Paradise Inn brings the sweet taste of a long-forgotten era into a concept of a restaurant, teahouse and dessert house all rolled into one. For those who simply love Chinese fare, Paradise Inn serve some of the best classics along with double-boiled soups and fusion dishes, making the restaurant an ideal choice for casual meals among friends and family. continue reading
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Braised Vermicelli with Pork Trotters Cereal Prawn Crisp-fried Shrimp Paste Chicken Herbal Tea
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Level4 2014-01-18
Paradise Inn is a familiar name with most Singaporeans with its offering of simple, affordable yet charming Chinese cuisine. The traditional concept of a Chinese inn is elevated to another level of sophistication as it carries a contemporary Oriental ambience such as lanterns and stools.In addition to serving Chinese fare such as double-boiled soups in a relaxed ambience, Paradise Inn also specialises in serving teas infused with fruits, herbs and flowers.While there was a queue when visited the branch at Marina Square, the wait was a mere 10 minutes due to the quick turnaround. Are we off to a calories worthy meal?Spare ribs with pumpkin and dried oyster double boiled soup | 金瓜蚝士焞排骨 | S$18.90/++The pot of goodness was sufficient to feed four people with double servings each. The double-boiled soup, which has been simmered for at least eight hours, was generous in portion so expect to fill your dining guests' bowls with the ingredients such as spare ribs and pumpkin. We opted for a lighter soup as opposed to the classics which typically have stronger herbal ingredients.Stewed pork belly with lotus bun | 招牌扣肉包 | S$2.30++/pieceFor those who appreciate and value their calories, this would be one of the most sinful appetisers but I guarantee that it is surely a worthy bite. While I enjoyed the layer of lean meat nicely complemented by the juiciness of the fat, I found the savoury oomph factor to be slightly lacking. I would have preferred a slightly stronger punch to make me go wow.Fried fish skin with homemade chilli sauce | 自制酱脆炸鱼片 | S$7.90/++So simple yet so good. The fish skin was delicately deep fried to a nice level of crispiness without the grease. If you love your belachan chilli, you would surely enjoy this snack!Steamed chicken with sand ginger | 生沙姜蒸走地鸡 | S$10.90/++This would appeal to those with a palate for stronger tastes. The use of kampong or more sophistically phrased, free-range chicken made all the difference. The meat was tender and juicy minus the fat. It had quite a love or hate relationship among the diners on the table as the fragrance of the ginger could be rather strong for some. Hot plate tofu with cai xin and minced pork | 菜香铁板豆腐 | S$10.90/++A simple homely dish executed well. The slab of tofu on the hotplate was soaked in a savoury brown gravy with minced pork. It was soft on the inside without tasting overly mashy and had just the right level of firmness to retain its hold. The minced pork helped gave the tofu a nice rustic touch. Coating the hotplate is a generous layer of omelette. Absorbing the gravy, it was a beautiful dish to go with some white rice.Thai style char-broiled pork neck | 泰式炭烧猪颈肉 | S$13.90/++I simply loved the fine marbling of fat which makes it tender and moist. It was grilled beautifully and while it was a simple dish, I enjoyed the execution. There was a nice thin layer of crispness to it which made it salivating good!Crispy supreme seafood fried rice (small) | 香脆海鲜皇鸳鸯炒饭 | S$12.90/++This has to be one of our top favourites when it comes to a simple dish like fried rice. Our other recommendation would have to be at Din Tai Fung. What makes this dish outstanding was that it has crispy rice grains within the usual fried rice. The wok hei was sublime and every grain was nicely greased. I personally find that the hardest dish to master is always seemingly simplest dish to cook.There was a slight mishap in our orders as it was not sent to the kitchen. The floor manager apologized at length and took efforts to ensure that our orders were expedited. While it was a hiccup, the overall customer service rendered by the various servers was good and we had no difficulties trying to secure their attention.What drew me most and left a favourable impression was that the manager overhead me conversing in Cantonese and decided to strike a conversation with us in the same dialect. While returning my credit card after signing the bill, she also took the effort to address me by my surname and walked us to the exit before bidding farewell. Among the many Chinese casual dining restaurants in Singapore, Paradise Inn has to be one of our top picks. The prices of the dishes are at an affordable range designed for the masses without compromising on the quality. Looking forward to trying the other restaurants within the Paradise Group!Please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/01/sg-paradise-inn-calories-worthy-casual.html for our full review, complete with pictures. continue reading
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Paradise Inn has a new outlet at Marina Square. Long time have not been shopping around Marina Square around to notice this Chinese Restaurant. It is quite packed during the weekday lunch hours, perhaps of its value for money lunch set which they offerred to customers.After waited for quite a while for my seat, I ordered steamed chicken with black fungus lunch set. Each set comes with soup (its winter melon soup with meat) and vegetables (cabbage with fried onions). It is really a filling meal. However, the portion of chicken which they served is rather little. Soup is the best in this lunch set. Should try out their soup one day. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-16
Came here for lunch with my colleagues. We ordered some of their specialties such as the Braised Kong Bak (Pig's belly), the minced pork patty with salted fish and spinach with salted salted egg yolk and century egg together with our bowls of rice. The pig's belly practically melted in the mouth, and the layers of fat were so succulent that we threw our diets to the wind! The pork patty was not bad but I would say for the spinach dish I've tasted better else where. The stock could have been a lot more flavourful so it was just alright. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-01
Marina Bay is becoming a hip & happening zone, perhaps already surpassing Orchard Road. Thankfully it is still possible to find restaurants that serve hearty, satisfying meals at down to earth prices on New Year's Eve. This new branch of the popular Paradise Inn chain of Chinese family restaurants is indeed a welcome addition to the plethora of predominantly Western restaurants in Marina Square.We beat the dinner crowds to order four dishes to go with rice to share among the four of us. The dishes arrived within 10-15 minutes of placing our orders. We liked the restaurant's crew for not pressing us to order the higher priced seafood dishes and for regularly topping up our glasses of Chinese tea. The double boiled pork rib with winter melon soup ($15.90++ per pot, enough for 5-6 servings). The soup was hearty, flavorful and not too salty to be drunk on its own. The pork ribs were cooked till tender and the meat fell off the bone easily. We asked for a plate of sliced red chilli with soya sauce to go with the pork ribs. I liked the soft melon and wished there were more of the gourd in the soup.The Homemade Tofu with Seafood & Pork Floss in Mini Wok ($10.90++ for small) was my favorite dish. The creamy soft tofu had a generous topping of pork floss and was submerged in a concentrated, savoury gravy with lots of diced fresh prawns & some diced fresh scallops. If I am to order just one dish to go with plain rice, it will be this seafood tofu dish, which epitomizes Paradise Inn's winning formula of using staple ingredients like tofu & turning it into a different dish from what/how we usually consume it at home. The Imperial Pork Rib ($10.90++ for Small) was another well executed, popular 'zi-char' dish. The Small portion contained six pieces of boneless pork loin (four big & two small pieces) which were very tasty, and was tempted to order a second plate of it for sharing.The eggplant with minced meat in spicy sauce ($10.90++ for small) was served in a claypot. It was rather salty and greasy. It was prevented from being too 'over the top' when scooped sparingly into a bowl of piping hot plain rice.We were glad to have chosen Chinese tea to go with what would be our last meal for 2012. We were satiated enough to pass the dessert; anyway the dessert selection was run off the mill and it would be better to save the money for a late night supper. The bill for four of us was just shy of $70, which is less than the average cost per head of a New Year's Eve meal in one of the three swanky hotels above Marina Square. continue reading
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