PepeNero is a contemporary fine Italian restaurant located in the business district of Singapore, offering you a fresh take of an old country with our multi-regional fare. continue reading
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Lobster Linguine Tortellini Stuffed with Chicken Liver Panna Cotta
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Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/01/invited-tasting-revisit-pepenero.htmlI couldn't say that Pepenero's traditional Italian fare blew me away; it was more than commendable for sure, but it was likely to get lost in a sea of about a million decent Italian restaurants in our little red dot; I found it difficult to pinpoint a distinguishing uniqueness that would make Pepenero an unforgettable standout.Service was earnest, but can get a tad choppy, due to its lean staffing. Even so, Pepenero manages to exude a quiet charm.We had1) Burrata ($42 for 300gm): massive dome of gorgeous cheese, set atop an arugula bed, and paired with juicy cherry tomatoes and pink sashes of Parma Ham (additional $10). This may be a smidge too much for two persons, we struggled to finish this.2) Risotto ($26): fat carnaroli grains bursting with the essence of porcini and accented with white truffle. I love how generous Pepenero is with its mushrooms.3) Grigliata ($38): a platter of white fish, half a Boston lobster tail, tiger prawns, scallop, mussel, squid, and asparagus, all grilled to perfection. I particularly enjoyed the squid, smoky, and soft.4) Cioccolata ($16) - chocolate lava cake with vanilla gelato: excellent and nuanced continue reading
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We have tried the following:- Polpette - Baked Pork Meat Ball- Granchio - Crab Meat Cake- Spaghetti - Black Squid Ink Spaghetti Pasta Served with Crab Meat- Ossobuco - Braised Veal Shank "Ossobuco"- Semifreddo - Frozen Zabaglione Souffle served with Amaretto saucePepenero is a elegantly chic and fun restaurant which is a great place for meeting up with friends and an casual dining date with hints of nostalgic in the air. Love the modern retro ambience!~ The dishes are great especially for the appetizers. I am totally in love with the Polpette - Baked Pork Meat Ball and Granchio - Crab Meat Cake. I will definitely be back again!~Read my full review with more pictureshttp://www.eatdreamlove.com/invited-tasting-pepenero/ continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-21
For pictures and full review, visit http://melicacy.com/?p=4845PepeNero means black pepper in Italian.Ristorante PepeNero is a quaint little restaurant housed in one of the conservative shophouses along Telok Ayer, on Stanley Street to be exact.As opposed to its appellation, black pepper does not take centre stage at this Italian restaurant. I reassure you, you won’t get a choke-inducing profusion of black pepper that overwhelms each and every dish.PepeNero is helmed by chef Marco Violano, whom hails from Apricena, a small town on the Southern East coast of Italy in the Apulia region, where its long coastline brings large quantities of seafood and inspires seafood-dominated dishes. He creates authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist with more than 15 years of experience.Occasionally, chef Marco Violano comes out of the kitchen, greets new guests in the dining room, exchanges short conversations with diners who are halfway through their courses, and pops back into the kitchen. This interaction builds rapport with the customers –glance around and you could spot regular patrons and loyal fans ordering old favourites.The small restaurant is well appointed with crisp white tablecloths, warm lighting and plush seats –swanky with a rustic and cosy touch.BreadbasketAfter making our order, a rustic breadbasket was served in quick succession –a welcome relief to our rumbling stomachs.Arriving to the table warm, the homemade bread has a crisp crust with a soft airy interior, while the breadsticks were dense and crunchy. The rustic elements and freshness gives a simple breadbasket much more appeal. Accompanying the bread are two condiments – sundried tomato pesto and olive paste – that are leagues above the usual olive oil or butter.Yellow-fin Tuna Tartar and Crunchy Crab Meat with Tuna Sauce and Roasted Pistacho ($23)We ordered the Yellow-fin Tuna Tartar and Crunchy Crab Meat with Tuna Sauce and Roasted Pistacho for starters, as mum and I both love fish.The breaded crabmeat patty adds a crispy contrast to the tender fresh cubes of tuna, while the dressing elevates the fish’s flavour and allows its freshness to shine. This dish was light on the palate and was a perfect start to the meal.Millefeuille of Organic Eggplant and Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese with “San Marzano” Tomato Sauce ($21)The other starter we ordered was the Millefeuille of Organic Eggplant and Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese with “San Marzano” Tomato Sauce. It is essentially alternate layers of lightly charred eggplant and gooey melt-y cheese, doused in a light tomato sauce that brings the whole dish together. Perfect combination of flavours.Homemade Ravioli Filled with 8-Hour Braised Duck Leg with Meat Jus and Shaved Smoked Ricotta Cheese ($29)Pasta dough is made in-house. I highly recommend the Homemade Ravioli Filled with 8-Hour Braised Duck Leg with Meat Jus and Shaved Smoked Ricotta Cheese –it is ambrosial.The ravioli skin is thin without being fragile; encased within is shredded duck meat, braised for 8 hours to achieve tender perfection. One of the best raviolis I’ve ever had.