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A quaint cafe serving handcrafted specialty coffee and casual food made from the freshest ingredients. continue reading
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Level4 2018-01-17
The cafe was located at the ground floor of a office block, just a stone throw away from my work place but no direct public transport to the place. The dine in area was made up of mis-match tables and chairs. Interesting industrial decoration. For a weekday lunch time, the place was pretty empty. Help yourself to the iced water by the counter.Nasi Lemak with 5 Spice Pork Confit (S$9.90)Chef Shen Tan's Signature twice steamed Nasi Lemak (featuring 10 ingredients) served with ikan billis, omelette, housemade sambal and coffee sambal on cool cucumber slices, signature pork confit, marinated with coffee grounds and 5 spice powder.The meat looked rather fatty and charred black, but the taste and texture was just nice. Best to go with the coffee sambal. The housemade sambal was a bit too spicy for me. The ikan billis was quite crispy and crunchy. The rice was pipping hot and fluffy. Shendol Delights : Coconut Pannacotta with Gula Melaka Syrup topped with homemade Red Bean Ice Cream (S$10)Chef Shen's version of local dessert Chendol is a creamy smooth coconut panna cotta served with Gula Melaka Syrup, Chendol and housemade Red Bean Ice CreamThe panna cotta was rich and creamy but it was lacking of the coconut taste. The chendol seemed to be factory made as it stain the brownish syrup to a greenish colour easily. The ice cream was just plain flavoured one without any red bean in it, and with a too icy texture.Flat white ($5.50)Served with latte art. Rich in flavour. continue reading
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Hidden away in the area off Portsdown Road, within the Infinite Studios building, is the 3 year old Revolution Coffee. Founded in January 2013 by Ajie Pramana, Revolution Coffee is a quaint, cozy cafe, specialising in handcrafted speciality coffee, and rustic, casual Australian style food. Inspired by the cafes of Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, the secluded location of Revolution Coffee is its biggest drawback, though there is a shuttle bus service from One-North MRT station.Ambience at Revolution Coffee is cozy, rustic, and unpretentious. An eclectic mix of rustic wooden furniture lines the spacious but dimly lit place, with beer crates propping up the tables. A centerpiece light fixture hangs overhead, while a small booth area boasts eaye-catching wall mural art by Singaporean grafitti artist Samantha Lo, better known as SKLO, or Sticker Lady. The aroma of roasting coffee perfumes the air, while the small but attractive display of daily cakes and pastries draws the eye with their bright colours.Service at Revolution Coffee is partial self-service, with ordering and payment done over the counter, though staff will serve orders to your table. I find staff to be chirpy, friendly, and welcoming, with decent product knowledge on the menu and daily items. They're able to describe the various types of coffee beans used here, which is important. Beyond the friendliness of staff, there is little else memorable about the service, but it's of a decent, acceptable level for a cafe.Food at Revolution Coffee is Australian / British / Western style, focusing on sandwiches, salads, pasta, desserts, and breakfast / brunch dishes. The menu was developed by chef Shen Tan, formerly of the now-defunct Wok & Barrel. Of particular note is their baked items, all freshly made and baked in-house daily! Portions are fairly large, and suitable for sharing, while prices are affordable. Budget about SGD $20 per person for a meal with drinks and desserts here. As for coffee, they now offer more than just the Single Origin brand, expanding to include coffee beans from Smitten Coffee and the Gentlemen's Coffee Company.The best drink we had here was the Iced Cafe Mocha (SGD $6.50), with its deep, rich, robust flavour of coffee and chocolate. Nicely sweet without being cloying, yet intense in the aroma of roasted coffee beans. Highly recommended!Made with a double shot of espresso, the Cold Brew Coffee (SGD $7.50) is naturally higher in acidity and bitterness, yet the texture is refreshing and velvety smooth. Strong in body, this makes a great pick-me-up on a hot sunny day!The home baked Banana Bread (SGD $4.50) was so good! Much denser and smooth in texture compared to other versions, it has a nice fruity sweetness from the bananas, and paired with the refreshing yoghurt dip, it's really delightful. Totally unstoppable. Highly recommended! Full Revolution Coffee review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/02/revolution-coffee.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-16
