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Level3 2013-12-10
Recently, I have been seeing quite a number of Pezzo kiosks around. I was walking past one at Woodlands Xchange when someone inside suddenly gestured and ‘shouted’ to us to try their pizzas because they are ‘VERY NICE’ and the ‘BEST IN TOWN’. I was a little amused because the outlet looked newly opened and the pizzas on display weren’t of much variety, needless to say appealing enough for us to buy and try.Anyway, my husband and I were feeling peckish one evening when we were at Ion Orchard and again we saw many people getting Pezzo pizzas to go so we decided to get one slice to share to see how good it claimed to be.The reason we chose Meat Munchers was because it was just fresh out of the oven. It didn’t look impressive on picture but I loved it that the pizza was hot and the crust was baked to a perfection with a good crisp and crunch though I considered it quite thick as I normally go for thin crust pizzas. To my surprise (and probably amazement), the pizza did taste good after all. The pizza crust was nicely salted with a moist and slightly stretchy texture inside. It reminded me of some good ones I had in New York.This pizza was full of flavours from the generous portions of ground beef, beef salami, beef pepperoni, turkey ham, beef bacon and italian sausage. It was a meat galore with every bite! The mozzarella used was really cheesy (I don’t know how else I should describe it!) and because it was just out of the oven, the cheese was a little gooey and stringy underneath. What a delicious piece of delight!For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/10/17/pezzo-pizza/ continue reading
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For more reviews, visit www.ms-skinnyfat.comSince December 2012, Pezzo has been serving up freshly-made pizzas with 13 convenient pizza-by-the-slice kiosks and 6 delivery stores island-wide.First up, the Ho Ho Hola Hawaiian, a Christmas tree pizza. Priced at $29.90, it is topped with Turkey Ham, Turkey Bacon, Green Pepper, Peach, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese. Think of them more as pillowy pizza buns which are really easy to bite into (no mess even for little mouths). I liked how the sweetness of the peaches (sadly canned) complemented the savory toppings. This festive pizza will be available till 31st Dec 2013.I also sampled Pezzo’s new fiery creation, Hot Chick, a pizza made with strips of spicy chicken, special chilli sauce, red chillis, peppers, roast garlic and a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. This is probably one of the spiciest pizza that I've eaten in Singapore but I enjoyed the kick pretty much. Certainly a hit with the fam.There are over 20 flavors and you'd be spoilt for choice. I'm not a fan of the Fisherman’s Favourite, a seafood pizza with tuna, shrimp, spinach, onions, red pepper, tomatoes, oregano and basil. Tuna is a really weird choice for pizzas I feel. Most fish are in fact.I'd rather go for Meat Sicilian which is packed with beef pepperoni, beef salami, Italian sausage and Italian herbs. Or try the unique Sambal Ikan Bilis pizza, a hit with many food bloggers! Vegetarians can dig into the Garden Gourmet pizza consisting of artichoke hearts, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach leaves and Italian cheese or the Spinach Special.So if you are looking for a change in pizza flavors, do check out Pezzo. Or do it the New Yorker way and eat a slice off the cardboard. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
I shared Pezzo pizza with a friend as the wonderful aroma from the freshly baked pizza captured our attention. We chose a couple of different flavours, one of them the Meat Munchers which consisted of ground beef, beef salami, turkey ham, beef bacon and italian sausages. Truly a meaty pizza for meaty lovers. It was quite delicious as the crust was not too thick and relatively crispy. The entire pizza costs about $23, and $4.50 per slice; a good alternative to pizza hut. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-25
The haze reached hazardous levels in Singapore and I was avoiding to go outside. So, I just walked through underpass to ION orchard for lunch and found this pizza counter. It's supposed to take away and each sliced pizza from $4.50 per slice. Anyway, it's good enough for a quick meal. "One is never enough" as they said, it's simply delicious and meaty pizza.3 slices - $11.90 and full pan - $22.90.I ate Chicken Delight and was totally satisfied with it. I'll definitely come back to try other pizza. continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-23
Working in Orchard can be a pain.. Can be a pain especially when you want to find something that is Halal.I really hate to be restricted from food but i just have to discipline myself. ANYWAY!!! Grandma story aside... I have always passed by Pezzo but i never knew they were Halal until i approached the counter to have a look at their menu. There were at least 6 different types of Pizza on display, apparently its only for take away which is pretty sad. Would be nice if they had a few tables to chill at. $4.50 for a big thick meaty PIZZA slice (not something else ah eheem!) I find it very reasonable, so i thought i would give it a try and get the Meat Muncher! The thing that puts me off is their packaging.. They really should consider having a few tables for us to dine just chillax at.. Aside to the packaging, I really enjoyed my pizza, you can find turkey ham, minced beef and Italian sausages and i think more.. They're really generous with the meat! It's good. Will definitely come back for more! continue reading
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