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SELA is a modern European restaurant. Featuring a spread for lunch & dinner that represents the essence of European cooking with an exclusive charcoal grilled Tapas menu; and like any good European restaurant, SELA has a wide range of wines to select from as well. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-18
Few weeks back, I was invited for the food tasting at SELA Restaurant. It is located approximately 10 minutes of walking distance away from City Hall & Bugis MRT station. SELA is a restaurant offering modern European items with mixture of modern Asian creations for the newly revamp menu by Chef Benson.StartersWith the cosy and casual dining setting, we started off with Procuitto Ham & Melon S$16.00 as starter. It is nicely plated with wild rocket, compressed rock melon, pickled beetroot and balsamic gel. Sweet taste of rock melon with some greens do perks up my appetite to start the meal.Soy & Beetroot Cured Fjord Trout S$16.00 served with Japanese cucumber, avocado puree, avurga caviar and smoked oil. Pretty presentation with the caviar as the topping on the salmon sashimi taste refreshing.Pan-fried Foie Gras S$18.00 served with braised daikon, nashi pear, nori and lemon-miso glaze is also one of the starter choices. My favourite dish that I wish to have more than a plate. Loving the soft and tenderness of the foie grass that literally melts into your mouth with the fusion Japanese style of preparation.Main CourseKakuni Style Pork Cheek S$20.00 was well-received the night. Argula, charred corn kennel, braised leek, roasted parsnip and granny smith sauce is nicely presented on the table. The pork meat is moist and easily tears off with the fork itself.Confit of Chicken Leg “Chicken Rice Style” S$18.00 served with watercress salad, French beans, baby carrot and chicken jus. Although the presentation is rather normal compared to the rest, the chicken meat served was tender and soft.Pan-fried barramundi S$20.00 served with spring onion mash, coriander salad, crispy garlic and garlic soy sauce. This main has a slight twist of Chinese fusion in it as you can see the crispy garlic is served as the garnishing and topping of the fish. That’s really interesting way of preparation and surprisingly the combination turned out pretty well.DessertsWe were served two types of desserts that night. Vanilla Custard Tau Huay S$8.00. What comes into your mind when you see the word Tau Huay? It’s the Chinese style beancurd and true enough it is but it has the mixture of strawberry gelee, lychee and lychee glaze. So, this is what happens when the east meets the west.Semolina Cake S$12.00 is the passionfruit curd with torched meringue, vanilla ice-cream and passon fruit coulis. Personally it is not my favourite and I find the cake is fluffy and dry. But the combo with vanilla ice-cream was just fine and the taste is towards mild rather than our usual stronger preferences.For more food reviews, check out http://hazeldiary.com continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-10
This is a restaurant located at Purvis Street, and have been receiving rave reviews in the media.The restaurant offers modern European cuisine and has a tight 2 page menu, with 5 – 6 items for their starter, meats, seafood, mains and desserts section. This is good, compared to many restaurants who do multiple pages for their menu and leaving diners to ask the restaurant staff what are their specialities. This means the restaurant is confident of their offerings and keeping the menu items tight for each selectionI paid a visit with my lunch partner for lunch this week to try their food.Here are the meal highlights:Ciabatta Roll: $3. This was baked in-house and it was very soft and fragrant. A order is a set of 3 rolls comes with butter cubes and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. Just eating it alone or with the butter was heavenly. I had two pieces before the meal started.Soup: Green Peas, Asparagus, Prawns and Edamame: $14. The soup is nice and smooth. I loved the edamame beans in the soup. The prawns and asparagus were grilled and placed on the side of the soup. Loved this.Starter:- Grilled Asparagus, Poached Egg, Parma Ham, Mixed Berries Compote: $19.50. The restaurant included some elements of Xmas in their menu and the mixed berries is that addition. The egg was runny when we cut into it. Mixed the yolk into the dish and it added a nice flavour and texture to the dish. The compote made the dish more purple.- Duck Rillete, Seared Candied Foie Gras, Balsamic Cream topped with Rocket Leaves: $19.50. I loved foie gras and the duck rillete was a good pairing to make this this ‘all things duck’. The rillettes were nice and creamy. Foie gras was decent sized. Must-order!Meats: Herb Crusted Lamb Rack, Grilled Tomatoes on Vine and Baby Carrots with Cranberry Compote and Chocolate Glaza: $32. The lamb was roasted to medium rare. The herbs crust imparted a nice flavour to the lamb. Delicious and the vegetables were also good. Order it if you love lamb and no regrets!Seafood: Baked Miso Chilean Seabass, Edamame, Sweet Peas topped with Salmon Roe: $28. Nice big portion of fish that has been baked so the skin is nice and crispy on the edges. The sauce reminds me of oriental sauce, though the restaurant manager assures me that there’s miso in it. Its topped with a nice helping of salmon roe that makes this dish absolutely delicious. I think most ladies will like this dish, cos it’s light and easy on the tummy. Must-try!Sharing:- Salmon Skewers with Grape Relish: $13. Instead of serving on a plate, the restaurant serves this on a Himalayan Salt block. The salt imparts a nice salty flavour to the salmon that is placed on top, removing the need to sprinkle salt on the dish as a finishing, like most restaurants. Interesting indeed. Try it!