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<BR>Shashlik Restaurant is a restaurant providing a repertoire of rich Russian cuisine dishes. continue reading
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Borsch Soup Lobster a la Russe Shashlik Beef Fillet
Review (22)
Level4 2017-06-05
The restaurant was very old school, offering western dishes. The restaurant was changed hand and went through upgrading. It reopened with a refresh in the classical look. The place was still served by mostly elderly staffs, who now use ipad to take orders.For weekdays, there was lunch set at $16.80++ which consisted of the main of the day, soup and a choice of soft drink, coffee or tea.Borshch (a la carte $7)classic Russian broth with a Hainanese twist, served with chunks of beef shank, slow cooked to perfectionIt was served with sour cream. The soup was very rich and creamy with pieces of meats in it, unlike the watery stuff which one usually found in the cha chaan teng cafes. Although butter was served, there was no bun served with it. Not sure what was the butter served for?For Wednesday, the main course was Oxtail Stew (a la carte S$32, only available on weekends).Hearty Hainanese Heaven. Enjoy the melt in your mouth experience with each chunk of the 36 hour slow braised oxtail.The dish was served with boiled carrots, broccoli and potato. The oxtail was very tender and flavourful. The serving was huge.I ended the meal with a cup of coffee (a la carte S$4), which was strong and bitter. It just brought one back to a coffee shop. None of the modern cafe style taste. continue reading
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This is one place that I never knew it existed till my friend introduced me. The restaurant is all about Russian food and yes it was my first time trying Russian food and I was really excited. The decor and furniture of this restaurant is almost like in the 80s and waiters are waitresses were dressed in butler style which was really something uniformed and unique about this restaurant. We were serve with bread roll first. The bread was soft and fresh, really enjoyed every bit of it. I ordered the Borsch soup with it and really tasty as well. Heard that this is one of their signature there and you must definitely order it. I also tried the Russian coffee. It was really strong and fragrant with tinge of alcohol in it. We ordered sides such as egg millionaire and Escargot. Egg millionaire was delicious but I didn't really like the Escargot though. For the main, I ordered the Shashlik beef. This came in a hot plate. It may look small but it was actually filling enough. Since is a signature, this is a must order! Beef tenderness is just right and juicy. Last but not least, we ordered a bomb alaska for sharing. The best bomb alaska I've tried so far. Do note to make a reservation first before heading down. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-07
I do not like the food here. It was a poor recommendation to come to this place for lunch. The place was old and service wasn't fantastic (not rude but not very welcoming either) but it was the food that was a let down. The only thing I think I enjoy was the baked Alaska which is this cake drizzled with alcohol (they flame it) and has ice cream inside. Sweet and you can taste the hint of the alcohol. The beef skewered and roasted. Very tasteless and quite tough. If you serve a meat like this with no sauce, it had better be a premium grade meat but this was not the case. Once again, not a good recommendation to come here unless you are really curious to try Russian food. Plus it's not cheap either! continue reading
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Came here one fine Saturday after hearing lots about this restaurant. I wasn't (and still am not) confident to say I knew a lot about Russian cuisine so this was a step out of my comfort zone... I think my wallet felt the same way too. We ordered what I think was a dozen escargot as a starter. Sadly the escargot here was just not up to standard. There's this slight taste of dirt... I don't even know. Jack's Place is still best for escargot. This is what I had for my main course - creamy chicken with rice. Verdict? Just. Plain. Horrible. Bland and flat. I think I only had 2-3 spoonfuls before casting this dish aside completely. Bad choice. Should have just gone with the steak! For dessert we had to order the Baked Alaska. This, I admit, was really good. It's basically ice cream cake with a slightly "burnt" top/tips. Oh by the way, the restaurant has this incredibly weird smell that might make you feel a lot less hungry. Beware. I don't think I'll be coming back at all... just wasn't impressed. Perhaps I just made bad dish decisions! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-15
First time trying out Russian cuisine, so of cos I will get the most safe dish to try out. I had the shashilik of Chicken, which consist of huge chunks of chicken thigh meat in a skewer served in hot plate, with a handful of french fries and greens. The hot plate chicken does smell really good but however, the chicken is kinda overrated. It is quite tasteless without any marination/seasoning thus I have to keep adding salt in order to have some saltiness in the dish. Will be good if they have some kind of home made sauce to go with this dish. Other than that, I tried their signature dessert - baked Alaska which tasted really good and addictive! Overall the price is quite steep, so unless if I am craving for the dessert, I guess I won't be going there frequently.. continue reading
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