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Surrounded by the sprawling herb and vegetable garden, the warm dining room of Portico beckons guests to gather with their friends and linger and chill out. The Portico menu has been engineered to provide hearty food using fresh seasonal ingredients – where possible these ingredients are sourced locally or are taken from Portico's own edible garden. Try the popular set lunch menu, which changes every fortnightly. Its cozy dining room and outdoor garden are befitting for a perfect celebration, be it a wedding or party. continue reading
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Review (5)
Level4 2015-07-18
For the complete review, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/07/portico-saturday-at-portico.htmlPortico a restaurant located in the middle of concrete jungle of Singapore Power compound and surrounded itself with edible herb and vegetable garden. Headed by Chef Nixon Low, who has extensive resume working in Shangri-La Hotel, Restaurant Andre and Saint Pierre.The menu in Portico are constructed using the freshest seasonal ingredients in collaboration with Singapore local producers, to complement their Modern European Cooking Technique with local flairs.Other than dining, Portico also organise activities every Saturday afternoon with the purpose to build a closer relationship between the diners with the food through sharing and demo by Chef Nixon. Or others like Latte Art Demo Class, Plating demo of Signature tomato salad and Carl Pollenation Honey Talk. Thanks to the experienced Barista, I had manage to try my hands in latte art. I basically got a brief hands on experience from grinding, tamping, making the espresso, frothing the milk and trying my hand on the latte art on my latte. Though the latte art was not very successful, I get to try my own cuppa using Illy coffee beans. Next was Plating demonstration by Executive Chef Nixon Low. Chef Nixon explain and show us the steps and preparation work in creating Portico Salad of vine-ripened tomatoes. For example the rock melon preparation to maintain the consistent sweetness, or how to check if the tomatoes are ripened. The effort that goes into a simple salad is just amazing.Well of course the best part was I manage to eat what I plated. he..he..For the finale, we listen to a brief Bee education by Carl, one of the founder of Pollen Nation. We also got to sample different type of honeys, including the limited edition and most expensive one that came from the bees they relocated from Sentosa Cove. Overall, it was indeed an interesting experience. We get a more in-depth knowledge on how the food and drinks are prepared, including other aspects related to food. Every month, Portico will change its activities and best of all it is free of charge. So if you are looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon, drop by at Portico. Please contact them directly for registration as space are limited. Thanks to OpenRice and Portico for the invitation. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-07-02
The restaurant is located just across the street from Labrador Park MRT station. Currently the restaurant is hosting some very special activities on Saturday afternoons. Besides this, the restaurant is also having a 1-for-1 promotion on all house wines during lunch period. These activities are offered during 3 - 5pm. Today I am invited by OpenRice to try out some of this month's activities.Portico Chicken WingsServed chilli lime dipThe chicken is light and crispy. With the spicy and powerful chilli sauce, it tastes even better.One of the activities which we are having today is plating session of the restaurant's Signature Salad of vine-ripened tomatoes. We have Head Chef Nixon Low to do the demonstration to us in plating the salad. It looks simple. But with an array of colorful fruits in front of us, it is not so easy when we do it ourselves.One can easily see most of us in full concentration.Another activities which we get to enjoy is Latte Art Demo Class.We have the beautiful staff to show us how to use the coffee machine, and how make latte art. We get to try it handon ourselves too.Lastly we are also introduced to Pollen Nation, which supports Bee Conservation. If you find a hive of bees, call them to remove the bees. They will rescue the bees.We also get to try a number of fresh honey products such as Lộngan Honey, bitter gourd's flower honey and bee pollen.Sounds interesting isn't it. So lets make lunch date at the restaurant on Saturdays at Portico as it is where all lunch patrons will be invited to the above activities. You could try your hand at being a chef and a barista for an afternoon. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-07-02
