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Dining at Paradise Dynasty is akin to taking a step back to imperial China. Marvel at the opulence and majesty of the restaurant settings while immersing yourself in the finest of northern and southern China cuisine. continue reading
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8 Flavour Xiao Long Bao Deep-fried Diced Chicken in Szechuan Style La Mian with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallop
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Level3 2016-02-11
Still in CNY mood for lunch treat. Ordered my favorite dumplings and La mian. This round ordered mixed dumpling, La mian with vegetable and pork wanton, spring rolls. Dumplings have mixed names which I have forgotten but 8 favors in all. Dip with gingers and sauce was heaven. After completely done then came the main course La mian. The soup is dame shoik and filling for oneself. The taste is very well done not oily as some soup does. Add on a plate of Lotus egg salted egg bun and spring rolls. Wow, this dim sum is nice too but taste is quite normal I think. However I like those buns as first time try out. It not as salty as I thought and mixed with lotus was good combination. End with my favorite drink a lime juice. Happy New Year and more good food and stay healthy for all. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
Often I get mix up with the restaurants with the name of "Paradise" since to me they are more of less similar, offering a good range of chinese specialities. I vividly remember Paradise Dynasty with its overwhelming Xiao Long Baos that comes in different colors and each representing a unique flavour on their own. My first trip to Paradise Dynasty was many years back in ION Orchard.Being part of the Paradise Groups of Restaurant, I find that furnishings are more of less the same - grand, illustrating an environment that is filled with modern Chinese cultures.Pot of tea is served in a golden kettle, refillable. Becareful not to touch the body of the pot or you will be scalded.I remember seeing the scene in ION Orchard whereby one of their staff will serve the "Kungfu tea" and I didnt see any in Westgate branch.To start off our oriental Chinese dinner, we had chilled sliced pork as one of the "cold dishes". Every piece of sliced pork was shaved to thin slices and rolled up. The combination of sweet and spicy chilli lends another level of sensational texture to smooth and tender pork piece, a definite choice to kick start with!Every piece of golden deep fried pork ribs was well dress in the thick creamy mayonnaise. However, having too many pieces will be "gelat" for me.With Crispy Chicken Chop Ramen ordered, they have the ramen separated from the chicken chop. Soup is very flavourful and ingredients like seaweed, egg, vegetables and pork skin was added.Chicken Chop was crispy but I find them abit on the oily side thus I had them separated instead of soaking them into the bowl of soup.Overall, I would say that quality food is served in Paradise Dynasty, also I have a good impression for restaurants under the paradise group so I felt that bringing overseas guests to enjoy some oriental meals in their restaurants will be good.http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/12/paradise-dynasty.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-27
This Paradise Dynasty at Westgate always had a long queue during dinner hours. Since the queue was shorter today, I decided to have a meal there.I ordered their Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, it cost $14.80. The wait for the order was quite fast, I guessed they had already pre-made the difference Xiao Long Bao in advance.The Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao came piping hot, they have a instruction paper showing which flavour of Xiao Long Bao to eat first. When I bite the Xiao Long Bao, hot meat juice splash out, almost burnt my tongue. The Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao had a slightly thick and floury skin. The minced meat inside was not as tender even though there was a lot of meat juice inside. I found that some of the flavours did not taste good and quite dry, such as Foie Gras and Cheese flavour. Some flavours tasted plasticky such as Black Truffle and Garlic. The best tasting was still the orginal flavour. Overall, I would prefer to order the orginal Xiao Long Bao the next time I dine at this restaurant.  continue reading
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You might not remember, but I was previously very put-off by the service in Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard's branch. Nevertheless, my growling stomach and weak will could not resist their value-for-money dimsum and noodles lured me in once again at Westgate.This time I tried their Chicken La Mian, which was really delicious. I might be biased because I was really hungry, but the noodles were really soft but doesn't completely lose its own springiness. The egg yolk was also in gooey-solid perfection; chicken slices were soft and chewy too. Most of all, the soup was thick and tastes like it has been simmered with chicken bones for long hours. I would not rule out the possibility of MSG, but if any, it was not overwhelming. The best part is that this bowl of yummy goodness only costs like $6+ after a 30% discount from Paradise Dynasty card (courtesy of Shermaine!) - before it was about $8+! That's amazing value for an awesome Chinese restaurant style setting... Sometimes, I even spend this amount at a McDonald's (-inserts guilty face from a unhealthy eater-). However, I must admit that Paradise Dynasty's service pretty much has a nonchalant attitude towards efficient customer response. One of the other diners actually had to shout for attention, breaking the humming silence in the restaurant. But again - my stand wavers in face of good food at great value. continue reading
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There was a rather long queue of the restaurant, but my friend and I persisted in waiting to be seated – there was no second option for us.The interior of Paradise Dynasty in Westgate didn't disappoint me. Though slightly different from the branch at ION Orchard, it still brings forth the fusion between the imperial chinese reign and modern interior design. The restaurant’s plush dining ambience is intricately designed to capture the bygone era of Imperial China in a contemporary fashion. It certainly marries tradition with innovation, a match made in heaven. The lightings are a soft glow, and the table was very wide. It's very difficult to stretch your hands across the table to hold your dining partner's hands (if you're with your girlfriend or boyfriend).Drunken Chicken - SGD7.80 Be forewarned; this is a cold dish. The chicken was very fresh, and perhaps it have been blanched in boiling water because the pink texture is retained. People who are not used to having cold chicken may be a daredevil to try this exquisite-tasting dish. The light soya sauce, and the simple marination of the chicken in hua diao jiu aroused a certain kind of nostalgia within me."La Mian" Sliced Pork - SGD9.80Savour this bowl of soup while it is piping hot! Paradise dynasty boasts of having 18 types of silky handmade La Mian. This isn't mere puffery, indeed there were chefs in the open-concept kitchen producing the "La Mian" from scratch. The soup was a delicious pork broth, accompanying the sliced pork, an egg and green leafy vegetables. Mixed Dumpling (8 pcs) - SGD13.80This may sound like a marketing gimmick, but the colourful creations really do take creativity. Offered in 8 innovative flavours and inspired from northern and southern China, these mixed dumplings is definitely a must-try! It was no surprise to see people dining in only just for the mixed dumplings. You have to eat in this order: original, ginseng, foie gras, black truffles, crab roe, cheese, garlic and Szechuan.After biting through the top of the xiao long bao, one can really see the soup pouring out and the minced meat in that delicious bun! Pan-fried Pork Dumpling - SGD3.90The dumplings tasted FANTASTIC! It was fried, and then steamed, thus the base of the pork dumpling would have markings of a deep-frying technique. It combines both crispiness and waxiness, that kind of taste where you chew into any steamed bun. There is a tendency for the service crew to overlook people. I have seen many customers trying to get the attention of the service crew but they are too focused on checking on the kitchen instead of observing the needs of the diners. Some waitresses also do not understand English, and hence there may be misunderstandings if you cannot converse well in mandarin like me. continue reading
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