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RamenPlay aims to deliver a refreshing and unique dining experience in a welcoming setting. The ramen soup stock is prepared daily with quality ingredients such as choice cuts of specially-imported soft pork bones, pork sinew, and a special choice of spices which have been gently simmered for more than 12 hours. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-13
I was feeling hungry yet tired and a bit nauseous at the same time. RamenPlay was the nearest dining venue to me at that time so i check out the menu first and the chilled ramen got my attention. I usually like to have chilled ramen at Sushi Tei but haven't try the one at RamenPlay. So i decided to try it since it's something more refreshing and appetizing for me! The Hiyashi Ramen Salad $10.80 is really a good choice. The dressing is good and i love all the toppings that comes with it. Everything goes really well with the chilled ramen and it was a very wholesome meal. I strongly recommed this! continue reading
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Not only typical Japanese-style noodles selling here, RamenPlay was extending their Menu to Rice, Snacks, Beverages and Desserts also. They were now promoting special harvested Premium Niigata Koshihikari Rice, nutritious and healthy. I didn’t buy the package of rice back home but I tried the rice at their shop.Topped by Chicken Cutlet and scrambled egg, entire was appetizing with glaze of Teriyaki Sauce. Warm and tasty, I never regret to have it. The rice was soft and yielding, high standard of grains. Apparently taking Claypot rice, awesome pipping hot yet the portion was small. The cost dining was affordable, with pleasant environment and service. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-09-01
Maybe it's just me, but knowing the fact that RamenPlay was set up by the same people at Bread Talk just doesn't inspire confidence or appeal. And that is probably the main reason why my first visit to this ever growing chain was barely a week ago.The outlet at NEX Serangoon is big, spacious and it was pretty easy getting a seat outside of the peak mealtimes. Having no prior experience to go by, I went with the Sanpou Tonkotsu Ramen - one of the featured items on the menu. Sanpou (三宝) refers to the 3 featured ingredients within the dish - Cha Shu, Toroniku and Buta Kakuni all served in a pork bone broth. Even so, I didnt quite come away impressed. The Cha Shu and Toroniku were near undiscernible and tasted very much like unseasoned pieces of cooked ham. Saving grace did come from the Buta Kakuni aka Pork Belly in special sauce which was tender and flavorful from the sauce at the same time.Very much a pork broth advocate when it comes to ramen, I was also pretty much disappointed with RamenPlay's rendition. The milky concoction just doesn't pack the punch in terms of taste. I did finish up on a high with an order of gyoza. Even though there was nothing spectacular, it was just as tasty as gyozas go, and I'm pretty satisfied with that.Verdict: Would stick to my gut feel and leave ramen for the authentic ramen people. continue reading
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Owned by the BreadTalk Group, RamenPlay specialises in ramen pork bone soup stock made with high quality imported ingredients, using an in-house recipe developed by their team of chefs from Niigata, Japan. RamenPlay styles itself as having a 'playful' concept, though I fail to see how this theme is incorporated.Ambience at RamenPlay is modern contemporary. Decor is minimal, and colour themes of their outlets is black-and-white classic. RamenPlay staff uniforms add to the overall experience, as they are dressed in theme colours with suspenders. Layout is clean and orderly, but furniture comfort is just average.Service at RamenPlay is quick and efficient, and also rather mechanical in nature. Dishes come out quickly, but style of service is similar to fast food... little interaction, quick, efficient, and a little souless. Decent enough for dining, but not particularly memorable or outstanding.Food at RamenPlay, as the name suggests, is mostly focused on ramen noodle soups. While the noodles are pretty good, with a springy and bouncy texture and slight bite, the highlight is their rich soup base. RamenPlay has a good variety of soup options, such as miso, shoyu, tonkatsu and more, and the cuts of meat are quite high quality. This also means that an average meal at RamenPlay is quite pricey, expect to pay around SGD $20 plus per person. For full review and more photos, please visit http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/08/ramenplay.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
It was only 5.30pm on a weekday evening and I'm already craving for ramen dinner. My friend raved about the affordable ramen here so I decided to give it a try. The shop was almost completely empty when I stepped in.After browsing the menu, I decided to order their Sanpou ramen and a refreshing Ice green tea.Sanpou ramenThis dish consists of 3 types of pork meat from 3 different areas of a pig. I could tell the pork belly and the regular round shaped pork char siew slices, I couldn't tell what is the 3rd type....anyway, all porky meat served here were yummy. The soup base was a tad salty though but still good.Gyoza Side order of 3pcs of gyoza. Tasted alright, nothing special.Total bill for all three items was under $20, good deal! continue reading
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