Full Reivew here at http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/07/portico.htmlHidden away in Alexandra in the midst of all office building lies a gem of a cafe and its none other than Portico. If not for the invited session, I would have never knew that such place exist. Portico presents a unique concept with an edible herb garden surrounding them. They are creating some innovative comtemporary Western and Eurpoean style cuisines with a taste of home. Be stunned by this wooden horse structure looking over the entrance of Portico.The outdoor dining area is spacious, with seats up to 100 and is ideal for celebration be it a wedding or a party. In fact, With Portico being surrounded by the sprawling herb and vegetables garden which gave a very relaxing ambiance, especially during the night falls. Do bring some friends over here for a chill out session after a hard day of work. Spot on! This little corner is awesome. People who come here to chill out or even during the night time over their beer session, they can challenge each other over the table.Moving deep into the restaurant, you can feel the inviting ambiance even in the day time.Settings had given a modern and leisure vibe which let patrons feel as comfortable as home.Interior may was laid with cement screed ground which gave a industrial concept, however with its lovely furnishing it somewhat gave a casual and relaxing environment to be in. What's more, Portico is a pet friendly cafe, therefore, Pet Owners, you do not have to worry if you are bringing your cat over too.Starting off with the sharing sessions, we were welcome by such alluring deep fried wings in the skillet with chilli and lime dip. The outer layers had a very good crispy texture and as I sink my teeth into it, I felt the succulency in its meat. Not only that, they were well marinated. Making taste perfect, their wings came with a familar taste from the Belachan chilli that I could not resist in more helpings. On a side note, if these yummy wings were to pair with the cooling beer, that would be a bonus.Make your Saturdays fruitful! Head over to Portico on Saturday afternoons for special activities. The sessions at Portico not only draw a closer relationship with food, it also let us enjoy the sharing demo sessions by the chefs.Head Chef, Nixon Low was featured as a Top Local Chef in Singapore 2014 by SG Magazine Online. It was such a pleasure to have him leading the session with plating of Portico's Signature Tomato Salad.Plating might seems easy but it required some skills in order to achieved such beautiful output. The meticulous and professional inputs by Head Chef Nixon were very helpful.We felt the pressure! We were given the ingredients and was told to recall the plating demonstration procedures done by Chef Nixon earlier on. Fortunately, the instruction was very clear and ingredients were all laid out neatly by the hospitable staff on duty. Ingredients include, organic quinoa, honey melon dressing, plum dressing, tomato, herds and jamon serrrano slices.Ta-da! The session by Chef Nixon was came in handy and I had done up my first plating ever. Besides the colors that made it attractive, the blanched skinless Vine-ripened tomato was a total scene stealer. Munch on it and let the bursting effect of its juice tell you more!Latte Art Demo Class was another session that I looked forward to. As a non coffee lover, I never learn to enjoy a simple cup until I went through the process to appreciate such art done by a Barista.Fill the roasted coffee powder on the portafilter and getting prepared for the process!We are almost done with the latte art demonstration, keep your hands steady!Steaming of milk under the active steam pressure marked the importance. It has to be of significance temperature and as the temperature increase, it can be felt by our hands.And here comes the formation of latte art. If you heat the milk much beyond a certain temperature you are at the risk of ruining the beautiful texture.The rolling effect was both very exciting as we need to tilt both the milk and the cup as we pour them into each other. I thought there was a tendency of overflowing but with the steady guidance of the staff, I manage to get it done in no time.The 3rd Part the of session we had was the sharing session by Pollen Nation, Singapore's only Bee Hive and Bee Swarm Relocation Service. Many people see Bee Hive as pests but their school of thought is totally different. They believe that bees play an important role in the urban Eco-system by upholding the main role of pollination and all thanks to their beliefs we get to taste our LOCAL Raw Honey. Since these honeys were rather exclusive, they are not commonly seen on the shelves. And interestingly, there are some R&D going on with Portico. Look forward to something new on their Menu soon.To avoid disappointment, it is better to check on their website or call in to find out more on the demonstration classes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Being an avid cafe-hopper and food-hunter lately, I was still amazed to discover this hidden gem of a Portico Singapore located at Alexandra office area - along the rows of commercial offices, sitting quaintly between the cross of Telok Blangah and Alexandra area.I managed to experience Saturdays with Portico, a fun-filled day that gives new meaning to weekend cafe-hopping. Through interactive free activities Portico endeavours to foster a closer bond between us and our food / coffee as we understand the preparation processes. This sounded so fun, and