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Be transported in an instant to The Land Of Smile at Sawadee Thai Cuisine located along Tan Quee Lan Street! What's more,you can expect to find yourself indulging in authentic Thai cuisine with gentle rhythm of Thai Jazz Music and ambience. continue reading
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Yam Som-O (Pomelo Salad) Mango with Sticky Rice Tom Yum Seafood Soup Pineapple Fried Rice
Review (4)
Level4 2017-10-25
The restaurant was located in the row of shophouses which was just above the MRT station from the Downtown line side. The restaurant used to be located in Sembawang 16 years ago, and relocated to its current location in 2013/ 2014. A couple of years ago there was a change of owners with the menu given a makeover.Looking through the menu, one could not help but notice the uncommon dishes such as Miang Kham and Kra Por Pla Phad Hang.Yam Som O ($12+ small / $18+ medium)Pomelo Saladpomelo with minced pork, prawns and peanutsI usually avoided pomelo as it usually tasted sour to me. But here it was juicy sweet, with the meat giving it a savoury taste too.Miang Kham ($12+ small / $18+ medium)Betel Leaf Wrapthai betel leaf with dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, roasted coconut, chilli, lime, ginger and onions with a savoury dipThis dish was seldom found in the menu in Thai restaurants in Singapore, as lots of effort was needed to prepare the ingredients such as the finely roasted coconut. It was like having rojak in the mouth with the prawn paste taste, spicy chilli padi, nutty peanuts, fragrant coconut in it.Khor Moo Kurobuta Yang ($22+)Grilled Kurobuta Pork Collargrilled kurobuta pork collar accompanied with homemade spicy sauceIt looked like well charred char siew when served. It was well paired with accompanying tangy sauce.Gaeng Phed Ped Yang ($17+)Panaeng Red Curry Roast Duckpanaeng red curry with roast duck, lychees and pineapplesThe red curry was not as spicy as expected. It was rich and creamy, which made it nice to go with plain rice, with the juicy pieces of fruit giving it a burst of sweetness.Hor Mok Talay Khanom Krok ($10+/ 4 pieces, $16+/ 7 pieces)Thai Style Otah on Clayplatemackerel fish mousse with thai herbs served in traditional clayplateThe dish was served on cute looking plate which was specially ordered from Thailand. The otah was bouncy and juicy in texture, packed with juicy pieces of seafood in it.Neau Ribeye Black Angus Yang ($32+)Pan Seared Black Angus Beef Ribeye220g black angus ribeye beef accompanied with green curry sauceIt reminded one of steak served with béarnaise sauce when served, with the meat sliced into strips for easy handling. On its own, the meat was juicy and tender without overcooked. With the sauce, it was rich and creamy with a green curry aftertaste, which some may felt that it overwhelmed the original taste of the meat.Kra Por Pla Phad Hang ($14+ small / $20+ medium)Fried Fish Maw with Beansproutsstir fried beansprouts with fish maw and eggsFish maw was usually used in soup dishes, one seldom saw it in a stir fried dish. Although it was stir fried, it remained soft and spongy. Khao Phad Nam Liap ($14+ small / $20+ medium)Sawadee Olive Fried Ricestir fried olive rice with chicken strips, dried shrimps, lime and chilliThe purplish looking rice was fragrant on its own, served with sliced shallots, cubes of juicy sweet lime, crunchy dried shrimps, chopped spicy chilli padi, crunchy deep fried minced garlic. It was a party in the mouth with spicy, savoury, sweet flavours, plus the different textures.Khao Phad Talay ($18+ small / $28+ medium) Superior Seafood Fried Ricestir fried rice with crab meat, prawns and conpoyIt may looked average, but the crispy fine conpoy provided an extra pop in texture.Khao Neow Turian ($12+)Mao Shan Wang Durian Sticky Ricepremium durian mao shan wang with glutinous rice topped with sesame seedsAs Mao Shan Wang was not available, it was replaced with D24 durian puree. The durian puree was rich and creamy with taste more on the sweet and balanced off with the chewy sticky rice.Khao Neow Ma Muang ($7+)Mango Sticky Ricemango with butterfly pea flower glutinous rice topped with roasted mung beansThe mango was chunky and juicy sweet, balanced with the sticky rice, topped with mung beans which gave an extra crunchy texture.Tup Tim Krob ($6+)Red Rubywater chestnut with jackfruit, coconut flesh and coconut milkThere was lots of liao in it, such as the red colored crunchy water chestnut, crunchy sea coconut, soft strips of jackfruit, and coconut flesh. It would be best to have this as soon as it was served as the shaved ice melted rather fast.Butterfly Pea Flower Tea ($5.50+)The drink was blue in color and served with lime juice by the side. When lime juice was added, the drink changed from blue to purple in color. The drink was more like a lemonade with slight tea taste in the aftertaste. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
Phad thai: kway tiao was slightly sticky, chewy, but it got dry after a while. Portion was also comfortable for 2 pax. It was also well-flavoured. Tom Yum soup clear: The tom yum flavour was sufficiently spicy and sour. I ate the phad thai together with the tom yum soup and they tasted good together too. However, the sotong was a little rubbery, perhaps overcooked.Chicken wing stuffed with minced meat was a little oily, juicy and minced meat stuffed in the wings were fine and well seasoned.Dessert was mango sticky rice, served unconventionally. Serving seemed small but just nice for 2 pax after a filling meal. The sticky rice wasn't overly sweet and the mango was very riped, sweet, and juicy. Overall, it's worth a try continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-22
The boss and lady boss were quite strange. But never mind, the food is the reason why we are here!So we ordered the set which was around $335++ for 10 pax. It was really worth it because there were many dishes, and you could actually change some dishes if you don't like what you see in the set menu!First up was the Thai Rice Crispies with a side of coconut chicken. It was like curry coconut gravy but without the spice. Not bad!This was the mango salad. I feel it's so-so only.The stuffed chicken wings were quite good, very crispy too.The presentation of the Thai otah was really cute. Taste-wise, it had a slight otah fragrance but wasn't spicy at all. Here's the huge plate of prawns in Thai sweet chilli sauce. Not bad..Prawns were big and succulent.Was looking forward to this dessert! Some of the mango were slightly sour, but other than that it was okay...at least it satisfied my craving for a bit!I didn't take photos of all the dishes, but there was also olive rice (so-so), fish maw soup which was not bad but really little, and deep-fried pomfret fillets which was really good. For the soup, we asked to have half changed to tom yam soup which wasn't spicy at all (and I'm very sensitive to spicy things). It was a huge let down considering how Thai food = tom yam soup. Another bad point is that their drinks are served in a really small portion. Just a few mouthfuls and it's all gone! continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-08
Inspired by traditional Thai elegance, Sawadee Thai was actually started its business in Sembawang few years back and recently moved to more centralized location at Bugis. Offered extensive high-quality Thai dishes, patrons were always spoilt for choices of yummy authentic foods. Woody interior décor was adorned with unique stylish Thai furniture, everything was classic and gorgeous. Featured in “U-weekly” magazine, I came to know about the restaurant.Freshly whipped up, pot was served in pipping hot. Significantly strong in flavour, soup was spicy-tangy while sharply sweet. Right balance of fiery sourness, strong note of lemongrass and lime leave was perfectly blended together. Seafood such as huge prawns, squids and fish were tenderly well-cooked. Tongue-numbing but very satisfying, portion was rather filling with a bowl of plain rice. The price was $15.00 for the soup, rather reasonable for me. It was really valuable to have a kick from savoury Tom Yum soup, sincerely and honestly. continue reading
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