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<br>Ramen Ten means "noodle shop" in Japanese. It was established in late 2002 in Singapore and awarded the Halal certificate by MUIS in 2005. They adopt the concept of hip and vibrant decor, which is in line with downtown Japan, Harajuku. continue reading
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Dry Ramen Teriyaki Beef Ramen Tom Yum Ramen
Review (18)
Level4 2014-02-24
One of my friends was craving for ramen and we decided to try this restaurant! I ordered their Dry Ramen which is basically ramen, minced chicken, vegetables and their special sauce. I was disappointed with the noodles as it tasted like maggi and was kind of bland. The minced chicken was just so-so. My other two friends had the Super Spicy ramen and Spicy Minced Chicken ramen. Both of them was also disappointed and agreed with me that the ramen tasted like maggi mee! They also commented that the broth lack taste. I guess the only positive part is their iced soda! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
I always pass by Clementi area and saw the 99 cents sushi poster. The sushi was halal and I wonder will it taste different? I told my friend about the on going promotion and we decided to have a try there.The sushi plates were on the conveyor belt and we took a few sushi plates to try. The sushi rice tasted sweet and with a hint of vinegar, the flavour tasted the same as other sushi restaurant.The fish roe sushi in beancurd skin and in seaweed tasted fresh and the roe burst water when I bit on it. The sliced clam sushi also tasted good, the clam were not too chewy to chew on and was marinated in savoury soya sauce. The jelly fish sushi was the usual marinated jelly fish slices that was sold in supermarket.Overall, the halal sushi was surprising above average without the mirin in rice. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-04
I had a cha shu chicken ramen. The cha shu chicken was not too bad, but was a little salty. But the soup had no taste. the texture of the noodles were a little too hard for my liking. It is generally not a very tasty meal for its price, not worth it. The place was quiet. The service was really slow. We just wanted to order our ramen but it took us 15-20 mins just to call the waiter. continue reading
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I've bought their coupon deal for the sushi buffet from deal.com.sg for 5 pax (http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/Certified-Halal-All-You-Can-Eat-Ala-Carte-Lunch-Buffet-at-Shin-Tokyo-Clementi-City-Vibe-Includes-Unlimited-Sushi) (Not this deal, but the terms are similar) and made a reservation to enjoy the deal at Shin Tokyo @ Clementi Vibes. Most of the things were fine until around 2hr later, whereby we were informed by the manager that our time for the buffet was up. Upon hearing this, we were very unhappy and puzzled, as the terms and conditions of the deal which i have purchased did not state the buffet was only for 2hrs, and if i've known it beforehand, i wouldn't have even bought the coupon at all!I asked their manager to clarify the issue about the 2hr on the spot, and he stated that all their buffet deal have a 2hr time limit, and he was unaware as to why this term for the 2hr time limit was not stated in deal.com.sg, as well as some other website coupon deal (http://www.groupon.sg/deals/deals-near-me/-1765-for-all-you-can-eat-sushi-buffet-lunch--ramen-of-the-day--iced-green-tea-at-shin-tokyo-sushi--worth--3884-/715879994) If this was the case, then there must be some sort of miscommunication between them and deal.com.sg, and this mistake should not have be 'pushed' to the consumers' side to suffer this unfair consequences! On the other hand, if it was really a 2hr buffet and they have not indicated inside the terms of the vouchers, then they are clearly misleading the consumers to make the purchase and fall into their trap!Although their manager did agree to let us continue staying there after the reasoning, as he found out that it was indeed a mistake on their part whereby the 2hr time limit was not stated in the terms of the deal, we were certainly very unhappy about it and have no more mood to continue our stay there. On a side note, the sushi variety and quality at Shin Tokyo @ Clementi Vibes are really the worst i've experienced so far, amongst the other Japanese restaurants. From the timing when we were there (12.20pm to 2.20pm), the variety was not that fantastic, and the quality of the rice tastes like they have been left overnight, or too much water was put in while cooking the rice. It was really disappointing for a sushi buffet, which originally cost $32.80. From the look of most of the customers who dined at the restaurant while we were there, we could certainly see their disappointment in the sushi variety as well, as they kept on looking at the sushi conveyor belt and never took much from it. The services of their crews at Shin Tokyo @ Clementi Vibes also "turn from good to bad" over the 2hr when we were there. I'm not sure is it because "our time is up" or because we have eaten too much, hence when our so-called 2hr is ending, they stopped clearing our plates and stopped refilling our drinks!Back to the general issue of the so-called 2hr buffet, i have sent an email to their higher management to look into this and give me a favorable explanation as soon as possible. I believe that a company must honor their words, and in this case if it is their mistake not stating the terms and conditions clearly, then they should have honored what was being stated initially. There were other terms such the additional $2.80/pax during weekends and additional GST & Service charge which was not included in the coupon deal, and they were all stated clearly which we were totally fine with them! This is the first time we have tried eating at their restaurant, and this first time have left us with a deep and unpleasant experience. If we have known that it was only a 2hr buffet earlier when we are purchasing the deal, we would have decide to visit the restaurant at a later timing, whereby the sushi variety might have been better, or even not make the purchase at all!Sorry for the long review, but we certainly do not wish the other consumers to experience the same incident as us, but judging from the past few reviews, most people left even before the 2hr was up. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-16
Previously, I bought coupons online for $17.65 for All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Buffet Lunch + Ramen of The Day + Free Flow Iced Green Tea which was apparently worth $38.84. My friends and I ordered 3 different bowls of ramen as it was inside the deal and we were shocked that the ramen came in regular serving which made us really full. In the end, we did not manage to eat much of their sushis. Their sushis tasted average, nothing to shout about. Service was average too. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)