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Since their inception in 2002, Purple Sage has grown to become a leading boutique caterer that strives to offer a unique catering experience. Serving all corporate, home and wedding clients, Purple Sage is committed to go the extra mile in customization of events to create unforgettable memories for a lifetime. continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-04
A hosted dinner organized by Purple Sage Group , together with local foodies/ bloggers, to try out Purple Sage catering latest festive season menu at ifly Singapore, Sky Garden.Purple Sage, 1 of the leading caterer in Singapore, has been in the market for more than 15 years. After they were awarded with halal certification in year 1999, their growth was rapid and from a used-to-be a small factory till today's large factory at Pandan loop. Determined to keep up with their 3 important values: "Prestige", "Perfection" and "Passion" so as to give their customers their best food quality and service with 100% passion put in.The menu we tasted today was called "A taste of Christmas" (website states "Festive Tidings") Per pax is $38, min 30pax to order.For appetizers, we have1) Seafood Salad- River Prawn, Mussel, Squid, Dutch Cucumber, Tomato and Spanish onions tossed with Dill & Calamansi Dressing. An eye-catching starter with all the vibrant colours. The seafood were fresh and squid not overly cooked. Together with the sourish zesty dressing, it increased my appetite for more food.(2) Insalata Di Asparagus- Romaine, Walnut, Cranberry and Asparagus accompanied with Fruity Dressing. I love my salad with walnuts and asparagus as they increases the crunchiness of my greens. Dried cranberries adds on to the overall sweetness and its antioxidants too. The homemade fruity dressing tastes very interesting, like a combi of mixed berries with caesar sauce. Nice aroma and not too sweet.(3) Asparagus and Chestnut Volute with Cream Fraiche- This soup was smooth and creamy but a little too bland for me. Each mouthful filled with asparagus and chestnut bits, how I wished there were toasted baguette or croutons to go along. Take it pipin' hot as its a great tummy-warming starters.For main dishes, we have4) Steamed Saffron Rice with Raisins and Almonds- This rice tastes rather plain on its own and I could only taste the raisins. Almond flakes already lose its crispiness when we dig in..(5) Baked Turkey Breast with Cajun Spice accompanied with Cranberry sauce- Turkey breast were well marinated on the skin and very thinly sliced for easy consumption. Texture was firm and slight dryness was common for turkey breast. Dip with the cranberry sauce to give that additional kick to your white meat.(6) Roasted Potato with Pesto Sauce- These mini potatoes were nicely roasted with slight crisp on the skin while keeping the flesh soft and moist on the inside. Pesto sauce on the other hand wasn't really distinctive, I almost can't feel the existence.(7) Roasted Australian Chill Striploin accompanied with Whiskey Peppercorn Sauce- Probably because beef were covered too long in warmer, they seemed to be overly-cooked. Fortunately it was sliced thinly otherwise it would taste even more tough and chewy. Whiskey peppercorn sauce did worked well with the red meat. The alcoholic sauce smells good and peppercorn taste not too overwhelming.(8) Vichy Baby Carrots and Broccoli tossed with first pressed Olive oil, Parsley and Pine nuts- I find this tray the most cheery dish among all other dishes. The orange and green veggies were so pretty. I love the natural sweetness found in these french carrots. Broccoli were done well too, not over-cooked and slight crunchiness still remains at the stem portion.(9) Oven baked Atlantic Salmon glazed with Red Miso and Furikake cereals- The salmon were already soggy when we had it, all slices were clumped together. Like the beef, salmon were covered in the warmer for too long, the cereals' batter coated outside the salmon were wet and soft. Red miso marinades were also too salty. It's not a pleasant dish to consume.For desserts, we are served with10) Purple Sage Christmas  logcake- Without any complicated design or cream frostings, this Purple Sage log cake was only covered in a layer of purple glazed. Seems to be telling us "Simplicity is Elegance". Inside is chocolate mousse with cherries, sandwiched between layers of vanilla sponge cake. It's fluffy, soft and surprisingly not too sweet.(11) Homemade Chocolate Mousse with Sangria Wild Berries- A very beautifully crafted plate of desserts filled with many elements that I love. Can you believe they're serving this at buffet? Wow! The chocolate gelato was creamy and the cookies crumbs gave the crunch. The sourish wild berries neutrals the sweetness of the whole dessert and trust me, it's really good!Verdict: This whole dining experience was pleasant. Although not all dishes were fantastic but for buffet catering, the taste were considered above average. The table setup for the whole event were great too.Do give Purple Sage a call if you're planning for any festive parties. Quote "A taste of Christmas" to get 10% off for Roasted Traditional Turkey and/or Purple Sage Christmas Logcake.Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd157 Pandan LoopSingapore 128355Tel: 6396 6990Find out more information at:http://www.purplesage.com.sg/christmas-menu continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-03-06
this wine was won from purple sage e-taste magazine contest. the taste is like grape juice, with a little gassy and alcohol taste. no worry, its only 5% alcohol, and it tasted very sweet so it is suitable for female teenagers like me. thanks to purple sage, i have the chance to chiil out with friends! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)