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Signature Dishes
Hot Chocolate Croissants
Review (5)
Level3 2016-05-04
Original Review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/05/percolate-cafe-bedok-singapore/Percolate Coffee has been around for a while and expanded at its original location to twice the size it was. It was only after its expansion that I visited them twice before this post. Both were for tea on weekdays only. and despite it was weekdays, at both visit, Percolate Coffee was packed to 90%. Lucky, it wasn't 100%. At least, we managed to grab a table at both occassions. And interestingly, I took the same table.This cafe is another one which is below a HDB residential block. Beside the indoor seating area with air-condition, as an alternative, 2 tables were also placed outside the cafe for those who prefer natural air.As I opened the door, I was surprised to find that they hacked a hole out of the wall and in it placed a communal table. And this wall is in an unusual blue.Menu at Percolate Coffee is a single page. 2 columns; one for drinks and the other for food. At a glance, I see that there are more drinks option than food.At Percolate Coffee, there isn't much choices for food. They offered mainly Croissants, both plain or with jam or with some fillings as sandwiches. The other option of sandwiches is on ciabatta. Two breakfast food; the organic granola and banana loaf. We have tried none of these offerings.The usual Espresso based coffee in either black or white for hot drink option existed on the menu. There are some Iced Coffee too. The White are in 3oz ($4), 5oz ($4.50) and 7oz ($5). There is Hot Mocha ($5) and Iced ones ($5.50) too.The Hot Mocha has a rich chocolate added into the coffee. Under the Iced Coffee, 2 interesting drink which I have never spotted on other cafe menu.The first was the Sparkling Black ($5) which we ordered to try. It was too acidity for me. The other was the Espresso Tonic ($5.50).Other drinks include the Chocolate and Cold Pressed Fruit Juice.It is nice to see a variety of Tea; Hot Tea, Chai Latte, Cold Tea and Green Tea Latte. We tried the Lover's Rose ($6), a caffeine free tea. It is a blend of organic herbs, chamomile, rose petals, lavender, hibiscus and pink peppercorns. One would imagine the tea as sourish as a berry tea, but it is the case for the Lover's Rose. In addition, it has a stronger scent of Lavender than Rose.Lastly, Percolate Coffee offers an array of cakes and pastries. Strangely, we picked the same cake on both occassions, the Earl Grey Lemon Cake ($7). It has very subtle Earl Grey flavour, it is dominated by the lemon curd that were sandwiched between the cake.It is a cosy and warm cafe. Since in the neighbourhood, there isn't much choice, we don't see why it shouldn't attract. Hence expect it to be crowded even on weekdays.And we would avoid it on weekends too.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level1 2014-08-16
Been to Percolate twice. I ordered red velvet cake , jam platter and flat white. The coffee is fragrant, however sugar is not part of the food served , you will need to ask for it. Something tells me Percolate wants their customer to experience the coffee's true taste. Red velvet is so-so, seems pretty much off-the-shelf. The jam platter (mango, passion fruit and spicy pumpkin jams) complement each other together with lightly toasted croissant as a medium. Simple dish, but satisfying on my tastebuds.2 men were in charge of the cafe. They were both friendly, helpful and very patient. I love the way they set up the interior and ambience in a small area. Very cleverly furnitured. Percolate is one of its kind in this part of Bedok and I hope it will last. continue reading
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Level3 2014-04-23
For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2014/04/16/percolate-block-136-bedok-north-ave-3/Opened about a few weeks back by a barista who worked previously in Loysel’s Toy, Percolate has already gained a name for itself. Selling sandwiches, cakes and coffee, this place is flooded with people during the weekends (which is why I chose to go there on a weekday!)It is interesting to note that the bakes and drinks here comes from various sources. The bakes and cakes here comes from Cakestand, a bakery located at Katong Shopping Centre that also operates an online order system. The pastries are from French bakery BAO. The tea comes from local tea company Amuse Projects, and the coffee? Papa Palheta’s Terra Firma blend (of course!)The drinks and sandwich menu is rather simple.There is a high tea set which cost $8.50, consisting of any cakes + coffee/tea. The Chocolate Cake ($6) here feels firm and tasted great. Chocolate lovers will definitely like this.The 5oz White ($4) tasted strong and smooth, but may not suit those who don’t want their coffee to taste too acidic as this one can be slightly stronger.Given their location (near the Bedok Town Centre), it is easy to visit the place especially since other cafes around Bedok are further inwards in Fengshan and doesn’t really specialize in coffee. continue reading
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Level3 2014-04-18
Percolate has a small seating capacity, probably enough for only 20? The walls of the cafe are painted in Black and White with wood-textured furniture. I like the vibe of the cafe - simple, small and cozy. As it is still a relatively new cafe, we were quite happy that the cafe was not crowded. It is definitely difficult to find an empty cafe these days where you can simply just sit, read a book and chill the afternoon away.We decided to try out two of their desserts that were offered. Besides desserts, Percolate also serves up simple sandwiches for those who are looking for something savoury.Chocolate Espresso Tart was one of our choices. My friend really like this tart. The tart is not very sweet which was good. I like the crust of the tart whereby its quantity was quite balanced with the Chocolate Espresso filling in it.The coffee was good and strong. We all agreed that the coffee was affordable and value-for-money. The coffee comes in either black or white; hot or cold. The white coffee comes in two sizes (3oz or 5oz). Hot coffee are priced below $4 and teas are priced at $5.I saw two other patrons ordered Iced Chocolate and was so tempted just by the look of the drink. Look at it below! The iced chocolate has chocolate infused in the milk. It was appropriately sweet with the right amount of chocolate. I like that it can be refreshing and chocolatey at the same time.Overall, I enjoyed my time at Percolate. We also appreciated that the staff were very friendly. One of them even waved goodbye to us when we left the place. I would definitely be back at Percolate for its coffee and warm ambience! Would love to try their bundt cakes the other time round.For more photos and full review please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/04/percolate-thumbsforfood.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-07
Coming in, its quite unexpected to find a cafe situated in the heartlands so charming. Clean and minimalist, much of the cafe is made up of brick, cement and wooden accents. For a moment I thought I was in fact in a cafe at Tanjong Pagar. For some strange reason it also bore much resemblance to the old Stranger’s Reunion before the renovation, which is currently reopened as Waffle Slayer.The owners have intentions of serving sandwiches and waffles in the future, but for now only bakes from a homebaker are available. Earl Grey cakes have always caught my attention, and I got myself the Earl Grey Bundt Cake ($3.50). A mistake, I thought, as the cake was so dry it was so hard to cut through, not to mention that extra dry crust which seem to be created as such to replicate a crusty exterior, though it did carry a slight Earl Grey aroma with it.The Lemon Tart ($4.20) was however great with the first few bites. I love how tart it was, until I got till halfway and it seemed a wee bit too sour for me. The crust was easy to cut through, but they used one similar to egg tarts instead. Not my personal preference but honestly nothing wrong with it either.On the other hand, I was blown away by the quality of the coffee here. They use Papa Pahelta Terra Firma for their coffee, and my White 5Oz ($4.00) was fruity and just of a comfortable level of acidity; the right cuppa to perk me up for the start of the day.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/percolate-blk-136-bedok-north-ave-3/ continue reading
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