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Award-winning dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan offers handmade dim sum at affordable prices. With more than 50 outlets in eight countries, Tim Ho Wan continues to win fans, from discerning critics to budget-conscious foodies. Fans can savour all-time favourites such as its famous Baked BBQ Pork Buns. continue reading
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Baked Bun with BBQ Pork Beancurb Skin with Shrimp Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf Pan Fried Radish Cake Steamed Egg Cake Vermicelli Roll with Pig’s Liver
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Level4 2015-11-11
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comHas this Michelin Star Dim Sum lost its Novelty here in Singapore?I still remember the time when its first launch in Plaza Singapura with a exaggerating long queues where people were willing to wait up to hours just to dine in there and I was also one of them. With about 5 outlets here in Singapore now, the wait is finally reduced. There are no longer sights of snaky queues and staff are well trained to handle crowds at least better for now.Having been to Westgate for countless times, frankly, Tim Ho Wan is the last restaurant I ever want to visit. Firstly I have tasted their Dim Sum and secondly to avoid the queues.Good thing is that they will only assign a table to patrons who are present at the scene. No reservation and waiting on the table is allowed. However there is seats provided in the queue for those who are waiting for the rest to come. Two small bowls were given to divide the portion between us. Congee was rather smooth with two kinds of eggs and pork was chopped into smaller portions. When it comes to the Dim Sum cart, being the staples of such delicacies Siew Mai & Har Kau are always the top ordered item. I wouldn't say they are of my favourite here in Tim Ho Wan but shrimps that were elegantly wrapped under this thin layer of translucent skin were springy and tasted something run-out-of-the-mill.Siew Mai was rather standard fare too with one wolf berry that gave a final finish to the pork dumplings. Meat was neither greasy nor fatty, decent enough.Out of the dishes ordered, this is what I like best. Mushroom was quite big with yummy soft glutinous rice. Chicken was tender and sausage was fragrant.One of the Big 4 Heavenly Kings of Tim Ho Wan, come 3 in a dish, this flaky crust outer layer was talk of the crowd previously due to its limited production each day. During then, one patron was also given a limitation to the number purchased.However, it had soon lost its charms when I took a bite at them. They no longer carries the kind of buttery fragrance but its sweetness still remain.Standards of Radish Cake used to be tip top but apparently, they were of standard fare right now. Cake was still as soft and gentle on the bites but the taste and level of excitement was no longer as good as before. Where did the good day goes? Can they still live up to its name among the Heavenly 4?Service was abrupt and when ever the servers place the trays of Dim Sum, we did not really feel comfortable. Instead of placing them on the table, the tray was "drop" with a tad sound. Perhaps it was too hot for them to handle or there were very many trays to be handled in a narrow area. But being so, this is not the kind of service we are expecting. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-23
A friend cooked an excellent lunch today for 6pax on 19.12.2014.after that 4 of us went to JEM (jurong east mall) to watch “exodus”. carpark was full so we parked at westgate mall which was linked to JEM at level 2.after the movie we walked back to westgate mall & had a light dinner at timhowan 添好运 (still full from the excellent lunch). We dutifully ordered the crispy char siew pao.i must have had one too many of this. had much better crispy char siew pao at canton paradise several times. didn’t like it as much it now. Har gao was good but for me canton paradise’s har gao & imperial treasure teochew’s har gao were better. 马拉糕 was never my thing, even at hong kong timhowan outlet – an enigma to me. tasted like “wa kor kuay”.teochew dumpling 潮州粉粿 was competent. fu pei quin 腐皮卷 & fried carrot cake were ok. anyhow overall the food was really mediocre, which to me meant a disappointment. dinner was just S$39 but we had very little food for 4pax.for me, there is no reason to have these average food when i can get better food at canton paradise, imperial treasure & crystal jade for largely the same price.See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/12/23/average-too-ordinary-dimsum-timhowan-添好运-at-westgate-mall-on-19dec2014/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-17
Of all the dishes only beancurd skin rolll with pork and shrimp impressed me $4. it came hot which is what i like. the char siew bao is like polo bun with char siew and its rather small with normal looking filling or more like a paste type. the braised chicken feet is more like our 卤鸭style. ok carrot cake was decent but I've had better before. ccf was plain with only shrimp, siew mai and har gao was normal but came in 4s instead of 3. poached lettuce was very plain and small in quantity. the osmanthus cake is small but tastewise acceptable continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-20
Queued the longest for any food in Singapore. Really underestimated we singaporeans tolerance for queuing for good food!! Was ushered seats promptly by friendly staffs.FOOD TIMEEEE Yummy Century Egg congee! Really enjoyed the smoothness of the congee and the tiny bits of century egg and minced pork. It's served bland so you may want to add a dash of soy sauce and pepper if you prefer * Its quite filling so be careful!Spring rolls!! These are served fresh amd SCALDING HOT. Burnt my tongue eating this. I would say the rolls are quite ordinary and do not excite my tastebuds. But real cripsy though. I do not fancy this. Here's why.1) Its too filling! 2) Not flavoured enough. Too bland3) Sliced shiitake mushrooms not fragnant.4) Rice have that bitter lotus leaf smell and taste.P.S THE CHILLI SAUCE HERE IS GREAT! Somewhat tangy and sweet, its has peanuts to heighten the fragrance of the sauce, with a little kick of hotness. Best dipped with spring rolls and the glutinous rice thingy.Tim Ho Wan PLEASE SELL YOUR CHILLI SAUCEAhh, one of the 4 heavenly kings here. This tasted really good as you got the sweet flakey skin on the outside and juicy char siew bits inside. They complement really nicely!I liked how these siew mais still maintain its moisture when you bite into them. Using fresh wolfberries and mushrooms you can really taste the difference between these and conventional Hawker Siew Mais.Very chewy and fresh! I like! Skin is quite thin so to enjoy the chewyness of the juicy shrimp instead of a lump of flour. These looked really delicate!It's appreciated that the staff poured the special sweet and salty sauce only when the chee cheong fun is served on the table. Its prevents it from turning too soggy. Char siew is nicely done while maintaining its sweetness. A bit touch to bite though. Cheong Fan is soft and breaks easily - like melts in yo mouth!SIDENOTE: Really didnt enjoy the ambience of this place. Too noisy and too hot! Was sweating thoughout my meal. (Had to have a glass of PAID cold refillable water) I think that their intention is to stimulate the actual dining experience in a typical dim sum restaurant back in hong kong with the style of having afternoon tea while talking loudly. Creating a lively environment. But I think it's too real of a stimulation for me! Anywayz a great place for lunch or dinner if you dont mind the heat generated by people and their voices! continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-27
Having tried the TimHoWan's original branch in HongKong, I left the place then feelin disappointed and utterly bewildered how it would justify so much raved reviews about it. Well to sound not so critical, the only thing I do applaud would be the BBQ buns.Back in SG, the hype continues and now there are already four branches if I am not mistaken. Finally I decided to give the signature BBQ Char Siew baked buns ($4.50 for 3pcs) a try.I bought them as take away but ate them immediately after that when it was still piping hot. The baked crust was crispy and with my first munch, it was delighting to feel its contents oozing out. However, my delight was short lived. The whole bun tasted way too sweet. For myself personally I think it should be savory with perhaps just mild sweetness. Yet it was still commendable to see visible chunks of Char Siew in the juicy filling. But the sweetness was too much for my liking.Generally i don't see the hype over this DimSum restaurant. But surely with its decent food quality, strategic location and accessibility, it is still an option to consider for a DimSum meal. continue reading
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