A quaint little cafe with a relaxing, hipster decor, this cafe is nearly the lifeblood (well, one out of two) of this building's inhibitants, supplying quality handcrafted coffee and casual meals and a nonchalant ambience so the busy executives could take a breather over meals / breaks.While waiting for our meals, we had coffee served to us. I had a Mocha (around SGD$6.00) - a lovely concoction of coffee and chocolate topped with a little foam and simple Latte art. The coffee had a nutty note to it, and was smooth on the palate.My main course of Roast Beef Sandwich (around SGD$12.00) was served - with crispy toast clasping lush greens and tender beef slices topped with caramelized onion slivers. The beef slices were so thin they literally disappeared under the foliage of fresh greens, but one could easily detect the taste of the luscious red meat and chewy texture in the midst of the fresh sandwich.*Angelica had the Mac & Cheese (around SDG$12.00) - a piping hot, gooey homely dish consisting of the rich combination of Mozarella, Cheddar and Parmesan. It was a small pot, but filling and delicious cheesy canopy atop softly baked macaroni. It was also a good choice, and one of the cafe's signature dishes.For full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/09/lunch-at-revolution-coffee-infinite.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-05-24
Situated at Media Circle, Revolution Coffee is a quaint cafe serving handcrafted specialty coffee and casual food. To be honest, this cafe is really out of the way. But because it is so ulu, it is a really nice place to chill out and have a cuppa.My favourite dish is the gula melaka and butterscotch-coated pancakes with caramel and bananas ($11.90). It is a comforting breakfast food, the classical pancake is given a local twist with the addition of gula melaka syrup. The scrambled eggs ($5.90) is another item that tastes great on the palette. Rich and creamy, nothing beats a plate of good old simple creamy scrambled eggs on a weekend. It is accompanied with sourdough. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-31
If not for this cafe, I guess I would not have even knew about the existence of Media Circle where Revolution Coffee is situated.Revolution Coffee is dubbed as one of the most “ulu” cafes in Singapore, given its location within Portsdown Ave which is in Buona Vista. Places here are typically considered hidden gems, especially when there is a line of fine dining and posh restaurants just before you reach Media Circle. Some claimed to have found it difficult to locate, but I would say that Revolution Coffee is going to be as easy/difficult to find as Necessary Provisions where I frequent for coffee within the quieter Eng Kong Terrace.Burger with Fries ($12.90) was the special offered that day and was apparently the final day it was available. There were two versions available with the same beef patty, one with Inferno sauce which is a spicy sauce and another with Mushroom Cheese. I ordered the Mushroom Cheese variation and when it was served I instantly realised how messy it would be when eaten. The burger ended up tilting with every single cut I made and I just decided to lay it on its side after finishing the bun. The burger at the very least was decent, but probably normal. The only wow-factor for me was the melted cheese which was stringy and chewy, which went superbly with the peppered mushroom with a earthy yet lightly spiced touch. The beef patty was tender and easy to cut but I would prefer it to be more tacky as it crumbled down fairly easily. I did appreciate the layer of caramalised onions that gave some taste to vegetables.Revolution Coffee Affogato ($6.00) is their own version of the classic gelato and espresso combination. Here, they have added cookie crumbles to it which gave it a nice crunchy texture and bite with a bit of chocolate-y taste. The espresso seems little in comparison with large ball of gelato, so there is a need to dig in deeper for the espresso. I liked it here that the staff brings it to the table with the espresso and gelato separated, and pours the espresso for you in front of you, which is a visual performance with the hot espresso melting part of the gelato in front of your eyes.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/revolution-coffee-infinite-studios/ continue reading
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