- Beef Tongue with Red Cabbage Salsa: $18. It may sound off-ish, but I loved it. The tongue is sliced thinly and nicely grilled. It has a nice smokey flavour and eaten with the purple cabbage and mango salsa, it was yummy!Dessert:- Gula Melaka Crème Caramel: $12. Gula Melaka is used in this dish making it a unique dessert with a local ‘twist’. It came together really well and I loved it. Recommended!- Wasabi Ice Cream: $10.50: An interesting a rare ice-cream option. The ice cream was mildly spicy and the restaurant plated this with oreo crumbs and some cut strawberries and blue berries, topped with a piece of chocolate. I usually like eating my ice cream plain. But the oreo crumbs went very well with the ice cream. Must-order!I chanced upon their offering of Japanese Craft Beers in their drinks menu, and ordered the following:- Swanlake Porter, from Niigata: $22. Niigata is famous for their rice production, and this beer is made from rice. This was poured in a wine goblet, and the manager swirled the bottle before pouring it in the glass. You swirl the goblet to get a whiff of the aroma before sipping the beer, much like appreciating the first taste of wine. It had a nice fresh flavour and a good taste. Loved it!- Swanlake Koshihikari Rice Lager, from Niigata: $22. This was also unique. This is a dark beer, almost like a stout and it has a nice coffee flavour. If you love coffee and beer like I do, it’s the best of both worlds!There are other interesting items on the menu that I would like to try, such as Hokkkaido Scallops with Blueberry Cerviche, Slow Braised Kurobuta Pork Cheek, Grilled Octopus with potatoes, spinach, oranges and strawberries and Dessert: Rice Beer Sabayon with Mixed berries and Vanilla Ice cream, and Caramel Balsamico Ice cream.The menu changes every month, with some favourites retained in the new menu.I look forward to coming to this restaurant again.Recommended! continue reading
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I went to Restaurant SELA , not once but twice. Yeah, me and my bf like the place very much & we simply love the environment & food there. Will definitely come back again!My bf & I are meat lovers , Herb Crusted Lamb is our favourite dish. One unique thing about SELA is , they are one of the few restaurants in Singapore which serves Japanese craft beers.If you ask me, Swanlake porter is my choice My bf loves Swanlake Koshihikari Rice Lager.And don't forget their signature dessert -- Gula Melaka Creme Caramel!!! continue reading
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Sela in Hebrew meaning rock, radiated from the “rocky” interior design. Opened for business just few mouths and we are invited to evaluate the menu specially created and prepared by the head of chef Mohammad Shahrom, who is specialized in gourmet European cuisine. SELA is a modern European restaurant trying to establish the footage with its creative food menu. Flipping through the menu, you will probably realized there isn’t too many choices, it is really the idea by the restaurant of keeping the menu simple and just focus on quality.Our verdict, using fresh and quality ingredients with a good culinary skills are the biggest attraction by SELA, if you enjoy European delicacies, the fine food at SELA should be able to entice your palette.Recommend dishes and dessert :Salmon Skewers, Grape Relish $13.00Miso Squid, Sweet Peas, Salmon roes $10.00Baked Miso Chilean Seabass, Edamame & Sweet Peas $27.00Gula Melaka Creme CaramelPlease refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review.  continue reading
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restaurant SELA - an almost 5 month old restaurant at the heart of the city, serving up a range of afforable contemporary modern cuisines whilst pairing them with wine and award winning japanese beers. the starters/tapasMiso Squid Perfectly cooked, another tapas dish which hit all the right notes during the night. More Salmon roe on display and great combination of the miso sauce to complement the grilled squid. Salmon Skewers A tad too fishy imo, but was overall well seasoned and cooked. The grape relish represented a different approach to the previous tapas dishes and tasted great with the salmon, musking its fishy after taste. Grill Asparagus w para ham An ensemble of ingredients which made the whole dish look so exciting. You slit that poached egg - the oozing of the egg yolk onto the vinaigrette mixed rockets. Wrap some parma ham onto your fork and into your mouth. A dish worthy of its price. the drinks Oh yes. the best part of the place is their awesome mix of Japanese craft beers. Selected to complement your order of food, the table wholly agreed that the swan lake beer was the best. Tried them yet? I bet you haven't! the mains Herb crusted rack of lamb Tender, juicy and every bit of what you expect from a good rack of lamb. I can vaguely taste that overwhelming odour which made it even more appetizing. Slow Braised Kurobuta Pork Cheek A special request by me because i wanted to try something different (and i was still hungry). Tender and soft, but I felt that it lacked in flavour. Somewhat anticlimax.DessertsGula Melaka Creme Caramel A generous douse of gula melaka to compliment the creme. Some salinity would have made the dish more appealing. Otherwise, it was a good dessert to end the meal.Lemon Cheese Tart Great flavours, a blend of cheese and cake with lemon curd on top. To top if off, more lemon sauce is drizzled onto the plate to make it moist. Full review @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2014/11/restaurant-sela-where-west-meets-east.html continue reading
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