right. It has bar tables and chairs. But what caught my attention was the greens that are hung on the barrier and the flowers on the table. It is much like a garden.At OllellaAt the moment, Ollella is offerring 7 chouquette flavours. One will find the Vanilla ($4), Dark Chocolate ($4.50), Lemon Meringue ($4), Raspberry ($5), Apple Cinammon ($4), Tiramisu ($5) and Matcha Azuki ($4.50).I have a tough time deciding which 2 flavours I should be getting. As usual, I would love to have all of them. I am glad I did not succumbed to my greed. I went for the Lemon Meringue Chouquette ($4) and the Matcha Azuki ($4.50). The Lemon Meringue has a lemon curd within the choux pastry and a meringue on top of the choux resulting in a sourish and sweet pastry. The lemon curd was lightly sour. I wouldn't mind it to be more sourish. In short, it is a typical Lemon Meringue flavour.The Matcha Azuki has red bean within the choux pastry and a Matcha cream on top. Lightly green tea flavour coupled with generous red bean. Both the choux though were delish, there isn't any surprise element.For those who prefer to savour the plain choux pastry could go for the Chouquette. Beside the Chouquette, Ollella offers the Kueh Lapis and Choux Tart too. Ollella offers some tea blend to accompany their pastries. If diner prefer coffee, Ollella has The Pourover Bar to serve some V60 filter coffee and the Espresso based coffee. The coffee order could be done at the same time at Ollella.The Pourover BarKaren and Raphael specialise in the Pourover coffee. The pair are very friendly and shares with customers a lot on coffee too. At the beginning, they offered beans roasted from Ninety Plus Coffee. A roastery hailed from Melbourne. There are beans from Tanazia, Ethiopia and Panama Gesha.The coffee offered by The Pourover Bar is steep and it is going to be hard to swallow by most coffee drinkers, unless you are coffee connoisseur. They believe in only providing the best to consumers. So expect a cup of pourover at $11 and above. The most expensive currently offered by The Pourover Bar is a Panama Gesha at $45.Ollella And The Pourover Bar as a pair offers fabulous pastries and high quality coffee. Such is a great collaboration for the SME in Singapore.More reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)