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Shin Minori (translated as New Harvest in English) Japanese Restaurant serves high quality Japanese food and Japanese ala-carte buffet at affordable prices. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily and located at 81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-15/16 UE Square Singapore 239917 (Clarke Quay MRT). Reservations can be made at 6733 2272. continue reading
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Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi Moriwase (Assorted Raw Seafood_ Karashi Maguro Sushi (Spicy Tuna with Avocado & Tobikko)
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Level1 2017-05-26
This place is great for people who likes buffet, but lazy to walk around. They have an ipad for you to choose what you want to eat 😋 and it will be served to you. Too bad desserts and drinks were not included as part of the buffet. Also be mentally prepared that they don't have scallops & mussels. The yakitori and tempura is a must try. The yakitori was grilled to perfection, and the tempura was really crispy and the prawns were very fresh. Just for these two dishes, I'd come again The sashimi was also fresh. The only crab dish they have in the buffet came to me as a surprise - they were actually baby crabs that have been deep fried The staffs were friendly and attentive, they proactively offered to check our orders that have not been served. To sum it up, it was a great dining experience : Shin Minori serves high quality Japanese cuisine But if I come here again, most probably I won't go for the buffet. For the amount you're spending, and if you are willing to add a little bit more, perhaps you could get a buffet with more variety. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-03
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-tasting-shin-minori-japanese.htmlTagged along Pauline to another food tasting. This time, we're at UE Square shopping Mall to try out the Ala Carte Dinner Buffet at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant.Located at level 3 of the shopping mall, Shin Minori (meaning New Harvest) is adorned with Zen inspired dark wood furnishings with clean lines and cozy warm lighting.This casual Japanese diner offers wallet friendly All-you-can-eat Lunch and Dinner Ala Carte buffets. The buffet menu is definitely one of the most extensive ones I've seen, with more than 160 items to choose from! Fortunately, the restaurant has implemented a handy tablet ordering system where customers can browse the categorized food sections with ease, and place order for dishes online.For the Ala Carte buffet menu, drinks and beverages are not included in the buffet prices, but complimentary ice water is served, and replenished, at every table. We started with some chilled juices while we ponder over what to order from that huge selection of food.Apple juice & Lime juice $4.50++ ea.The food arrived pretty quickly after order submission via the tablet. Most items are served in single portions (some in pairs), serving sizes are smallish which is good as we can order more variety to try.Rice, noodle, chawanmushi & soupWakameGarlic fried riceMentai roe pastaSashimi moriwase platterDragonfly maki rollsRainbow maki rollsBacon wrapped asparagusGrill quail eggs & chicken skinGrill chicken meatballsGrill salmonEbi tempuraEggplant with yuzu miso dressingCucumber with soy bean pasteOverall, I enjoyed the Sashimi and sushi roll items the most. The raw seafood were extremely fresh, and the colorful Maki rolls actually tasted as good as they looked. Some grilled items were impressive too, the chicken meatballs and grill salmon were really good. The rest of the items were pretty standard in terms of taste.The restaurant owner offered some of their in-house specialty dishes for us to try. The grilled yellow tail collar was excellent. This dish is not found in the menu and will be served complimentary to their special guests and regulars, based on availability. The other two dishes can be found in the Ala Carte menu.Grilled yellow tail collarDeep fried soft shell crabsBaked scallopsNo dinner is complete without desserts, so we each ordered a scoop of Japanese flavor ice cream and sorbet. These are priced at $5.90++ per scoop, or $8.90++ for double scoop.Mixed berries, Matcha azuki ice cream & Yuzu sorbetDinner at Shin Minori was a pleasant experience, the buffet spread is extremely impressive, with a reasonable price tag to boot. Definitely a great spot for big groups of friends or family gatherings, where everyone can find something they like to eat here. I would suggest to go for their fresh seafood items which are more worthy of the bucks you're paying.Buffet PricesLunch (MON to SUN)Adult S$35++Child S$25++Dinner (MON to SUN, EVE OF PH & PH) *Adult S$39++Child S$29++*Except Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, CNY Eve & Special Occasions continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-06
To satiate craving for alot, alot of sashimi and chawanmushi craving, and a special treat, *Celine and I went for Japanese buffet dinner again, this time at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant located at 81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-15 / 16 UE Square, Singapore 239917 and the number to dial is 6733 2272.Bathed in soft dim lights in a comfortable setting respledent of rich Japanese culture, Shin Minori was packed to the brim tonight with diners. We enjoyed the hot pot of tea served first, while placing our order at this all-you-can-eat, a la carte buffet restaurant.It seemed rather fitting to start the meal off with Hiyayakko (chilled bean curd), a cold, smooth cube of delicacy that was sweetly fresh and tender to the touch, served with soft fish flakes and spring onions.I had the Momo Sarada (peach salad) next, a tiny dish of delicacy formed by fresh greens and sweet peaches. I loved this item as I am a peaches fan; didn't detect any dressing but the salad was tasty on its own.Then there were the Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) and Kabocha Chawanmushi (pumpkin steamed egg custard). I thought that their chawanmushis were a little too watery / diluted, but the taste was rather good. The pumpkin one was sweet, redolent of pumpkin's flavor. Both contained chicken meat and gingko nut.We had the Sashimi Moriwase (assorted raw seafood) - a platter of paradise. Their platter of salmon, swordfish, tuna, squid and snapper was rather fresh with bouncy textures and the soft sapid of seafood. We had a good time with this platter, and ordered more afterwards (salmon, swordfish and tuna).There were many other items and variety of food. For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/dinner-at-shin-minori-japanese.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-14
This was my first time dining at Shin Minori. It is a japanese buffet style restaurant which offers a variety of food. I went with my friends for the lunch buffet which was from 11.30am to 2.30pm. The price per pax is: Adult S$32++ , Child S$22++ . The food is great, especially the salmon sashimi. However, as there is a great demand for the sashimi, it will be better if they were more efficient in replacing more sashimi on the counter. This is known as the maccha tofu. This is really special and is one of my favourite as it has maccha taste infused in the tofu! Recommended to try! For the dessert, indeed they have a wide range of desserts! I love the cheesecake as it was soft and rich in cheese The chocolate cake was really nice too! continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-27
This Japanese buffet was full when I visited with friends. The sashimi was fresh and generously sliced. Temaki hand rolls were nicely rolled with seaweed still crispy. But Tebasaki Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Wings) were not seasoned that well. This restuarant is worth a try but be prepared to go with an empty stomach (since it's buffet style) and make reservations in advance. continue reading
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