Shin Kushiya, the Japanese Restaurant specializes in charcoal-grilled skewers. They are proud of their signature Kushiyaki skewers - where the freshest meat, seafood and vegetables are arranged on bamboo skewers and grilled over Bincho charcoal from Japan to provide a crisp smokiness while sealing the flavours within. continue reading
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11:30 - 22:30
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Review (20)
Level4 2013-12-30
Had my return to Shin Kushiya but different outlet, somebody told me ambience at Vivocity much better. The dining concept was straightforward, they aimed to provide quality, affordability and accessibility for their customers. Relaxed atmosphere with stylish furnishings, friendly staffs and attractive Menu enlighten the dining mood.Let’s start with rice, the bowl was fluffy decent with little spring onion on top. Slightly tasteless, it was prepared to accompany dish not eat plainly.Targeted their skewer this time, I wanted to know how good their Charcoal skill was. Luckily it didn’t disappoint me, using the specialty high temperature burning method to cook the meat sticks. A crisp smokiness without destroying the natural juicy part within, my skewers were extremely in chewy fragrant. Paired with homemade Taro sauce, the freshness was even obvious. Buta Bara Yaki Miso Ginger was most impressive among them, three layered pork was awesomely grilled. Happily satisfied Japanese eatery, there were thousand reasons to make my return again and again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-19
Weekend dining at shopping centre is really a disaster every where there was queue, fortunately our last stop we saw that shin Kushiya wasn't a long queue so decide to dine in thereThe restaurant was specialize in charcoal grilled skewers so we ordered a yakimono platter, mussel .The yakimono platter come pork belly which was juicy not oily , prawns which was fresh , bacon wrapped enoki . Where as the mussels come with tomato gravy and slice of hotdogs taste nice continue reading
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We were a huge group, so we ordered their signature yakimono platters to share. Chicken, tomatoes & shitake mushrooms platterThe chicken was fresh and tender, has smoky aroma...very yummy. The cherry tomatoes & shitake mushrooms were fresh and flavorful too.Pork belly, bacon wrap & prawn platterPork belly was melt in the mouth goodness, prawns and bacon wrapped enoki were very tasty too.Grill Unagi4 of us who were unagi fanatic ordered this to share...needless to say we were very happy with the soft and moist grill eel. The sauce was heavenly!Kimchi squidThis is another must order dish here. The squid was huge and kimchi sauce was refreshing spicy...perfect combi.My Seafood curry donI ordered this cos hubby was raving about their curry gravy. It was indeed very thick and flavorful and there were generous serving of fresh prawns, scallop, fish slice and squid in the curry. Highly recommended!Service level here was very friendly and attentive. We will be back for more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
The queue here at vivocity is so much longer than the one at JEM! If you waited really long at JEM, be prepared to queue an even longer time here! After my successful dine at JEM the other time, my friend recommended me to try the branch at vivocity! SO here I go!I think we were supposed to order the yakitori sticks but we decided against it as we felt that it's a little more pricey that we hope it would be. One stick of pork meat could cost about $2.40, I think it's better if I'm eating the Don(s). We ordered the Buta Don ($14.80) - Grilled Pork Rice BowlI wasn't really a fan of Pork in the first place but I really like the sauce for this! I think this is quite worth it as the meat is soft and the serving is quite generous! I also like to eat the pickle with the pork, quite a nice combi!We also ordered the California Temaki (hand roll)($3.00) The price is a tad higher than other Japanese place that I've eaten at. A great disappointment as the seaweed is already soggy when they served it! ): But I like that the filling inside goes all the way down and isn't like what you see at the top is what you get. If you like pork, I think you will love the Buta Don, but skip the california temaki as I don't think it's worth it. Also, make a reservation so that you don't have to wait too long! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-30
Friday night a Shin Kushiya which happened to be a public holiday is just crazy!! I'm lucky we made reservations ...We were ushered to a table at the far end, near the glass window so we had a nice night view of the outside (which was quite pleasant I guess!).We ordered a platter of yakitori which was the chef recommendation: it consisted of prawn, pork belly, mushrooms, pork wrapped tomato and black pepper chicken. My favourite out of all has got to be the chicken, its the most tender and the chicken falls apart in your mouth because it's so tender. All the sticks are brushed with this fabulous yakitori sauce which is just delicious. We also ordered a BBQ squid, the pork-wrapped salmon, quail eggs and a chicken stick brushed with roe. The pork-wrapped salmon was surprisingly better than I expected. I had expected the pork to overwhelm the salmon but I was wrong: instead, I bit into a whole chunk of medium-cooked salmon that was just the right blend of freshness and the smoky BBQ. The BBQ squid was also good; but perhaps I prefer bbq squid in a local setting, dipped in belachan and with lime squeezed over. Nevertheless it was well cooked, not too tough.The standards for their bbq sticks are quite high, but in my opinion, a lot of them were too salty for my liking. Maybe it's because we tried too wide a range of things, and I usually would only eat several sticks with rice as that is sufficient for me(think: tori q portions), hence maybe the saltiness was too overwhelming I felt slightly queasy towards the end of dinner.But I have to add that the freshness of the food is there, and the impeccable style of cooking ensures that there is a fragrant BBQ aroma on top of the tender meat.Service wise the servers are generally polite, but I'd have to say maybe they were too busy. It took awhile to get their attention and even when we did, it took quite long for them to get back to us/serve the food. It's lucky that we weren't very hungry! Price wise it's also not very cheap -we didn't order much, generally a stick to try but the bill came up to nearly $50 for those few sticks...but if you like barbecued meat on a stick, it's worth every penny. continue reading
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