“Carnaroli” Risotto in Squid Ink with Seafood Ragout ($33)I urge you to try the squid ink risotto, even if you’re on a date. Think: you end up giggling at each others’ stained lips and teeth, wiping each others’ mouths, and exchanging remarks on this supreme dish –unless your date is so shallow and grim, you should just never see him/her again. Sounds like an idea.The squid ink base has a saucy consistency, enriching every rice grain that wears it like a dark briny coat. The complementing seafood ragout burst with succulent juices of the ocean in every bite.12-Hour Slow Stewed Squid Stuffed with Altamura Country Bread, Clams and Prawns with Fresh Basil and Pachino Cherry Tomatoes ($26)Squid isn’t something that I would ever order in a restaurant, but I heeded Nicholas (a cook at PepeNero)’s recommendation and I am glad I took a chance. Generally speaking I’ve never liked squid very much, as it turns tough and chewy often too easily. Here, it is executed to my liking –succulent and tender. The stuffing adds bounty of flavours and textures to this dish. I never knew I would enjoy squid this much.PepeNero Tiramisu ($12)To end the meal on a sweet note, we had the PepeNero Tiramisu. Don’t worry, there’s no black pepper in this dessert –or rather I can’t detect any trace of it. PepeNero’s rendition is richer and denser than usual; it is one of the most decadent tiramisus I’ve had. I found the sweetness to be just right. It left me wanting more.Note: Do make reservations to avoid disappointment. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-11
We had a lovely dinner on Wednesday night at an italian restaurant located at 14 Stanley Street. It is a walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It is a recommendation by my friend as the one of the owner is her client. We made reservation before dropping by the restaurant named PepeNero.As shown in their website, PepeNero means black pepper in Italian,which refers back to the most popular and commonly used spice in the world. It finds its way into nearly everything from Indian curries to Italian cuisines.This is a contemporary fine restaurant located in the downtown area. It is ideal for executives who are working nearby for quick business lunch and after work happy hours. The environment and ambience of the place allows a quiet evening with your love ones or private dinning. The restaurant is decorated with wine bottles and square frame pictures to fill up the apple green wall. Understand from one of the owner, the interior design of the restaurant is done by them. Simple and elegant i would say. Good job for them!Portebello Mushroom @$S12.00 served as appertizer as well. Love the presentation and the colour combination of it.Homemade White Truffle stuffed Tortelloni with truffle emulsion light cream @S$30.00 per serving. It's a seasonal dish and we were in luck to try white truffle. The cream taste is fantastic. It's a beautiful piece art presentation which taste as nice as it looks. The white truffles are shaved thinly and stuffed with pork meat into the ring-shaped pasta.Pan Seared Tuna Goulash with Grilled Leeks and Crustacean Reduction @S$30.00 per serving. The tuna was cooked in a special way as it is presented in cube sizes where you can see the middle part is raw and outer is well cooked. You can feel the difference of the fish texture. Love the combination with the sauce.Spaghetti seafood in "cartouche" sauteed with white wine and light tomato sauce @S$29.00 per serving. Everyone love this dish. The dish was served in a wrapped bag. The staff unwrapped it in front of us and we can see the vibrant colour of the spaghetti.Homemade Tiramisu with marinated Cheeries @S$12.00.Wonderful piece of dessert. The softness and smooth layer of tiramisu cake melts into the mouth. The taste is different from tiramisu cake that i had previously.It was a fruitful dinner as we are educated with the culture and the knowledge of italian cuisine. The staff will approach us and ask for feedback and comments after the dinner. They will treat customers like friends and chat with us to input us with more information about italian cuisine. It is one of the way to educate customers on the cuisine. Understand from them,they will change their menu every 2-3 months. Some are seasonal menu such as the white truffles to give an example. So whenever you drop by the restaurant, they will be something new and surprise waiting for you to explore. The exquisite homemade foods shows the effort of the chef in his job. I would definitely visit them again with their kind and warm welcome hospitality. It makes you feel comfortable and happy dinning with them. Afterall the food quality is par value with the price. I like the contemporary fine feel to the restaurant and yet not pay through my nose for good food. continue reading
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