The recipe for PUTIEN is a combination of serving authentic dishes which feature quality seasonal ingredients and keeping prices affordable to everyone. Heavy emphasis is laid on drawing out the innate goodness of these ingredients by using a gentle and easy hand during the preparation process. continue reading
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Braised Homemade Bean Curd Deep Fried Bamboo Clams Iced Bitter Gourd PUTIEN Lor Mee
Review (19)
Level4 2013-04-10
This chinese restaurant has really spacious layout and really like the clear and clean light blue decoration in this restaurant as well. First time bought their claypot sea cucumber to go along with bowls of plain rice with my sister. The braised sauce is simply delicious as it is thick and flavourful. The sea cucumbers are also very chewy and soft in texture. The service staffs also quite prompt to our request whenever we request for topping up of our chinese tea pot. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-31
i can always count on pu tien for some old style heng hwa comfort food.And i particularly love their vermicelli.Just look at that mound of ingredients! And the rice vermicelli that's been fried in seafood stock such that all the goodness has been sealed in! What's your favourite ingredient? I love their juicy cute clams and I wish they could just be a little bigger. The crunch of peanuts and all the goodness of greens and tofu puff strips.This and their lor mee. I love. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-28
It's my first visit to Putien City Square outlet. I'm impressed by the brightness of the restaurant, and getting the window seats is a bonus where we could view the street scene while dining. Putien oyster omelet - small ($16.90) is good as usual. The oysters are finely chopped and mixed with the batter before deep-fried to crisp. It's so crispy and nice to bite on. Shredded meat with bun ($7.80) is a little bit of work where you need to put the food together on your own, but fun! The homemade golden sesame bun is superb and fragrantly good. The tender shredded meat is cooked with lots of onion slices in a thick sweet sauce. Love the taste. Deep-fried duck with yam ($15.90) is slightly disappointing though. The yam block is filled with duck and it's deep-fried. It's so greasy that the yam kind of stuck on the oil paper, not impressed. Taste wise, it's just so-so. Fried noodle (mee sua) - small ($6.90) is my all time favourite! It's so delicious, and most importantly the texture of mee sua doesn't turn soggy but fully absorbed the flavour of the gravy! A must have! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-25
This is PUTIEN pork ribs ($5.90) from the Summer Menu. The menu was a little misleading because in the menu they showed a picture of 3 pork ribs on the dish and we assumed that we would also be given 3 pork ribs in one serving, but that was too good to be true- you only get ONE pork rib paired with a slice of chinese yam for $5.90. We were told a fresh batch of pork ribs just arrived at the restaurant they day we visited and we were fortunate to savour the ribs at its best. True enough, the pork rib was sweet and tender. I’m personally not very sure how the pairing of yam with pork enhanced the dish, the pork rib is good alone I guess.Also in the Summer menu is this Lychee Mango Pudding ($4.90) which is billed as a “cool, light refreshing dessert” perfect for summertime. It is essentially a smooth mango pudding enhanced with a little lychee flavouring and garnished with mango and strawberry fruit bits. I was personally not too impressed with this, it tasted like normal mango pudding to me.Whenever I’m at Putien, I will not miss these fantastic starter dishes on their a la carte menu:The Stir Fried Yam ($10.90) is almost like deep fried yam with an almost crispy, caramelized exterior containing a nice soft chewy yam interior. The outer skin of each yam piece is fried to a nice golden brown, and it is glazed with a very addictive layer of sweet sauce/honey? which gives each yam piece a nice irresistible sweet, savory taste. The dish is also garnished with slices of onions and spring onions which pairs well with the yam pieces you’re chomping down.Another personal favourite, this is the PUTIEN style century egg ($5.90). Soft, bouncy century egg pieces are covered in a layer of crispy flour layer coating which are dunked in a special savoury sauce. Century egg lovers should not miss this!While you’re at PUTIEN restaurant, you will not miss their special chili sauce on your table, contained in this attractive “Spice Mum” container. It’s a bit like hokkien mee chili, with perhaps more chili padi bits. The chili sauce might be a tad too spicy for me, but it really enhances the flavour of many dishes. I would high recommend adding a spoonful of their special chili to their Lor Mee. The chili sauce really pairs very well with the rich broth of the Lor Mee, adding a complementary spicy edge to the dish. It’s the ultimate combo that leaves me wanting more!Do visit http://mrfoodnotes.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/putien-city-square-mall/ for more details. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-15
Located just a street away from its parent restaurant at Kitchener Road, Pu Tien has opened another restaurant at City Square Mall. With the new restaurant, more people can get to enjoy the delectable Pu Tien Xing Hua Cuisine. In addition, parking will not be a problem compare to the original restauarnt.Whenever I visit Pu Tien, I must order the Fried Xing Hua Beehoon and the Lychee sweet and sour pork. The beenhoon has the qq texture and while their sweet and sour pork is the best I have eaten. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)