Arriving by public bus: #7,14,14e,16,65,106,111,123,175,502,502A (09048 - Lucky Plaza) Arriving by Train: Exit A - (NS22 Orchard) Nearest Carpark: Paragon Carpark continue reading
PODI is a new, all-day restaurant serving unique food. It is the brainchild of Cedele and upholds Cedele's philosophy of making and buying food deliciously and responsibly. continue reading
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For a full story coverage and pictures; please drop by:http://www.epinosh.com/podi-the-food-orchard-singapore/The new "bold" eatery; PODI - the brainchild of Cedele, unveiled a spread of high-end dishes. One pointed that PODI bares the meaning for Bold, the Germans call it. To me, while the name represents the new restaurant's philosophy for being dauntless, creative and being exclusive, they deliver more towards International cuisines. A few on the Westerns - Grilled sea bass, seared NZ beef steaks; then the Italian range with pasta & risotto; Turkish range - Stone-baked Pide Pies, all of which without the influenced from the Germans. In my opinion, PODI epitomizes the beauty of healthy eating, taking care of those with strict gluten-free diet in exciting form with quinoa, millet and brown rice being featured in the dish. They are serving breakfast/Brunch from 10:00am - 12noon (not 8:00am per their webpage upon clarifying) with a varied pancake range and herb omelettes. Those who yearn for a light alcoholic kick, may go for Mojitos, Sangrias, Martinis and many more under the cocktail listing, wines are available too. Seriously a wider pick from a food orchard.Paying close attention in the preparation of food, PODI delights customers with fresh and healthier choices. Here, you will be able to begin with small plates, ideal if you have a larger dining group. I wouldn't mind having a small plate as a teaser. Small plates, not exactly bite-sized that comes with meat, seafood and salad options. Particularly, I am attracted to the Mini Burgers.A huge fan of Cedele's bread, I get to savour slices of wholemeal bread with balsamic & olive oil dips, here at PODI serves complimentary. At Cedele, one requires to pay $1 for a free-flow of bread unless a regular bowl of soup is ordered. So, it's a inexpensive deal.Adorable puny burgers arrived in pair. This is one of the delicious burgers I had under the Cedele's Group. The size makes a perfect starter, and 2s can be quite filling if you ordered a salad small plate along with. The buns, glazed with a touch of rosemary accentuate a louder note than one without herbs. Each mouthful was met with a bit of that crunchy Italian bacon strip, it's saltiness intertwined the moisture in tiny slab of tender, juicy beef patty; creating a different layer of robust flavor and mouth-feel. I love that tangy with a light garlic scent mayonnaise spreading underneath the bun, tingling softly to keep your taste buds awake.While waiting for my treats, I sit back to observe things around me. Its not uncommon to find people willing to swing here for a caffeine fix, their table having a slice of cake. Most of them are attracted to this bright casual spot for a quick get together - in pairs - in small group - young and old. The new restaurant (open-concept space in the mall) has a pleasing ambiance - spontaneously like the All-Day-Dining outlets at Wheelock Place & Raffles City.The Cinnamon honey cake fared slightly better than the Whoopie pie. The cream frosting here is soft & smooth but overly sweet. While the crushed walnut in the cream enlivened the cake with a bit of crunch, the nutty flavour becomes the spotlight. I find the cinnamon spice a bit faint, though the cake texture is moist and fluffy. Not knowing exactly what was covering the cake, it tasted like some sort of a spiced almond meal. I chose to do away with the almond cuppaccino ice cream and have a solo cake instead, paying for $12 instead of $15. That is to say, you saved $3 for that scoop of ice-cream, $0.80 less than what would cost you at Cedele for a scoop of Cloud 9 version - Eggless & No trans fat! Alternatively, they offer 2 scoops that plate with roasted nuts, mixed fruits with a dollop of chocolate sauce at $10. Didn't like things look complicated, I'd prefer getting a 2 scoops from Cedele's counter. I only liked ice-cream in its simplest form.You will be delighted if you hold a Cedele member card, from 15th November till 02 Jan, 2013, you will get a 20% off on all food items. And if you are looking to order some cookies this Christmas, they are having this Chocolate Crinkles Cookies - a dark chocolate fudge-like soft cookie, capped with confectionery sugar, available from 15th November onwards. continue reading
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Level2 2012-10-31
For more details and pictures, please visit: http://cheesemafia.blogspot.sg/2012/10/podi-paragon-orchard.htmlWe ventured to the newly opened restaurant, Podi, at Paragon for high tea on a Saturday afternoon when we had some time to kill before dinner.The cakes selection was not extensive but decent with some interesting selections such as their whoopie pies and some of the cakes like the Rose Dragon lifht cheesecake. We opted for Cinnamon Spiced Cake with Honey & Toasted Hazelnut Frosting and almond cappuccino ice cream because I wanted something more sponge-cake based than cream-based. The dessert was very rich with its strong flavours of spices and generous serving of nuts. The cake was topped with buttery biscuit crumbs instead of your usual cream frosting. The chef pulled it off well because the cake could have been very dry if the sponge cake was not moist enough. It was interesting but I found it a little too overwhelming as the flavors were very strong. Perhaps a lighter flavoured ice cream, like Vanilla bean, would have complemented the cake better. continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-23
this is a piece of paper which has been spread over the table before the utensils have been placed.these are the food and beverages menu..i've ordered prawn, scallop & fish risotto..the food is AWESOME!but what i can say is that the service staff are horrible,maybe this is still a new restaurant,they have been serving the wrong orders to many tables including mine!whatsmore, from the time till the food is being served,i've waited for half an hour for it!even you've asked the staff to expedite,they'll say 'okok.. it's otw..'next, to my beverage..ordered a Mango Lychee Smooothie..i don't taste of any mango,as for the lychee, it is only 1 piece being place on top.overall spending is about $35-$40..i just thinking, if you are here for lunch,it'll not be recommended due to the longgggg waiting time..but if you are here on a weekend, might still be ok.. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)