Ricciotti Pizza Pasta & Deli is a choice for authentic yet affordable Italian gourmet food and pastries in Singapore. Now known as Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill, the new contemporary, rustic and industrial design of its outlets would exude and reflect the concept of a true home-style Italian meal. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-25
Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Deli was opened at The Riverwalk in 2004 and in 2006, Ricciotti expanded and opened its second restaurant at China Square Central. Ricciotti has always been my choice for authentic and affordable Italian gourmet food in Singapore.I've earlier tried their "1 for 1 pizza or pasta promotion" at their Star Vista Outlet in October 2014 with delight and it was actually quite value for money. Hence, I invited two friends for a return visit for the same promotion. We did not make any reservations and we were seated down comfortably upon our arrival. I like the wooden interior decorations. The staff were friendly and introduced us the Italian food available under current promotion and those in the ala carte menu.We ordered two types of pizza and one spaghetti to share among the three of us. The Spaghetti Marinara costs S$23.50. The Spaghetti was served with calamari, clams, sea scallops, prawns, cherry tomatoes in light tomato sauce. If you like seafood spaghetti, you will enjoy Spaghetti Marinara.The Carnivora Pizza costs S$18.00 for the 9 inch size and S$25.50 for the 12 inch size. The Carnivora Pizza was filled with honey baked ham, chicken, spicy salami, minced beef, pomodoro and mozzarella cheese. The Prosciutto Cotto E Funghi Pizza costs S$15.00 for the 9 inch size and S$21.50 for the 12 inch size. The Prosciutto Pizza was filled with ham, mushrooms, pomodoro and mozzarella cheese.I like the thick crust for both pizzas. However, among the two types of pizza, I personally preferred the Prosciutto Pizza as I like the ingredients mix (ham and mushrooms).The "1 for 1 promotion" is limited to either "1 for 1 pasta" or  "1 for 1 pizza". This means that you order one type of pizza, you will get the other pizza for free. You pay for the higher priced pizza. You cannot order one pizza and hope to get a pasta for free and vice versa.Overall, I enjoyed our lunch at Ricciotti.  I would recommend this place to fans of Italian cuisine. Ricciotti also offers daily weekday special promotion at their Star Vista Branch. For more details of the offer, you can visit their website.ps : This is not a sponsored post. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-24
While looking for a lunch spot on a Friday afternoon, we stumbled upon Ricciotti's 1 for 1 lunch time promotion so we popped in for quite a treat that afternoon.Recommended dish! Big in portion, the only grouse was that I wish the crabmeat was availabe in chunks rather than shredded. Well flavoured with bits of chilli to give it a hint of spicyness,The pork ribs turn out pretty dry and with a slight porky smell. The tomato based sauce probably saved it by masking its texture and smell.The portion is definitely huge and you would probably need to share this. There is a bed of mash potato and ample greens in the salad to make sure you are not getting a meat overdoseOrder their desserts and it is obviously not the restaurant's forte. So save the dessert money and head over to the other dessert outlets in Star Vista. VERDICTOverall, Ricciotti is still a restaurant which I would still be heading back to when I am looking for a pasta option, if I am in the area. Although the other dishes didnt impress me much, the Linguine Al Granchio is enough to convince me of another trip.For more food reviews, head over to RoundTumTums.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
After my successful tasting of the previous visit. I dragged another friend to accompany me to try the sirloin steak which i was eyeing the previous visit! HEHE! He didn't regret one bit after trying it! So I orderd the sirloin steak this time round (400G), which I obviously couldn't finish! Lucky I had a guy to help me finish my food, otherwise it'll be such a waste! The 50% discount when you dine with a friend was still on when I went back! PHEW. (if I'm not wrong, they have different promotions on different day! So you might want to check with the restaurant before heading down) The steak was not as good, I asked for medium rare but it almost came out close to raw and I could see the reddish blood parts. The chef must've been too anxious! HAHA! So I asked the waiter to bring it back to cook it a little more and he was very apologetic about it. It came back almost well-done this time round! OH MY. But some parts was still a little medium rare. I think the chef has to go for steak cooking classes again! By now, I really preferred the salmon more. My side dishes this time round were baked beans, wedges and garden salad. The baked beans were a little different from the canned ones, although it was most probably canned too but the sauce tasted a little better? and the beans felt bigger. Wedges was a little dry and the garden salad was the same. I was more disappointed this time round and I think i'll stick to the salmon the next time! Still a very nice place to eat nonetheless! ($35.50 before discount) continue reading
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Ricciotti's location within The Star Vista may be obscure for a few, but that certainly gives itself some edge for having a relaxed and calm atmosphere that one would be able to indulge themselves with great food in.Ordered Carbonara that day. The Carbonara sauce is of the dry type and was just enough to complement the whole plate of pasta. The bacon was also rather chewy.Also went for the Affogato with Vanilla Ice-Cream. The ice-cream blended well with the Espresso. An additional plus is that the waiter would pour the Espresso into the bowl of ice-cream when they arrive with the Affogato, creating a visual performance to be appreciated.For the full review and more photos, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/ricciotti-pizza-pasta-grill-the-star-vista/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-04
First time visitors to Star Vista may miss Ricciotti Restaurant which is located at a fairly quiet corner of the mall, away from the G/F inner corridor of shops & cafes. Ricciotti is indeed a hidden gem, featuring Italian cuisine at very reasonable prices. The restaurant has an al fresco area facing a quiet lane and a cosy aircon area with a hip, laidback vibe.Ricciotti's menu has something to suit every palate, from salads & sandwiches to thin crust pizzas, pastas & entrees. 9" pizzas are priced from $12.50 but for weekday lunch, selected 9" pizzas, along with free flow of soft drinks, go for $9.90++.We picked the salami pizza and an entree from the a la carte menu, Grilled Chicken Thigh ($14.50++) which was a huge portion served with salad, potato wedges & mushroom sauce.Only 6 of the 8 slices of pizza were topped with salami (see photo), perhaps due to the promotion. We liked the thin crust & the chef's light touch with the cheese - so it did not overpower the taste of the fresh herbs & tomato paste on the pizza. The grilled chicken thigh was big (300g based on the description on the menu); it had been lightly seasoned so we could savour its natural juices, though its taste was enhanced further by a spoonful of the homemade creamy sauce with sliced fresh button mushrooms, which was served in a tiny pot on the side. We relished tucking into the chicken skin which had been seared till crispy with all the subcutaneous fat melted away. Plated with the meat were a mixed green salad drizzled with balsamic dressing, & a portion of potato wedges, which were crispy on the surface & soft beneath - just the way we like them. IMHO, Ricciotti certainly does chicken asj well as, if not better than, the purveyors of peri peri & rotisserie chicken.Being full didnt stop us from ordering their tempting desserts. Tiramisu, our 1st choice, was sold out at lunch, so the choices left were gelato (pistachio, chocolate or vanilla bean), cheesecake, brownies & lemon meringue pie. The affrogado (espresso poured over chocolate gelato) & lemon meringue pie were superb. continue reading
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