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Pizza Hut Singapore was born in 1981 and is now 32 years old. Since our early days, we have developed a deep interest and passion in culinary cooking and pizza is our top favourite food. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-07
I placed an order in the management office on that day morning for lunch to be treated by my boss due to an effort on preparation works prior to 12th Annual General Meeting.Pizza Hut has this seafood promotion going on. Big Box Signature Series for $31.90 exclude delivery charge, but GST inclusive:Wild About Mushrooms (Regular - Hand Stretched Thin), Chicken Royale Baked Pasta, 8 pcs Mini Hash Browns, 8 pcs Honey Roasted Wings and Garlic Bread.I had no chance to try PizzaHut's Pasta Perfetto because my technician wanted to have this as his lunch, so I try PizzaHut's Prawn Aglio Olio as shown below.Medium size (9 inch) Seafood Symphony costs $21.20 from PizzaHut consists of Shrimps sauteed with herbs and garlic topped with red paprika & mozzarella cheese. This pizza is suitable for four person.6 pcs Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets for just $5.90.Pizza Hut's baked beefballs for just $5.90 are so good because it baked with mozzarella cheese and smothered with creamy alfredo sauce. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-13
Ordered 10 pizzas due to a large graduation party over a friend's house and the nearest was from Eng Kong Terrace. We were quite pleased with their service in being able to deliver up so quickly, but it got too a sad disappointment when we realize the ingredients were quite tough and not fresh like as if it has been placed there for quite a long time. A regular pan 9" pizza costs $18.80 and we ate all of the regular sizes. A large one 12" would cost you $25.80.That's the difference of having 3" inches. A stuffed crust 13" would cost $31.50. BBQ Chicken Supreme had bit and pieces of chicken chunks, chicken rolls, pineapple chunks, green and red capsicums on tangy BBQ sauce. It wasn't that spicy as they claimed, which was relatively good so we can spam chili flakes on them The BBQ sauce was deliciously sweet! Hawaiian pizza, the all-time favorite for everyone because of the ingenious idea of putting pineapples into pizzas. Now, do pineapples really come from Hawaii? Anyway, another sweet-tasting dish makes me wonder if this pizza dough is meant for sweetness as it was quite thick. One would feel full after you have eaten two slices. Thankfully we ate small portions and get to try one of each!This is a special pizza that is made Singaporean-styled, with beef pieces topped with green and red chili. Indeed an exceptional combination of spices that does not taste very spicy, I felt they could use a variety of ingredients though, it was rather dry for this pizza.Meat galore for the carnivores! They probably baked this pizza for quite long because there was a slight sour smell to the meat, it was a little dry too. I guess it does not look as appetizing as you see from those pizza hut advertisements, it's like the ingredients are not well-spread out.Ocean catch! Indeed something different from the usual grounded beef. Shrimps, squids, tunas, crabstick and diced tomatoes on a cool lime mayonnaise base sauce, this pizza makes you feel like the ocean is in your mouth, so don't be surprised if you are mouth-watering because of the overflowing goodness of the ocean catch Super supreme is one of the chef's recommendations. With a variety of ingredients, you can never get bored of this pizza! In fact I feasted alone on this before. Made with Ground beef, cabanossi sausages, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, capsicums, onions, olives, mushrooms and pineapple chunks, it is the best-one-yet-from-pizza-hut on this new york crust. I wish they would made more choices of choosing the crust available, more specialized and customized you see.Last but not least, we got one with a thousand island dressing which was made in such a way that tasted disgusting. Tomatoes, lettuce, ground beef, cheese, tomato sauce, i had no idea what i was eating. Had to forced myself to gobble the rest of the slice when I had this. continue reading
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