I was excited to get my hands dirty for the planned itineraries.Portico Singapore is a restaurant, cafe and pub all in one, perfect for diners looking for Western fusion dishes, perfect for coffee lovers to hang around on lazy afternoons, as well as perfect for those looking to unwind and chill over drinks. The exterior boosts of a garden setting exuding tranquility while the interior sets off a charm of its own, with well-spaced tables and well-chosen paintings.While waiting for the enticing activities to kickstart, we had a plate of Portico Chicken Wings with chilli lime dip. The chicken wings were crackling delicious on the outside, opening up to tender flesh and extremely well-marinated so one could eat these on their own.We were divided into 2 teams, and I was with the team that tried Plating of Signature Salad of Vine-ripened Tomatoes (SGD$17.00) , demonstrated by Chef Nixon himself. The salad looked so deceptively simple, so pretty in bright colours, and Chef Nixon prepared it so effortlessly.When I tried my hands at it - with fresh ingredients of jamon serrano slices, organic quinoa and honey melon dressing - slowly arranging them methodically while trying to recollect Chef Nixon's detailed instructions, and constantly referring to the display set. Not bad for a first try, though not the prettiest of them all - but hey, it tasted so good because we added ingredients of our efforts, time and passion into it.Next, there was a Latte Art Demonstration and Hands-On Session, where we got to watch and get amazed at how it was to prepare a hot, aromatic cup of latte. The steps of preparation looked simple, but the degree of preparation plays a part on whether the coffee would taste good or come with a sour aftertaste.I got to try out making my own Latte, complete with art, thanks to the helpful barista who ensured smooth and safe completion. During the pouring of the warm milk into the espresso, the flow had to be smooth and in the same direction, so as ensure distinctive lines for the latte art to form. The taste was good as well, aromatic and bittersweet.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to refer to:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/media-invite-saturdays-with-portico.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Full Portico review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/06/portico-tasting-session.htmlHidden amongst a business complex and surrounded by offices, Portico is not a place you'll stumble upon. This hidden find, with its large al-fresco dining area and edible herb garden, serves up innovative and tasty modern European fusion cuisine in a laid-back, relaxing setting. Portico, which means 'porch' in Italian, is also known for its support of local, Singapore produce; where possible, all ingredients are locally sourced.Ambience at Portico is designed to resemble a comfy home, with a relaxing outdoor al-fresco garden dining, and the interior calling to mind an intimate living room. Pictures of the staff frame line the wooden cabinets along the wall, and the low atmospheric lighting lends to the feeling of tranquility. You immediately feel like just chilling for a long time here. There's also a pool table outdoors, where dining is nice on breezy evenings.Service at Portico is friendly, welcoming, and efficient. I note that staff offer greetings, and are quick to seat guests, as well as clear empty / dirty tables. They have a good grasp of the menu, which changes fairly regularly, and can answer general questions about dishes. Kudos to Head Chef Nixon Low for heading up an excellent team!Food at Portico is fine dining, modern European fusion cuisine, with elements of Singaporean influence. Great care is taken in the preparation and presentation / plating of each dish, such that each is an individual work of art, photo worthy plates of food presented to discerning diners. And it doesn't just look pretty, because Head Chef Nixon Low and team ensure each dish packs flavour and texture, combining to dazzle and please the palate. And while portions are relatively hearty, such gourmet wonders don't come cheap, expect a decent meal here to cost about SGD $60 or more per person!The Portico Chicken Wings With Chili Lime Dip (SGD $8 / $15 / $27) has a crisp, flavourful batter that crunches nicely to reveal tender, juicy, piping hot chicken meat. There is a sense of nostalgia eating this, as the taste of the batter resembles those from a famous Singaporean fried chicken brand, while the fiery chili with a sharp zing resembles the potent chili you get at the best barbecue chicken wings stalls!The Salad Of Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Jamon Serrano Slices, Organic Quinoa, Honey Melon Dressing (SGD $17) is a house signature salad, and the combination of tastes and texture is just delightful. You have the bright juicy freshness and tart sourness of the marinated tomatoes, the sweet juicy rock melon, the chewy quinoa, and the salty, savoury taste of the jamon serrano, and the crunch of the shallots, seaweed, and jamon serrano crisps! Highly recommended! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)