Platypus Test Kitchen is where their pasta innovations are created. Catering options for gastronomic meetings are available and the restaurant is also available for small corporate functions up to 40 persons. continue reading
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11:00 - 16:00
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Signature Dishes
Carbonara with Double Smoked Bacon Chicken Aglio Olio
Review (9)
Today *Tiffany and I had lunch at Playtypus Kitchen and it was amazing because this place was not too crowded during Raffles Place's infamous lunch hour crowds - perhaps because of its very "inside" location tucked away at a corner of Clifford Centre. *Tiffany recommended their pasta to be good and reasonably-priced, hence I was curious to try. The menu was extensive- all sorts of pastas and some sides.I had the Scallops Aglio Olio (SGD$16.50) - a good-sized plate of spicy but tantalising homely Italian fare. The scallops were chopped into quarters, and filled the plate, alongside with the garlic and chilli padi bits. The noodle was on the soft side, but skillfully so, without being soggy. The flavor was good, but then again most aglio olio relies on its spicy factor as the tasty factor.*Tiffany had the Ravioli - a luxuriant plate of cheese-stuffed pastas, deliciously flowing over the palate like lava literally. The cheese stuffing was generous, and smooth, making this an absolutely delightful dish.I enjoyed the pasta here, and will be back to try the others, for sure.for full review, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/lunch-at-playtypus-kitchen-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-27
It wasnt really hard to find this place even though it's located all the way at the end of level 2 of Clifford Centre. Quite noisy because of the echoes and noises perhaps due to the location of the cafe flooded with OLs and all the people working around that area. I ordered squid ink scallop, but was brought to disappointment because it wasnt the 'real' squid ink pasta. The sauce wasnt black at all. I would recommend the agolio olio because it was the right type that I like, a little moist but not to strong with the spieces. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com/ haha doesnt the name of this place sound funny??? honestly, i have no idea how the name links to the restaurant at all O.O they certainly do not sell platypuses here. haha.i loved my meatball pomodoro garganelli ($15.90)! it's a dish that you can typically find in most italian restaurants, but i felt that this was done pretty well! haha i was quite amused by the garganelli. first time seeing such a type of pasta. looked like worms lol! but it was done nicely - al dente, just the right amount of bite! the meatballs too were generously meaty. on first glance, i thought that the serving looked kinda small, but i realised that it was actually quite a hearty dish.my friend's squid ink seafood marinara ($16.90) was tossed in olive oil which smelled delicious! i liked how the squid ink pastas i come across nowadays are much cleaner they no longer stain your teeth and mouth to an unglamorous black mess (read: suitable for dates! haha). there was also a generous portion of fresh seafood.although i felt that the food here is sorta pricey, but the quality made it worth it continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-19
Platypus Test Kitchen is one of out of three, with Test Kitchen, and Platypus Family Dining & Platypus Kitchen, focusing on different concepts.As the name suggests, this is the place to try out their latest creations and innovations for pastas and risottos.For drinks, we had Lychee Peach Tea, and Passionfruit Tea. Something like syrup drink, so be sure to stir well.Meatballs Garganelli ($15.50) with homemade meatballs braised in pomodoro sauce. Basically tomato sauce drenched on the meatballs. Meatballs are 100% beef, and are squishy!Carbonara ($13.50) uses linguini, tossed with double smoked bacon in an egg-yolk cream sauce. If you are looking for something creamy, their Carbonara is a better choice than Meatballs Garganelli.Their food are rather average, but I would probably go again to try other flavors. I would love to try out their Platypus Kitchen anytime soon!For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/08/platypus-test-kitchen.html continue reading
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This restaurant is not in Australia but in Singapore. A fairly new restaurant which I think is very popular amongst the office workers working near Raffles Place. It is located at a little corner on the 2nd level of Clifford Centre. I almost missed it because I didn't see the signboard of the restaurant. Reached there around 1pm and the restaurant was still pretty crowded. While most of the staff working there are quite young, my food was being served to me by a very friendly auntie. Their fresh pasta cost around $15.50 while the normal dried ones cost a few dollars cheaper.Wild Mushroom SoupThe soup was thick and I think it might be better than my favourite mushroom soup from "The Soup Spoon". I can come back again just for this mushroom soup!The staff recommended the following fresh pasta for me.Summer Truffle Egg Tagliatelle ($15.50)Egg Tagliatelle with summer truffles, Parmigiano-Reggiano and chivesThe pasta was soft and this dish was really very flavoursome. Might not be a good choice to have this if you order the very rich and creamy mushroom soup in the same set.Total Bill: $9.90 as I bought the discount voucher from Streetdeal.sg continue reading
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