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Porn's is a Thai restaurant opened by Mediacorp Thai-Chinese artiste Pornsak Prajakwit, and his partner, Foo Chuan Hao. Porn's serves a variety of authentic Thai cuisine. Ingredients are imported from Thailand twice a week, and the head chefs at the outlets are Thai. continue reading
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Gang Kaew Gai Tom Yum Goong
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Level4 2015-08-30
Made my virgin trip down for some Sexy Thai food at Porn’s Star Vista. Welcomed by a vibrant and quirky outlook with tables adequately spaced out. The whole atmosphere was filled with hip and cherry mood. Even part of their menu are filled with naughty play of words but we are definitely more attracted to their scrumptious list of food pictorials! We decided to go for a mixture of appetizers, soup, sides and mains for the night.Pratunam Fish Cake ($9, $3 each min order 3). A dense springy fish cake patty that has a unique sweet and sour taste which brings you a step closer to the taste of Thailand.Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($7.90). I was expecting some fiery Tom Yum Goong, but this was a little tad too disappointing. The spiciness level is not up to the standard, we added our own chilli padi to spice things up a little on our end. Not only that, the definition of seafood for this dish is an overstatement. Prawn and overwhelming of fish slices is the only seafood i saw, they don’t even have any cuttlefish to start with. ):Kailan with Salted Fish. Simple dish of fresh crunchy kailan yet filled with savory aroma and flavor from the oyster sauce and salted fish. Good texture of salted fish to go with the rice after deep frying and being not too overly salty on the palette.Missy Omelette (Minced Chicken). Another surprising good find in the restaurant. I like the fluffiness of this omelette! It’s so nicely done, with a little crisp and golden brown on the outside, while light, airy and soft on the inside!Phad Thai. Loving their green crunchy beansprouts! Mild sweetness from the phad thai couple with the crunchy cleanly cleaned beansprouts that enhance the overall mouthfeel. The thai rice noodle is not too soggy, and good proportion with bits and pieces of fried egg and de-shelled prawns.Food aside, one of their highly recommended drink you should try is their Ice Roselle Tea. A little icy, not to sweet yet refreshing! Definitely a good glass of drink to go with the meal.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/porns/ continue reading
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I went to the outlet at The Star Vista. Porn's brings in the concept of SEXY.THAI.FOOD where the diners can select from a variety of more than 50 scrumptious Thai street fares and the Thai drinks are also brewed fresh daily.Do you know that Porn's Sexy Thai Food is also co-owned by the well-known Mediacorp artiste, Pornsak?Upon entering, the lively colour of the restaurant ambience cheers me up.The setting is so much different from the other Thai restaurant that I went to. Usually Thai restaurant will have very authentic setting with the monuments or statues displayed in it. But at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏, you will not find anything like that. Instead, this Thai restaurant‏ has a very colourful setting that brings out a cheeky and playful concept. It totally suits the name of Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏.Tom Yum Prawn Soup- Clear Soup Base ($10.90 / $13.90)The Tom Yum soup was available in 2 different soup base - Red / Clear.At the look at it, it may look at some bland seafood soup. Do not be deceive by it, the tom yum soup was flavoursome. Being teamed up with chili and lemongrass, it was infused with hot and sour flavour, giving the soup a distinct taste. After finishing the small soup of tom yum soup, I could feel the burning sensation down my throat. Totally awesome.The soup was filled with generous fresh ingredients. Thai Prawn Cake ($8.90).The prawn cake was fried to perfection and I enjoyed the crispy outer layer. The prawn cake was well seasoned with pepper in it, bringing out the enhanced flavour of the dish. It was accompanied with Thai chili sauce which gave a sweet and hot flavouring to the prawn cake.Helping myself to more of it.Pad Thai ($9.90)A popular Thai rice noodle dish served with seafood, great to eat with a squeeze of lime, fish sauce, chili flakes, ground peanuts and sugar.The best part is you can even control the flavour of the Pad Thai. For example, if you prefer sweet tasting, then you just mix the sugar with your Pad Thai. If you prefer spicy flavour, then you just go for the chili flakes.For me, I want a fusion of everything so I had the garnishes all mixed.We ended off our meal with Sticky Rice with Mango ($8.50). Indulging myself in the delectable treat. The mango was sweet and juicy. Each bite tasted so good, it made me want to go for more.Well, I had a really sumptuous meal at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏. If you are looking for a nice place with good Thai food and relaxing ambience, Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ is the place for you. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-20
The title of this review may be misleading  !This is actually the Thai restaurant run by the popular Singapore TV host and Celebrity Pornsak Prajakwit. So, we decided to venture into the "Sexy Thai Food"!We didn't make any reservation and walked in directly to their Star Vista's outlet. As it was a weekday during lunch break, it wasn't crowded. We managed to get a seat quickly.The entrance is extremely colorful and delightful and there is a mock up statue of Pornsak at the entrance to welcome us to his restaurant.Unlike other Thai restaurants in Singapore, the indoor is decorated with colorful graffitti and Thai decoration, giving a cheerful look.As there is only two of us, we ordered two simple famous Thai food.Pratunam Fish CakeThe fish cakes go well with white rice. The prawn cake is delicious and one serving is good for two adults. Good balance and combination of fresh prawns, pepper and bread crumbs. You must dip the prawn cake in the "Pad Thai" i.e. a reddish looking sweet taste sauce. Such sauces are common in Thai street hawker in Bangkok.Innocent Tom Yum Fish SoupI am unsure why they named it as innocent. It is definitely not innocent! Though this is the "clear" tom yum version, it is really hot and spicy!!! There are many different types of tom yum soup available here. You can take your time to pick the type you enjoy. The fish slice were fresh and sweet. Overall, we had a enjoyable lunch with interesting and colorful art work on the wall and nice ambience. The customer services were also above average. The cooking is really commendable and yummy! I will plan another visit soon!Kob Khun Krap  continue reading
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Level2 2014-06-27
While taking a stroll at Star Vista, wanted to try this HOT, HOT dishes at Porn's Restaurant. Ordered these dishes that were pretty tasty + HOT and Shiok!  The service staff are friendly, even though I requested for no prawns. They will change ingredients for the soup. Below are the individual details:1 plate of Drunken Mama Noodle ($9.50). The noodles are well cooked, even looks like Maggie Mee. There is a lot of Chilli in it, level 2 is the grading by the restaurant. Simply liked and the chicken meat is tender. 1 bowl of Tomyum Soup ($ 9.90). Its a serving for One to Two persons. Came here for the Tomyum Soup, it is hot and spicy, ingredients are plenty. Would give it a Level 2 in terms of spiciness.1 glass of Thai Iced Coffee ($ 3.90). In case of you need to cool down after the heat. The taste of the Coffee is different from Local Coffee. I am a self-professed Coffee-Lover. Those who likes Coffee should try, though its a bit sweet. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-17
At Porn's, they never fail to impress me with their stuffed chicken wings, which pricedat $8.90 with generous amount of sliced black fungus and mixed vegetables in it. Very crispy outside and not too oily as well. Have just two pieces will be good enough to satisfy me. The fried chicken rice is just alright as the meat is very tender and juicy. Would have been better if they can replace the plain rice with fragrant coconut rice. Egg omelette slices are abit too dry. Service was friendly and restaurant is cosy but abit squeezy. continue reading
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