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6468 9188
From Rocky's Pizza humble beginnings at Sunset Way in 1987 then to the The Rail Mall at Upper Bukit Timah and now back again to Sunset Way in 2007, Rocky’s has constantly pride itself on producing delicious pizza throughout the years. continue reading
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Broston Hawalian
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Level2 2013-01-17
I went to Rocky’s Pizza as a group of 13 people, with a reservation made before hand. It’s good that we did make a reservation because when we arrived, the staff had already joint a few tables together to accommodate all of us, and it’s a really sweet gesture which we appreciate. Hence if you’re going as a big group, the hotline to dial is 64689188/63446868The place was not big, but it felt cozy. The ambience was peaceful and makes diners feel really comfortable. The staff was really helpful because we felt the aircon was too cold, and they kindly helped us to adjust the temperature. As a big group, we took a long time to decide what to order and they did not seem to be to pissed off with us as well, and even helped us refill our ice water constantly. So thumbs up for their service!The food was great as well. Their pizza comes in two sizes, Large (12”) for about 2 to 4 people and XLarge (16”) for 3-5 people. We ordered 4 XLarge pizzas in total and they were really huge, as shown in the picture below. That's a 5 Top Economy Pizza, which can choose any 5 toppings of our choice at $33.20. Our favourite pizza, the Buston Special, costing $33.20 as well. It’s a blend of pepperoni, sausages, mushroom and cheese. For people who do not take beef however, please do note that it contains beef as well. However a tip for you if you really want to try this pizza, you can ask them not to include beef in the pizza.The crust was crispy and the pizza was delicious. Despite the people we have, we had a hard time finishing everything as well. We also ordered other side dishes, the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks which comes in fours, about $6.60 and the Deep Fried Chicken wings, 8 pieces for $14.30.The Cheese sticks were great. They arrive hot, so when you sink you mouth into it, aromatic molten cheese flowed out. Cheese lovers definitely should not miss this! The deep fried chicken wings were great as well, crispy on the outside and not too dry on the inside. A wonderful place to dine in. continue reading
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