Using premium flour and butter along with high quality ingredients, Paris Baguette bakes its breads fresh every day. With a ‘Grab & Go’ menu which allows you to couple its delightful sandwiches with freshly squeezed juices, it’s simply the perfect combo for a meal on the go. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a lovely meal within the café with its sandwich, brunch, and dinner menus complete with an amazing variety of desserts. From unique cakes to sweet puddings, there is something for everybody. continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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10:00 - 22:00
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Korean Power Garlic Bread Oh~ My Baby Crepe Our Macaron Royal Pudding Strawberry Short Cake
Review (23)
Level4 2014-12-26
Paris Baguette is a bakery which serves bread, cakes, salads and drinks! It is a great place to chill and have desserts with your friends after a day of shopping or dinner As i had heard many great reviews about royal pudding from Paris Baguette, i decided to order the original milk custard pudding. The pudding itself is milk flavoured and it has caramel sauce at the bottom. The pudding is extremely soft and silky, texture is similar to the 'LaoBan' beancurd. You can dig to the bottom to savour both the pudding with the caramel sauce! Overall, it is a sweet and nice dessert! Will try out their cakes soon! continue reading
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Level2 2014-09-29
Oriental Salad ($8.50) wasn't bad at all. The salad sauce had this strong sesame taste to it & gets a little jelat at the end, worth a try though!Cafe Latte ($6) cuz old person needs something hot in the morning lol. I am clueless when it comes to tasting coffee, tastes alright?Like any other Cafe Latte.Herbed Chicken with Sunny side up ($14) which reminded me of the food I had at NY Bagels in Taiwan. I don't really like the taste of anything & everything on this plate, sadly. B commented that it tastes fine in his opinion. I'd choose a salad over this anytime. Oh, and one thing I realised was that PB uses chicken breast meat for almost everything? From their brunch menu to their salads. #notmytypeStrawberry Shortcake ($7.50) because I avoided crepe cakes. It wasn't that bad, wasn't bad at all. Just like any other classic strawberry shortcakes that you find in bakeries. But then again, I could have gotten 2 of these from Four Leaves with the same amount hmmm.Okay, I had a good meal cuz my salad and latte were both quite good. Luckily I didn't order from the brunch menu else I'm not sure if I would even visit PB again lol. Not to mention, service wasn't up to standard. From waiter who threw straws on our table while serving us, to them not cleaning the table (hence no space for dessert). continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-07
Had always wanted to try their royal pudding but due to its high price, I stopped myself but this time i bought it together with some breads and pastry.All of it taste superb. Garlic bread is my favorite i can finish the whole loaf alone,once you start eating it,you will never stop. I put it in the oven again when I'm eating it, it became very crispy ,the taste of garlic is just right, a bit of saltiness in the bread makes it addictive.Flying UFO ($2.60) has soft and mildly sweet crust and the custard in it is also alright. Almond cube ($2.80) is very soft, the almond butter in it is not very heavy,quite an enjoyable pastry too. Egg tart has got very crispy crust and I love it, the filling is abit sweet for me buy acceptable overall. Royal pudding ($4)has 3 layers,milk,pudding and caramel syrup. I like the milky taste in it but the caramel syrup underneath makes the whole pudding quite sweet, may be worth a try. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-21
Paris Baguette Café has been pretty much the talk of the uptown, I first knew about its existence past few months. It caught many people’s attention, kiosk looked brightly cool. It was actually the Korean top bakery, famous of its freshly pastries and desserts. Highly recommended for the salty snack, it would be rather worth with chubby little shrimp laid on top of the bread bowl holding soup. Presentation was tempting, definitely a scrumptious art. Earnestly to take the spoonful creamy cheesy broth, bread outlay was chewy in texture. The price was $6.00, worth to buy as I cannot explain how hard to resist it.Basically it was few flavours available, I picked the orangey Mango at $4.50. Top layer was sourly filled up by mango jelly, then extremely sweet softness and lastly mild milky pudding. The most bottom part tasted a little bitter, might be coffee liquor I guessed. The blend of glass bottle was a unique mixture, like firework in my mouth enjoyably. This was how I ended my Valentine day, sweetly contented. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-23
We went to Paris Baguette to buy some bread for breakfast. Judging from the name 'Paris Baguette', I thought that the company originated from France. Apparently, it is a Korea based company, which their bakers were trained in French bread making techniques.Shaped like a fattened version of croissant, the sweet cinnamon bun was dusted all over with cinnamon sugar.Beneath the crispy crust was layers of fluffy bread with walnuts and cinnamon powder stuffed in between. With the shape of the bread so big and round, you really need to open your mouth wide to get a bite of it.This, on the contrary, is a flattened version of bread. It is called pressed flat bread. Do you notice the cheese 'wings' on the side? Those were really crispy!Wrapped up inside the flattened bread was bacon. Bacon and cheese, my favorite combination ever! continue reading
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